Savor the Spices, Unleash the Fiesta: Aceituno’s Mexican Food Brings the Heat

Aceituno’s Mexican Food is a family-owned and operated restaurant in San Fransisco’s Mission District. We specialize in creating delicious Mexican dishes and other Latin Food.

If you’re looking for a fun, family-style atmosphere that welcomes everyone, Aceituno’s is just the place for you. We have been open since 1978 and have served many happy customers over the years! Come and enjoy our flavorful Food with your friends or family today!

Aceituno's Mexican Food
Aceituno’s Mexican Food

The mission of our restaurant is to provide honest, quality food that tastes great at an affordable price.

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What dishes does Aceituno’s Mexican Food offer?

We offer a variety of mouthwatering dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Feel free to choose from our tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and enchiladas.

For those who are in the mood for something a bit stronger, we also have margaritas and other alcoholic beverages.

What makes Aceituno’s Mexican Food unique?

We have been an established restaurant since 1978 and have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

We are proud to have a kitchen that works with only the best ingredients. Our Food is prepared with love and passion, and all our staff members strive to make sure your experience at Aceituno’s is memorable.

What makes our food so delicious?

Our Food is made fresh daily, allowing us to guarantee that our customers’ taste buds will be delighted every time.

Our Food is made from only the freshest ingredients, and we test it on animals to ensure that it is free of harmful bacteria.

10 Best Aceituno’s Mexican Food menu you can try to eat

1. Crispy Tacos:

Crispy Tacos are a popular dish and a favorite among all our customers. Crispy Tacos can be ordered with chicken or beef and are served with your choice of beans and rice topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

2. Queso:

Our Queso is made from only the finest ingredients and offers a flavorful, cheesy kick that your taste buds will enjoy.

3. Burrito combo:

If you love to eat, then our Burrito combo is the perfect choice for you. You will enjoy a large burrito, rice, beans, and 3 crispy tacos! This dish is extremely filling and can be shared amongst 2-3 people.

4. Enchiladas:

Our enchiladas are prepared with only the finest ingredients and are mixed with our creamy queso dip. Try our Chicken or Beef Enchiladas today!

5. Tostada:

One of our customer’s favorite dishes is our Tostada, prepared with refried beans, steak, cheese, and lettuce. It can also be ordered with salsa!

6. Queso Fundido:

Queso Fundido consists of a pile of queso cheese melted underneath chicken and served on a bed of lettuce in a flour tortilla. This dish offers a delicious combination of creamy cheese and comforting chicken!

7. Chile Relleno:

Our Chile Relleno is a spicy dish filled with cheese and battered egg, topped with our delicious sauce. Another one of our customer’s favorite dishes!

8. Chili Verde:

If you love spicy food, then our Chili Verde makes for a perfect choice! This plate comprises meat, tomatillos, and onions and is served with rice and beans for added flavor.

9. Burrito Al Pastor:

Our Burrito Al Pastor is made from marinated pork and is served with beans and rice. It features a flavorful citrus marinade and can be served in a flour or corn tortilla, depending on your preference. Topped with cheese, guacamole, and salsa, this dish is sure to please!

10. Chicken Chimichanga:

chicken Chimichanga
chicken Chimichanga

Our Chicken Chimichanga comes covered in our special sauce, which offers a flavorful kick.

How much does it cost for a dish at Aceituno’s Mexican Food?

The cost of a dish at Aceituno’s varies depending on the type of dish you choose, but most meals are priced at around $6.00.

Is there parking available?

There is ample parking available, and we are located right in the heart of the Mission district, so it’s never difficult to find a space.


Aceituno’s Mexican Food is a great place to get your Mexican food fixed. They have plenty of delicious options for everyone, and the prices are very affordable. We also love how they offer free refills on drinks! If you haven’t been yet, you should give it a try!


What makes Aceituno’s Mexican Food unique?

We offer personalized service at a great price. We also feature booths, Wi-Fi and TVs so you can enjoy your meal in the most comfortable environment possible. Our staff is also very friendly!

How long have you been in business?

We have been an established restaurant since 1978 and have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone.

What is the mission of your restaurant?

Our mission is to provide fresh and delicious Mexican dishes at a budget-friendly price. We want to give customers a place where they can feel comfortable and enjoy their food in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

What are the hours?

We are open 7 days a week from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. Come and try our Food today!

What other services do they offer?

Aceituno’s offers many services to help make your dining experience as comfortable as possible. For example, we have a self-serve salsa bar where you can pick the ingredients that you would like to add. We also offer free Wi-Fi and free refills on our drinks.

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