American Fast Food Restaurants in Paris France

American Fast Food Restaurants in Paris, France! Americans are known for their love of American fast food. American restaurants are some of the most popular in Paris, France.

While you might think that American fast food would not be so popular overseas, it’s a staple among many locals.

Here is a list of American restaurants in Paris, France, that serve everything from burgers to fries and shakes.

American Fast Food Restaurants In Paris France

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Why Have American Chains Entered the Parisian Market?

Parisians have a complex relationship with American fast food. On one hand, they see it as lower quality than traditional French fare. Conversely, American fast food represents convenience, consistency, and a casual dining experience.

Several factors have driven the growth of American fast food in Paris:

  • Familiarity – American chains are well-known worldwide. Brands like McDonald’s and KFC already have an established customer base.
  • Convenience – American chains feature quick service and long hours. They serve busy professionals and students on the go.
  • Consistency – The food offerings and dining experience remain consistent across locations. This reliability appeals to many consumers.
  • Price – Fast food is inexpensive compared to sit-down French restaurants. Value pricing attracts budget-conscious diners.
  • Tourists – American chains appeal to the palates of the tens of millions of tourists who visit Paris annually.

The Major American Players in Paris

Several American fast-food chains have become fixtures in the Parisian dining scene. Here are some of the major brands with a significant presence:


The original American fast food chain arrived in Paris in 1972. Today, there are over 60 McDonald’s locations within the city limits. They offer standard burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, and milkshakes. McDonald’s is still the most recognizable American chain in Paris.


Specializing in fried chicken, KFC entered the French market in the 1980s. It now boasts nearly 50 restaurants in Paris proper. The chain’s signature buckets of breaded chicken remain widely popular.


Arriving in 2001, Subway has grown steadily in France. The sandwich chain has over 40 Paris locations. Customers can get sandwiches and salads made to order with various toppings and sauces.

Burger King

Though not as ubiquitous as McDonald’s, Burger King has advanced in Paris. The chain landed in the city in 1988 and now has over 20 restaurants. Signature Whopper burgers and fries are menu staples.


Known for coffee drinks, pastries, and sandwiches, Starbucks came to Paris in 2004. Almost 50 cafes now exist as popular spots for coffee breaks. Unique drinks and pumpkin spice lattes draw patrons.

How Have Parisians Responded?

The influx of American fast food over the past few decades has garnered mixed reactions from Parisians. Here are some common perspectives:

  • Excitement – Many younger Parisians enthusiastically welcome the convenience and familiarity of American chains. They form long queues during new store openings.
  • Acceptance – Most Parisians acknowledge that fast food satisfies a certain dining niche. Busy families and workers rely on the quick bites.
  • Snobbery – Some view American chains as unsophisticated compared to Parisian bistros and brasseries. But even critics may sneak a fast food meal now and then.
  • Pushback – A vocal contingent of Parisians laments the encroachment on traditional French cuisine. They say chains undermine the city’s food heritage.

Overall, American fast food has cemented itself as a memorable part of the Paris food scene. Consumers can take their pick of both fast food convenience and haute French cuisine. The two will likely co-exist for the long haul.

Why are American restaurants so popular in Paris, France?

Here are a few theories:  One theory is that French people find American culture and cuisine exciting, perhaps because it’s different from what they typically eat on any given day (especially if their diet consists mainly of croissants).

Another thought could be that Americans have been immigrating to France for centuries now. Many locals may enjoy dining somewhere with an international flavour without having to leave home turf.

A third possible reason might be American culture: American restaurants are seen as a place to go for comfort. You are read; American Fast Food Restaurants In Paris France.


Despite Paris’ stature in the culinary arts, American fast food has steadily increased its presence in the French capital over the past 50 years. Chains like McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks offer familiarity, reliability, and value.

While some Parisians decry its lack of sophistication, fast food satisfies a market need for quick, inexpensive meals. American chains in Paris appear entrenched for the foreseeable future, complementing the city’s classical French dining traditions.

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