Arabic fast food names: Popular 10 Arabic Fast Food & Restaurants

Arabic fast food names! Fast food is one of the most popular types of food globally, and Arabic countries are no exception to that. Arabic fast-food names can be hard to pronounce for people who don’t speak Arabic, so we must look at some Arabic fast-food words from all over the Arab world and their pronunciations.

Arabic Fast-Food Names
Arabic Fast-Food Names

Arabic fast food names: Popular 10 Arabic Fast Food & Restaurants

Everyone is looking for different food combinations. Fast food is a favorite option for many people to enjoy when they’re in the mood to eat out. Many fast food restaurants also offer Arabic menus that include some dishes that may be more familiar, making it even easier when you’re on the go and don’t have time to cook.


1. Koshari:

Koshari is one of the most traditional dishes in Egypt. It’s a mix of pasta and rice with lentils and fried onions. The dish is also served with a chicken or beef stew. It’s a highly popular dish from restaurants to street vendors. You can find this on most Arabic menus and in most Arabic fast food chains worldwide.

2. Falafel:

Falafel is a famous and very popular dish in the Middle East. It’s made up of deep-fried chickpea flour balls and then tossed in tahini sauce with onion, garlic, parsley, cilantro, fried onions and some lemon juice or lemon juice.

3. Abu-Hannah:

Abu-Hannah is a famous Arabic fast-food chain that serves delicious Arabic food and sweets. The name translates to the father of Hannah and is the word that the Egyptian people use to refer to falafel or any other fried dish.

They have many different kinds of falafel options and some great meal options, such as Koshari. They also have a variety of sweets on their menus.

4. Al-Basha:

Al-Basha is a fast food spot with many Arabic dishes on its menus. After ordering, the food is cooked in front of you and serves as a great spot to grab a quick bite before hitting the road.

They have their chicken or beef shawerma with tabbouleh on the side, and they also serve some delicious falafel. You can find this at most Arabic fast food chains and even in most Middle Eastern countries and restaurants worldwide, showing how popular this dish is among Arabians.

5.  Ameer’s:

Ameer’s is a popular restaurant for Arabic food that can be found in many countries around the world. They have a variety of traditional and modern dishes that are made to perfection. You can enjoy their lamb shawarma, their falafel, and some hummus to dip your pita bread in.

One of their most popular dishes is the hot plate which consists of a plate filled with rice, ground beef, and fried onions, topped with a boiled egg.

6. Paula’s:

Paula’s is an Arabic fast-food chain serving great-tasting Arabic food at reasonable prices. Their falafel is their most popular dish; you can try it with your choice of pita or rice. They also have a salad bar, desserts, tea, and juice. This restaurant is in many Middle Eastern countries, including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

7. Rashaida:

Rashaida is an Arabic fast-food chain that’s based in Dubai. They’re known for their shawerma kebab, which combines a middle eastern shawerma and gyro.

Their chicken kebab plate is served on top of rice with hummus and fried onions on the side if you want to add it to your meal. They also have shawarma and falafel to add to your meal if you want more variety.

8. La Crema:

La Crema is an Arabic fast-food chain in Saudi Arabia. They serve delicious Arabic food that has a variety of shawerma and falafel options for you to choose from. You can also choose from lamb, chicken, or beef shawerma dishes on the menu. They also have a nice selection of drinks at their restaurant, including some juices and their own.

9. Al-Hilal:

Al-Hilal is an Arabic fast food chain that serves Middle Eastern food at some of the most popular locations in the UAE. They have a variety of appetizers and drinks with Middle Eastern flavors on their menus to choose from. Their chicken shawerma is a must-try dish at this restaurant. They also have delicious falafel, hummus, and salad options to fill your meal.

10. Al-Qadissiya:

Al-Qadissiya is a popular restaurant known for its juicy chicken shawerma, one of the first shawerma restaurants in Dubai. They have several Arabic cuisines on their menu that are perfect for craving Middle Eastern food. They also have some delicious falafel and hummus dishes on their menus to pair with your shawerma.

Types Of Arabic Fast Food In America:

There are many Arabic fast food restaurants in America, most of them on the east coast. There aren’t as many Arabic fast food restaurants as Asian fast food restaurants, but we can still find many delicious Arabic dishes that can be served in restaurants or at cooking events.

An example of this type of restaurant would be Al-Basha, a popular chain throughout the Middle East.


1. Al-Hilal Chicken Shawerma:

Al-Hilal is a chain with locations across the United Arab Emirates, and their chicken shawerma is the most popular dish at their restaurant. It consists of marinated chicken on a skewer toasted over an open flame. This dish is on their menu and in most Middle Eastern countries.

2. Koshari:

Koshari is one of the most traditional dishes in Egypt. It’s a mix of pasta and rice with lentils and fried onions. The dish is also served with a chicken or beef stew. It’s a highly popular dish from restaurants to street vendors. You can find this on most Arabic menus and in most Arabic fast food chains worldwide.

3. Falafel:


Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern dish of chickpea balls fried in oil and then typically served in a pita or on top of hummus. It’s a healthy, vegetarian dish that originated in Egypt but has become widely popular throughout the Middle East. This dish is found everywhere, including most Arabic fast food chains.

4. Al-Qadissiya Chicken Shawerma:

Al-Qadissiya is an Arabic chain restaurant located in Dubai, and their shawerma plate is their most popular menu item. It’s a plate filled with rice, chicken shawerma, and falafel topped with a boiled egg. It comes with hummus and fried onions on the side, so you can decide whether to add it to your dish.

5. Paula’s Shawerma:

Paula’s is an Arabic fast food chain in many Middle Eastern countries. Their chicken shawerma is a must-try at this restaurant. They also have delicious falafel, hummus, and salad options to fill your meal.

6. Al-Balad Chicken Shawerma:

Al-Balad is a chain restaurant in Dubai that serves up delicious chicken shawerma. Shredded chicken, rice, and fried onions on top of their shawerma make it a perfect Middle Eastern plate for you to enjoy during the hottest days of the year.

7. Rashaida Halal Shawerma:

Rashaida is an Arabic chain restaurant located in multiple Dubai locations, and their shawerma plate is one of their most popular menu items. The dish consists of marinated ground beef, rice, waratah, fried onions, and hummus to add extra flavor to your meal.

8. La Crema Chicken Shawerma:

La Crema is a popular Arabic fast food chain in Saudi Arabia. They serve delicious Arabic food with various shawerma and falafel options at their restaurants. You can choose your meat and add any side dishes you’d like to your dishes, such as salad or hummus.

9. Baba Ghanoush:

This dish is often called a “poor man’s food” because it’s made from boiled tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, and garlic. It’s a common dish in almost every Middle Eastern country and is served with pita bread or crusty flatbread. You can find this dish in most Lebanese restaurants or shawerma restaurants.

Arabic Fast Food, Baba Ghanoush:
Baba Ghanoush

10. Fattoush:

This Arabic fast food plate includes mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, and green peppers seasoned with oil and lemon juice. It’s a great vegetarian option on a hot summer day. You can find this dish at many Middle Eastern restaurants on the east coast of the United States and other places around the world where it originated.

Arabic Fast Food, Batata Harra

Arabic fast-food that’s common in Egypt but can also be found all over Arabic countries. Batata Hara translates to hot potatoes, making this dish sound relatively simple – it consists mainly of deep-fried sweet potato rounds covered in an immensely spicy sauce made up primarily of chilli peppers!

Arabic Fast Food, Batata Harra:
Arabic Fast Food, Batata Harra:

Arabic fast food names cuisine dishes

In Arabic, the word for fast food is “safer,” which means a quick meal. The traditional preparation of this dish includes frying meat or sausage in vegetable oil with chopped onion and tomato sauce on top to make it spicy. It is usually served as sandwiches, sometimes accompanied by french fries (in Arabic called ‘Frankie’s).

Another popular name for these dishes is Shawarma which translated into English means turning around, referring to. The meat was cooked on upright rotating skewers before modern grills were developed; shawarmas can be made from beef, lamb, or chicken.

But most commonly are prepared using slices of marinated lamb that have been stacked onto vertical rotisseries and then slowly turned over an open flame while being continuously basted with oil. You are read: Arabic Fast-Food Names.

What are Arabic fast-food items?

 Arabic fast food is any prepared food or dish that can be quickly made. This includes many popular Middle Eastern favourites such as Shawarma, Falafel, and kebab!  If your menu features any of these types of cuisine, it’s essential to develop a unique Arabic restaurant name idea.

There are plenty out there already, so make sure yours stands out somehow – perhaps by focusing on an aspect of the dish like “The Hummus Hut.” You could add a descriptive word to get people interested before they even step inside (“Hummus and Falafel Spot”).

Arabic restaurant name ideas can also be adapted to represent the culture of your food, so think about including Arabic words such as “Al-Hamra” or “Shawarma Palace.” You are read: Arabic Fast-Food Names.

Arabic sandwich names:

The Arabic word for ‘sandwich’ is just a shortened version of its English counterpart. However, there are plenty more Arabic fast-food options out there if you’re looking to get creative with some new Arabic restaurant name ideas!

One example would be shish taouk which features skewered pieces of chicken that have been marinated in spices and lemon juice then grilled over an open flame.

Arabic sandwich names:
Arabic sandwich names:

Another popular item on Middle Eastern menus is falafel sandwiches – deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas typically served inside Arabic flatbread. Arabic sandwiches can be done with several different toppings and condiments: try adding pickles, hummus, or tahini sauce for something out-of-the-ordinary!

Arabic fast food restaurant name ideas list

Do you need some help coming up with a name for your Arabic fast food restaurant? Here’s a list of Arabic word suggestions that can be used to form the title:

Bottom Line

Arabic fast food is one of the unique types of fast food you can access. These restaurants provide some extremely flavorful dishes full of spices and fresh ingredients that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a delicious meal in a rush.

The Arabic restaurants in America offer some great catering services for weddings and other events, so if you need extra food during your next party or occasion, look into these Arabic options for some great Middle Eastern foods.

I hope that you were able to learn a lot about Arabic fast food in America and elsewhere. If you ever visit an Arabic restaurant, look into their menu for a wide variety of menu items that I listed above and that you learned about in this article. You can also check out some of my other articles for some delicious Asian cuisines and some good American foods to cook up in your kitchen at home.

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Thank you for reading this article all the way through, and I’m hoping it was useful for you.


What are some of the main characteristics of Middle Eastern food?

Many different spices, such as cumin, olives, parsley, and lemon juice, are commonly used in Middle Eastern cuisines. There are also a few dishes that some pregnant women or moms should avoid while they are pregnant or nursing so they can ensure their health. This includes foods with lentils, chickpeas, or fava beans. Some Middle Eastern restaurants might also have foods not listed above with these ingredients because some women can include them in their meals without realizing it.

What is the best name for fast food restaurant?

If you want to name your restaurant, you might want to consider starting with the word “Arabic” and then using the rest of your name for a plural form. You can, for example, call your restaurant “Arabiian Fast Food” or “Arabiian Fast Food Restaurants.”

What is the most famous Middle Eastern food?

The most famous Middle East food is probably falafel. This dish may have originated in Egypt, but it’s become extremely popular across various countries, including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

What are the Arabic names for coffee?

The Arabic names for coffee are Kafayah, Kahweh, and Kahwa. Which one you use mostly depends on which Arabic country you’re in.

What is Arabic food?

Arabic food is mostly Middle Eastern food full of cumin and other spices, making it a unique type of cuisine in the world. It consists of many dumplings, pastries, other delicious meals, and several different types of meat including chicken, beef, and lamb

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