Best Asian food in San Antonio 5 Places to Eat

Welcome to the culinary journey of a lifetime as we embark on a mouthwatering adventure through the vibrant streets of San Antonio, Texas.

In a city celebrated for its rich cultural diversity, there is no shortage of delectable cuisines to savor. Today, we set our sights on the thriving Asian food scene, where an array of tantalizing dishes awaits to delight your taste buds.

From savory dumplings and aromatic curries to fresh sushi and sizzling stir-fries, San Antonio boasts an extraordinary array of Asian eateries that leave diners captivated by the bold flavors and exotic ingredients.

Join us as we dive into the heart of the city’s Asian culinary gems, where traditions blend seamlessly with innovation, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Whether you’re a devoted foodie or an adventurous diner, prepare yourself to be taken on an unforgettable culinary ride through the “Best Asian Food in San Antonio”.

Best Asian Food In San Antonio
Best Asian Food In San Antonio

Who has the best Chinese food in San Antonio?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, it is challenging to pinpoint a single restaurant as having the absolute best Chinese food in San Antonio, as culinary preferences can vary greatly from person to person.

However, San Antonio boasts a wide selection of exceptional Chinese eateries, each with its own unique specialties and flavors.

To find the “best” Chinese food in the city, I recommend exploring popular establishments like Sichuan House, Golden Wok, Sichuan Cuisine, and Sichuan Garden, among others. Remember to read reviews and ask locals for their recommendations to ensure you have a delightful dining experience!

The Top 10 Asian Restaurants in San Antonio:

  1. Sichuan House: Renowned for its authentic Sichuan cuisine, this restaurant offers a tantalizing array of spicy and flavorful dishes, including mouth-numbing hot pots and savory dumplings.
  2. Kimura: A beloved spot for Japanese food enthusiasts, Kimura delights patrons with its delectable ramen bowls, fresh sushi, and traditional izakaya-style dishes.
  3. Ming’s Noodle Bar: Specializing in Chinese noodles and stir-fries, Ming’s Noodle Bar is celebrated for its generous portions and bold, savory flavors.
  4. Kung Fu Noodle: This hidden gem serves up hand-pulled noodles and scrumptious noodle soups inspired by northern Chinese cuisine.
  5. Sushi Zushi: With an extensive menu of sushi rolls, sashimi, and Japanese-inspired dishes, Sushi Zushi is a go-to destination for sushi lovers.
  6. Sichuan Cuisine: Another fantastic Sichuan establishment, Sichuan Cuisine offers an explosion of flavors with its spicy dishes and delectable hot pots.
  7. Bombay Salsa Co: Fusing Indian and Mexican flavors, this unique eatery offers a delightful fusion of curries, tacos, and innovative dishes.
  8. India Palace: Celebrated for its authentic Indian fare, India Palace serves up a diverse range of aromatic curries, tandoori dishes, and flavorful biryanis.
  9. Niki’s Tokyo Inn: A beloved spot for classic Japanese dishes, Niki’s Tokyo Inn offers a cozy atmosphere and an array of delectable izakaya-style treats.
  10. Thai Dee: This family-owned Thai restaurant charms diners with its warm hospitality and flavorful Thai dishes, including traditional curries, noodle stir-fries, and more.
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Where to Find the Best Asian Food in San Antonio?

San Antonio is a city with diverse flavors and cultures, making it hard to pick the best Asian food. But I’m here to help you find out who has the best Asian cuisine in San Antonio.

Lucky for us, we have many options to choose from! So, whether you are craving Chinese, Japanese or Thai foods – You’re in luck.

The first place I recommend is House of Bowls, a small restaurant located on McCullough Avenue in the heart of San Antonio’s historic King William District, where you can find some delicious Japanese and Thai dishes!

Another option for Asian cuisine is Bali Hai – A trendy spot that offers modern and traditional Thai dishes with an ocean view.

Where To Find The Best Asian Food In San Antonio
Where To Find The Best Asian Food In San Antonio

San Antonio’s Best Asian Food.

San Antonio is a great place to visit for many reasons. The food is one of them! There are so many places that serve delicious Asian cuisine, and every single restaurant has something different to offer you.

Some have unique Chinese dishes, while others specialize in Japanese or Korean foods. We’ve compiled this list as a guide when trying to find the best Asian food in San Antonio.

Chaparral Seafood Restaurant.

This place is a seafood lover’s dream! They offer fresh fish from tuna to salmon and numerous shrimp, oysters, clams, squid, and more. It’s the perfect place for those who are into kinds of seafood as well as their Japanese dishes.

Ling & Louie’s.

This is a Chinese restaurant that has some of the most delicious food you will ever taste! They have all sorts of dumplings and noodles dishes, as well as an extensive menu for those who aren’t into seafood. Their sauces are to die for, so make sure you try them out if possible.

Kung Fu Tea.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a refreshing and unique tea experience. They offer over 100 varieties of teas, bubble teas, and smoothies that are delicious and different from anything else on this list.

Canton Palace.

This is one of the most popular restaurants in San Antonio, and for a good reason! They offer dim sum, which are small dumplings from Canton that come with various fillings.

The Top 5 Places to Eat Some Great Asian Food.

The best way to explore a culture is through food. The five restaurants below offer some of the most authentic Asian cuisines in San Francisco, CA. A list of five places that are worth checking out for delicious, authentic Asian fare:

Red Restaurant

Delicious and fresh Vietnamese dishes served up with plenty of flavors!

Hanjip Korean BBQ

Taste Korean BBQ from one of the first establishments in America to serve it!

Thai House Express

An excellent place for good Thai at an affordable price!

Hana Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

Get your sushi fix right here with all the rolls you could hope for on hand!

Ocha Sushi Cafe

Try this spot if you.

What food is San Antonio known for?

San Antonio is a city with strong Tex-Mex and Mexican food traditions, but it also has many Asian restaurants that showcase its diversity.

San Antonio is home to over 500 Vietnamese refugees who fled their country in 1975 during the war. This group of immigrants was instrumental in establishing an authentic Vietnamese community here in Texas, including three generations.

Today San Antonio has 15 Vietnamese restaurants, with five of them on the city’s Northside and ten more scattered around town.

Some other popular Asian foods in San Antonio include Chinese cuisine (San Antonians enjoy favorites like General Tso’s chicken), Thai food (especially Pad Thai noodles), and sushi.

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All these Asian cuisines can be found in San Antonio, and you don’t have to go too far from home for your favorite.

Food Is San Antonio Known For
Food Is San Antonio Known For

What is the best food delivery service around?

There are many food delivery services in the San Antonio area. One of them, called My Thai, offers the best Asian food around!

Their menu includes a wide variety of soups and noodle dishes and traditional favorites like Pad Thai noodles or fried rice with prawns. Customers can order ahead on their website for pickup or be delivery.

In addition to their delicious food, they offer online ordering and easy pick up for your convenience. The service is fast, reliable, and affordable, focusing on quality dishes at an affordable price!

The best Asian food in San Antonio is at.

I love Asian food. There is just something about the flavors and textures that make me feel like I’m in a different country–even if I am still sitting at home on my couch!

So, when it came time to find the best Asian restaurant in San Antonio, I was ready for the task. After doing a little research and asking around town, these are some of my favorite go-to spots.

  • Bangkok Thai Cuisine 
  • China Garden Restaurant
  • Hye’s Korean Restaurant
  • Asia Market
  • Pho Saigon Pearl

These places offer authentic dishes with plenty of spice and flavor to keep your taste buds entertained all night long.

Best Asian restaurant San Antonio.

You’re in luck, my fellow food lover. I’ve just found the best Asian restaurant San Antonio, Texas has to offer, and it’s right here on the Northside’s!

You can’t go wrong with a place that serves authentic Thai cuisine made by chefs from Thailand. This is your new favorite spot for lunch or dinner.

They have an extensive menu of classic dishes that will satisfy any appetite or craving you may have.

This means you can come back again and again without getting bored of their offerings! The ambiance is perfect for date nights, family outings, or catching up with friends over some delicious Thai cuisine. Be sure to drop by soon to see what all the fuss is about!

Best Asian Restaurant San Antonio
Best Asian Restaurant San Antonio

Great Asian restaurants in San Antonio.

San Antonio is a beautiful city with so many restaurants to choose from. One of my favorite types of cuisine is Asian food, but I don’t know where all the great places are!

That’s why I made this blog post for you and me. Here are some of the best Asian restaurants in San Antonio that have good reviews on Yelp:

  • China Garden
  • Sichuan House
  • The Pearl Chinese Restaurant
  • Won Ton Express
  • Flying Saucer Cafe
  • Kimchi Korean BBQ
  • Thai Spice
  • Bangkok Thai Cuisine
  • Pho Viet Noodle Soup
  • Basil Tree
  • If you want more options, search “Asian Restaurants San Antonio” on Yelp.


If you’re looking for some of the best Asian food in San Antonio, check out our list.  We have considered all different types of palates and budgets with dishes that range from traditional Chinese to Japanese ramen.

There is something on this list for everyone! Let us know what you think about these picks or if we missed any of your favorites by leaving a comment below.

What makes San Antonio an excellent destination for Asian food lovers?

San Antonio’s vibrant Asian food scene is a testament to the city’s rich cultural diversity. With a wide range of authentic eateries representing various Asian cuisines, visitors can explore a melting pot of flavors, from fiery Sichuan dishes to delicate sushi rolls and aromatic curries.

How can I find the best Asian restaurants in San Antonio?

To discover the best Asian restaurants in San Antonio, consider using restaurant review websites and apps like Yelp or TripAdvisor. Reading customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the food quality, service, and overall dining experience.

Are vegetarian or vegan options available at Asian restaurants in San Antonio?

Many Asian restaurants in San Antonio offer vegetarian and vegan options to cater to diverse dietary preferences. From plant-based sushi rolls to vegetable stir-fries and tofu-based dishes, you’ll find a variety of delectable choices to satisfy your taste buds.

What are some must-try dishes at San Antonio’s Asian restaurants?

San Antonio’s Asian restaurants offer an array of must-try dishes. Don’t miss out on Sichuan hot pot with its mouthwatering spicy broths, classic Japanese ramen bowls, aromatic Indian curries, and authentic Chinese dumplings. Additionally, adventurous foodies can explore unique fusion creations that blend different Asian flavors.

Are reservations recommended for dining at the best Asian restaurants in San Antonio?

While not all Asian restaurants in San Antonio require reservations, it’s advisable to make reservations, especially for popular and highly-rated establishments. Making a reservation ensures you secure a table and avoid long wait times during peak hours.

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