Best Chinese Food in Lucknow Guide

Best Chinese Food in Lucknow! The best Chinese food in Lucknow is so good that it’ll make you never want to go out for any other kind of cuisine again! Our chefs are masters of cooking anything featuring noodles, rice, duck, or chicken.

This dish will keep your mouth watering and leave your stomach growling with delight! Don’t forget to order some dumplings too!

Best Chinese Food In Lucknow

What Makes Lucknow’s Chinese Food Special?

Lucknow’s Chinese eateries have crafted a unique blend of indigenous Chinese flavors with local Indian spices and ingredients. Here are some factors that make Chinese food in Lucknow a lip-smacking affair:

Fresh Ingredients and Spices

The chefs use fresh local produce and spices like chili, coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, etc., to add trademark Lucknowi zing to popular Chinese dishes. The liberal use of onions, bell peppers, cabbage, etc., also makes the food taste farm-fresh.

Innovative Dishes

You’ll find innovative fusion dishes like Chicken Manchurian, Chili Chicken, and Honey Chilli Potatoes that are hard to find elsewhere. The chefs experiment with sauces, cooking methods, and ingredient combos to cater to local tastes.

Infusion of Indian Flavors

The use of curry powder, garam masala, and other local spices gives a delicious Desi twist to Chinese preparations. The aromas and warmth of Indian spices beautifully complement popular Chinese sauces.

Focus on Vegetarian Fare

With a largely vegetarian population, Lucknow eateries offer an extensive selection of veg starters, dim sums, noodles, rice bowls, and main courses made using tofu, paneer, soy chunks, etc.

Warm Hospitality

The gracious Lucknowi hospitality, attentive service, and efforts to modify dishes to individual tastes set these restaurants apart. You feel welcomed and well taken care of.

With this perfect blend of Chinese cooking traditions and local Lucknow flavors, Chinese restaurants here have carved a unique niche for themselves.

Top Picks for Chinese Restaurants in Lucknow

If you are craving steaming momos, crispy chili chicken, or spicy schezwan noodles, head to these top-rated Chinese eateries across Lucknow:


Zhou’s is widely regarded as the best Chinese restaurant in Lucknow. Housed in a building inspired by Oriental architecture, Zhou beautifully recreates the fine-dining experience of upscale Chinese restaurants.

Their extensive menu covers the entire spectrum of authentic Chinese cuisine across appetizers, soups, rice & noodle bowls, and main courses. Highly recommended dishes are Szechuan Chicken, American Chopsuey, Chili Paneer Dry, and Date pancakes. Zhou’s also has an exemplary collection of Chinese teas. With polite waitpeople, elegant decor, and mouthwatering food, it’s no surprise Zhou’s is a favorite for special occasions.

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Momo I Am

For the best momos in Lucknow, head straight to Momo I Am. Steam-cooked chicken, paneer, and vegetable momos with spicy schezwan chutney are their star attraction. Besides momos, you must also try their flavorful dim sum, spring rolls, steamed buns, and crispy Honey Chilli Potatoes.

Located near Lucknow’s iconic Hazratganj market, Momo I Am’s fast service, pocket-friendly prices, and wide momo varieties make it a hit with college students. Their momo platter makes for a light, fun meal with friends.


Mandarin offers authentic Chinese flavors paired with a classy oriental dining experience. Their expansive menu covers Cantonese and schezwan delicacies like Hot Garlic Prawns, Singapore Noodles, Manchow Soup, Chilli Chicken, and Seafood Fried Rice.

With elegant interiors, courteous service, and a large vegetarian selection, Mandarin is a great family option. Their weekday business lunch combos are quite popular. For the best experience, try their signature Schezwan Fish or Beijing Duck.

Ping’s Cafe Orient

Located in Lucknow’s buzzing Hazratganj area, Ping’s Cafe Orient is a cozy, cheerful joint serving the best chow mein in town. Their special schezwan sauce, fried rice varieties, spring rolls, and wontons also have patrons raving.

Ping’s offers a range of chicken, egg, seafood, and veggie noodles and rice bowls in different flavors and spice levels. For a light meal, you can’t go wrong with their Hot Garlic Soup and Chicken 65. Ping’s also has Punjabi, South Indian, and continental options besides Chinese.

China Kitchen

China Kitchen is a small, affordable takeaway joint serving steaming plates of Indo-Chinese goodness. Their hot-selling items are Chicken Manchurian, Chili Paneer, Fried Rice, and Hakka Noodles. You can get your food packed or enjoy it in their tiny seating area.

Located near Lucknow’s Engineering College, China Kitchen is perpetually teeming with students devouring flavorful, filling meals on a budget. Their portions are huge, service is quick, and prices are super reasonable.

What Dishes to Try When Having Chinese in Lucknow?

Lucknow’s Chinese eateries offer everything from aromatic soups and appetizers to rice bowls, noodles, and chef specials. Here are some must-try items when eating Chinese in Lucknow:


These steaming dumplings filled with minced chicken, veggies, or paneer served with chili and coriander chutney are to die for. A plate of juicy momos is the perfect snack or appetizer for an Indian-Chinese meal.

Chili Chicken

This quintessential Indo-Chinese dish features deep-fried chicken pieces tossed in a tongue-tickling chili garlic sauce. Crispy chicken and lots of gravy – Chili Chicken makes for a delicious, filling meal with rice or noodles.

Manchow or Manchurian

This delicious deep-fried veggie or chicken balls dunked in a luscious, sweet & sour sauce are a favorite starter. The Manchurian gravy uses soy sauce, while the Manchow uses hot Indian spices.

Hot & Sour Soup

This traditional Chinese soup makes the perfect appetizer with a tangy, spicy, sour broth loaded with veggies, tofu, mushrooms, and chicken. It’ll start your meal with a spicy kick.

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Fried Rice

Fluffy, aromatic rice stir-fried with onions, peppers, soy sauce, and vegetables or eggs is a filling accompaniment. Go for schezwan fried rice for a spicy zing. Veg or chicken fried rice is universally popular.


Slurp up seasoned Hakka noodles or succulent Schezwan noodles in veggie or chicken options. Try creative noodle bowls like Singapore Noodles, too. Noodles dripping with flavorful sauces are integral to Chinese cuisine.

Spring Rolls

Crunchy, crispy rolls stuffed with vegetables and meat slow-cooked in aromatic oriental spices make a stellar starter. Enjoy with chili or schezwan sauce.


Round off your meal with unique Chinese desserts like Date pancakes dripping with chocolate, Gulab jamun steeped in rose syrup, or deep-fried Ice cream bonbons.

Lucknow’s talented Chinese chefs are masters at tweaking popular dishes to meet local preferences. So go ahead and treat yourself to flavorful Chinese with a fiery desi twist!

Tips to Get the Best Chinese Food Experience in Lucknow

Here are some helpful tips on how to enjoy the most delicious Chinese meal in Lucknow:

  • Choose restaurants located in old Lucknow, like Hazratganj, for authentic Chinese flavors. Newer joints focus more on fast food.
  • For a fine dining experience, opt for pricier, upscale restaurants with elegant ambiance and attentive service.
  • Don’t miss out on the momos and street food-style Indo-Chinese appetizers and noodles. They’re big favorites in Lucknow.
  • For the most variety, visit larger, established restaurants that cover the full range of Chinese cuisine.
  • Specify your preferred spice level – many places customize schezwan dishes to individual preferences.
  • For vegetarians, check the menu in advance for veggie dim sum, starter, and main course options.
  • Pair your Chinese dishes with jasmine tea or ginger lemonade for a refreshing touch.
  • Save room for dessert – Lucknow eateries are renowned for their innovative Chinese desserts.
  • Avoid rush hour if you prefer a more relaxed dining experience. Weekday lunches are less crowded.
  • For quick, inexpensive takeaway Chinese, smaller street-side joints are your best bet.
  • If home delivery is your preference, check online food ordering platforms for the widest choice of Chinese restaurants.

The tastes and textures of authentic Chinese cuisine beautifully complement the signature spice and warmth of Lucknow food. For a truly satisfying meal that celebrates the best of both food cultures, try Chinese food at one of Lucknow’s many excellent specialty restaurants. Their culinary expertise will leave you craving for more, visit after visit.


Lucknow’s eclectic food scene has embraced Chinese cuisine in a big way. Talented chefs have tailored classic Chinese cooking to suit local tastes by using fresh spices, innovative combinations, Indian flavors, and ample vegetarian options. The result is a mouthwatering blend of authentic Chinese traditions with a fiery Awadhi twist.

Leading restaurants like Zhou’s, Mandarin, and Ping’s Cafe Orient have perfected fine-dining and budget-friendly experiences, while Momo I Am and China Kitchen are champions of street-style Chinese.

Lucknow offers the entire gamut of Chinese cooking, be it aromatic soups, juicy momos, crispy chili chicken, or slurpy noodles swimming in flavored sauces.

When in Lucknow, indulge in this cross-cultural cuisine. Let the melt-in-your-mouth momos, tantalizing aromas, and explosions of flavor transport you into a new world.

And don’t forget to customize spice levels, pair dishes with Chinese tea, try the desserts, and avoid rush hour for the best experience. Nowhere else will you find Chinese food with as much heart, artistry, and tender loving care as in Lucknow.

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