A Guide to Best Fast Food in Vienna

Vienna is renowned for its elegant coffeehouses, imperial architecture, and classical music. But Austria’s capital also has a delicious fast food scene running parallel to the sophisticated side.

When you’re looking for a quick, tasty, and affordable meal on the go in Vienna, you have plenty of options. From Viennese street food classics to global fast food chains, the city offers convenient spots to grab a bite no matter where you are.

Best Fast Food In Vienna

This article will dive into Vienna’s standout fast food spots. We’ll cover where to find the best traditional Viennese street foods ideal for a speedy snack, like sausages, hot dogs, and meatloaf sandwiches.

We’ll also discuss Vienna’s top international chain restaurants for favorites like burgers, fried chicken, pizza, and more. And we’ll highlight local ethnic fast food joints serving delicious Asian, kebabs, and pizza by the slice.

Finally, we’ll point you towards quick dessert and ice cream spots to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What is the best fast food in Vienna?

The best fast food in Vienna is the traditional Viennese street foods like würstelstand sausages, Bosna hot dogs, and käsekrainer cheese-filled sausages. These iconic foods served from stands and shops around the city offer quick, delicious, and affordable local flavor.

Traditional Viennese Fast Food

When you think of Viennese food, you likely think of Wiener schnitzel, Sacher torte, and apple strudel. But Vienna also has its style of fast food that is quick, cheap, and filling. Here are some favorites:


No list of Viennese fast food would be complete without the iconic würstelstand. These small stands selling grilled sausages are found all over the city.

The best spots have a great selection of links ranging from the classic wiener and frankfurter to currywurst and käsekrainer (cheese-filled sausage).

Grab a sausage in a bun with mustard, and enjoy it on the go. Some popular stands are Würstelstand Leo, Bitzinger Würstelstand, and the one at Schwedenplatz U-Bahn station.


The Bosna is Vienna’s unique take on a hot dog. It consists of a bratwurst sausage served in a hollowed-out bread roll with curry powder, onions, and occasionally cheese or mustard.

The bread soaks up all the delicious flavors for a satisfying snack. Head to Hot Dog Store, Dolphin Dog, or Let’s Relish for an authentic Bosna experience.


This is another Viennese sausage classic – a pork and beef frank filled with a melty cheese like Emmentaler.

It’s boiled and grilled for the perfect combo of snapping casing and ooey-gooey cheese. It’s best enjoyed with some spicy mustard on a bun. Try the käsekrainer from Bitzinger, Leo’s, or the stands at Schwedenplatz or Meidlinger Markt.


Leberkäse is a meatloaf type that makes the perfect filling for a crusty bread roll or Semmel. The aromas of fried leberkäse, mustard, and butter between a freshly baked roll are pure Vienna street food heaven. Popular spots for leberkäsesemmel are Ankerbrotfabrik, Trzesniewski, and Gardegasse 19.

International Fast Food Chains

In addition to the local cuisine, Vienna has outposts of many famous international fast-food chains. Here are some top picks for a quick bite on the go:

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The golden arches of McDonald’s can be found across Vienna, just like in many major cities. Locals and tourists alike appreciate the consistent menu and quick service.

The location near Stephansplatz is centrally located and open 24 hours on weekends. Or try the unique McCafé location near the Staatsoper for a more upscale ambiance.

Burger King

Get your Whopper fix at Burger King, which has several locations in Vienna, including near the Westbahnhof train station and the busy Mariahilfer Straße shopping street. Their veggie burgers and chicken fries are also popular menu items.


KFC serves up its signature fried chicken in Vienna with restaurants nationwide. The location near Schottentor U-bahn station is convenient for grabbing a bucket of chicken on the go. They also offer local menu items like wiener schnitzel burgers.


For fresh, made-to-order sandwiches, Subway is a reliable choice. Customize your sub just how you like it with a wide selection of toppings and breads.

Find Subway shops on busy streetcorners across from the Hofburg Palace or the Schwedenplatz U-Bahn station.

Domino’s Pizza

When you’re craving pizza, Domino’s delivers. They have various locations around Vienna, allowing you to get piping hot pizza right to your door. Customize your own or try one of their specialty pizzas.

Asian Fast Food

Asian flavors are popular fast food options in Vienna. Here are some top spots to get your fix of Chinese, Thai, or Indian food quickly:

Wok to Walk

This chain serves up custom build-your-own stir fry bowls with your choice of noodles, rice or salad, protein, veggies, and sauce. Locations can be found across the city center. It’s healthy, tasty, and fast Asian fusion food.

Pho House

Get delicious Vietnamese pho noodle soup and banh mi sandwiches at Pho House. They have several locations, including near Schottentor and Stephansplatz. It’s a cozy spot to enjoy pho year-round.

Chen’s Kitchen

This local minichain serves Chinese fast food favorites like dumplings, noodle dishes, spring rolls, fried rice, and more. They have convenient locations near Mariahilfer Straße and the Westbahnhof.


For quick and tasty Indian snacks and meals, check out Swagat. Get samosas, curries, biryanis, and more at their locations in the Innere Stadt. The bright interior provides a friendly atmosphere for a fast-casual Indian meal.

Pizza Slices

Looking for a quick slice of pizza? Vienna has pizza-by-the-slice shops and stands where you can grab a triangle of cheesy goodness on the go. Here are the top options:

Pizza Mari’

This pizza shop near Stephansplatz serves up generous slices of pizza with creative toppings like Takashi beef with truffle cream. Giant photos of the Pope decorate the interior, giving it a quirky vibe.

Santo Pizza

On the busy subway transfer point, Schottentor, Santo Pizza offers classic pizza by the slice. Choose from options like margarita, pepperoni, or Hawaiian. It’s the perfect stop for an inexpensive snack.

Pizza Standard

Get pizza by the slice or whole pies at Pizza Standard’s locations around the city. Their crispy, thin-crust pizzas come in traditional and more creative flavors. The area on Siebensterngasse is a local favorite.

Pizza Hut Express

For a familiar pizza brand, Pizza Hut Express serves slices at stands around Vienna. Look for their locations at the Westbahnhof and other transportation hubs when you need a quick pizza fix.

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Kebabs are a staple street food import in Vienna, with plenty of options for a quick doner or shawarma. Here are some top kebab shops:

Urfa Kebap

This small kebap stand in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus is hugely popular thanks to their perfected doner recipe passed down for generations. Get the classic doner in warm flatbread with veggies and sauce.

Yppenplatz Kebap Haus

Locals will say this is one of the best in a city with many kebab shops. Get beef or chicken doner wraps and plates in Yppenplatz square or order delivery.

Metropol Kebap

Metropol is a mini-chain with several locations serving consistent, fresh, and flavorful kebaps and falafel. Convenient city center locations make it easy to get your fix.

Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap

Mustafa’s uses vegetables like eggplant, peppers, and potatoes stacked on a skewer and roasted for a vegetarian take on kebap. Get it as a wrap or plate with sauces and sides.


To satisfy your sweet tooth, Vienna offers fast dessert options from ice cream to donuts:

Billa Ice Cream

The local Billa grocery store chain has a fantastic ice cream selection at affordable prices. Grab a cone or cup to go at any Billa store around town. Flavors range from classics like chocolate or strawberry to Austrian creations like nougat or mandelhörnchen.

Kührer Süßspeisen

This cozy, old-fashioned cafe near the Schottentor has some of the best-baked goods in Vienna. Get apple strudel, chocolate cake, or traditional Viennese pastry to go and enjoy as you walk around town.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme opened its first Vienna location near the Westbahnhof train station for hot and fresh glazed donuts. This international brand offers classic, original, glazed, and fun flavors like chocolate, cookies, and cream.

Mjam Mjam Cupcakes

These adorable little cupcakes come in flavors like vanilla bean, cookies & cream, and red velvet. Order online or visit their shop near Schottentor to grab a sweet treat or mini cupcake six-pack to go.

Where to eat Fast Food Food in Vienna?

Where to eat Fast Food Food in Vienna?

Here are some of the best places to eat fast food in Vienna:

  • Würstelstands (sausage stands) like Würstelstand Leo, Bitzinger Würstelstand, and the stands at Schwedenplatz and Meidlinger Markt for iconic Vienna sausages.
  • Hot Dog shops like Hot Dog Store, Dolphin Dog, and Let’s Relish for Bosna hot dogs.
  • Ankerbrotfabrik, Trzesniewski, and Gardegasse 19 for leberkäsesemmel (meatloaf sandwiches).
  • International chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway, and Domino’s have locations across Vienna.
  • Asian spots like Wok to Walk, Pho House, Chen’s Kitchen, and Swagat for quick stir fry, pho, Chinese, and Indian.
  • Pizza by the slice at Pizza Mari’, Santo Pizza, Pizza Standard, and Pizza Hut Express.
  • Kebab stands like Urfa Kebap, Yppenplatz Kebap Haus, and Metropol Kebap.
  • Dessert spots like Billa for ice cream, Kührer for strudel, Krispy Kreme for donuts, and Mjam Mjam for cupcakes.

The Bottom Line

Vienna offers a wide range of fast food options to quickly satisfy any craving. From Viennese street food classics like sausages and bosna to global brands like McDonald’s and Subway, you’ll never be far from a quick bite.

Pizza by the slice, kebaps, and Asian food round out the offerings. And don’t forget to save room for something sweet like ice cream or cupcakes. With this guide, you’re sure to find the perfect fast food in Vienna, whether you’re a tourist or local looking for a convenient meal on the go.

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