Must Try Items Best Food at Sheetz Menu

Sheetz is a popular convenience store chain that offers a variety of food options, from breakfast to dinner.

With its extensive menu, it can be difficult to know what to try first. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best food at Sheetz. From classic burgers and fries to unique snacks and beverages, we’ve got you covered.

So whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a satisfying meal, Sheetz has something for everyone. Let’s dive in and discover the delicious side of Sheetz!

The Sheetz secret menu is a topic of much debate. Some people say it doesn’t exist, while others claim to have seen it with their own eyes. The truth is that the secret menu does exist, but not in the way you may think.

You don’t need to know about any special codes or phone numbers to access the Sheetz Secret Menu. All you need is an excellent old-fashioned cheat sheet!

Best Food At Sheetz
Best Food At Sheetz

How do I access the secret menu on Sheetz?

The secret menu is not a list of items that are unavailable at Sheetz. It’s simply the term for off-menu orders or anything you can get from one of their other food vendors to go with your meal.

The easiest way to access the Sheetz Secret Menu is by ordering an item and telling them what else you want with it.

An order of fries, for instance, can be made into a Sheetz Secret Menu meal by asking them to add a hotdog or two sandwiches on the side. These are just some examples, but there are plenty more you’ll find when exploring their menu options!

Vegetable Omelets sandwich.

Ordering a Veggie Omelette sandwich is the first step. Once you call it, ask them to add an egg white omelette with cheese on one side and bacon on the other.

Hot Dog Sub.

Start by ordering a Hot Dog Sub Sandwich from Sheetz’s menu of subs and wraps. It comes with your choice of ketchup or mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Once you order it, ask them to add a hot dog on the side!

Frito Pie.

Ordering a Frito Pie is the first step. Then when ordering, tell them that you want a cup of chilli by request so they’ll know what else to put in your bag with the chips.

Sheetz Chili.

Get ready to enjoy some of the best chillies that you’ll find when exploring their menu options!

Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard Sauce.

Order a Chicken Tender Sandwich without any sauces or dressings, and then tell them to add honey mustard sauce on it by request.

10 Must-Try Menu Items at Sheetz:

1. Jalapeño bites:

Jalapeño bites

The jalapeño bites are a type of snack that Sheetz sells. The Jalapeño bites are covered in a garlic butter sauce and then sprinkled with Italian seasoning. Fans of the Jalapeño bites say that they are tasty and addictive.

2. Bacon Cheese Fries:

The cheese sauce is melted bacon when the Bacon Cheese Fries are served. The fries come with a small amount of cheese, and in addition to the melted cheese, there is also a tiny amount of bacon on top.

The bacon is crumbled into pieces like bread crumbs used in breading meat or fish. It’s an absolutely delicious salty treat that serves as a perfect appetizer for any bacon and cheese fan.

3. Sheetz Crab Cakes:

The Sheetz crab cakes are made with a generous amount of crab meat. The crab cakes at Sheetz come with a side of tartar sauce and are very affordable.

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4. Chicken Wings:

The chicken wings are available in different flavors, but the original flavor is the most popular among customers who eat at Sheetz. The flavors Sheetz offers for their chicken wings include Kickin’ BBQ, Wild and Mild, Hot, Dynamite, and Atomic.

2. Onion rings:

Onion rings

When the onion rings are served, they come out of a bag warmed in the fryer. They then come out of the bag and are fried up to order. The onion rings are crunchy and delicious, especially when customers choose the ring dipped in ranch dressing before eating them.

5. Cheese Fries:

When making their cheese fries, they use only real cheese slices and cut them into long strips to make them more delicious for their customers.

6. Grilled Cheese:

The grilled cheese sandwich is trendy in the evening at Sheetz because they offer a choice of a side item and change the side items often.

Recently, they had macaroni and cheese, which was extremely popular as well. The grilled cheese sandwich also comes with Applewood smoked bacon as an option to add to it. The grilled cheese is served with fries or apple chips fried in real apple juice.

7. Fried pickle chips:

The fried pickle chips are placed in a bag along with their fries, and when they are ready to serve, the fried pickled cucumbers are sprinkled with a sweet and tangy dill seasoning. The chips are very crunchy, hot, and yummy. The sauce used for the dill is similar to catsup but has a slightly different flavor that is much sweeter.

8. Ice Coffee:

Ice Coffee

Sheetz’s iced coffee is prevalent and comes in several different flavors. One of the most popular iced coffee flavors is French vanilla, but other flavors include peppermint and hazelnut. Some customers have said they wish they would use skim milk instead of whole milk in their iced coffees, but the coffee is quite delicious overall.

9. Philly Steak Sandwich:

The Philly steak sandwich is one of Sheetz’s most popular items on the menu. The sandwich comes with a side of green salad and is served with melted American cheese on top of the protein-seasoned steak. It’s a very flavorful sandwich, and customers love it.

10. Fried pickle chips:

The fried pickle chips are another great menu item at Sheetz. They taste just like the pickle chips served at some of the other restaurants, but these are fried in real apple juice, giving them a more intense flavor and making them crunchier.

What is Sheetz known for?

The Sheetz food menu is well known for its surprisingly wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options that the all-night gas station offers.

A little bit more expensive than typical McDonalds or Burger King fare, but Sheetz’s prices are still competitive with other convenience store options.

Some of the more popular options customers love are:

  • Sheetz chicken breast sandwich
  • Awesome Blossom (grilled onion, mushrooms and provolone cheese)
  • Big n’ Toasty breakfast sandwich with sausage patties.

Another famous favourite is what can only be described as “the other white meat.” Sheetz’s tender, juicy and flavourful Buffalo-style chicken fingers are made with all-white meat. 

What Food Do They Have at Sheetz?

Sheetz is a gas station chain that also has food and other convenience store items. They have some of the best fast-food options around, including pizza, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more.

  • Best sandwich: Sheetz Italian? Grinder (Dinners with large portions)
  • Pizza: Philly Cheese Steak Pizza
  • Wraps: Sriracha Grilled Chicken Wrap
  • Salads: Sheetz Cobb Salad, with Extra Dressing
  • Breakfast Foods: Breakfast Burrito and Steak & Egg Sandwich (Dinner)
  • Bagels and coffee drinks – not just for breakfast anymore!
Food Do They Have At Sheetz
Food Do They Have At Sheetz

Why is Sheetz so popular?

Regardless of where you go, Sheetz is always there. Whether it’s a big city or a small town in the middle of nowhere, Sheetz has its bright red logo all over the place. It’s on every corner and up at eye level, no matter how far away from civilization you are. You can’t escape Sheetz; that much is certain.

Sheetz is a gas station convenience store that provides food, beverages, and cigarettes to its customers. It has an in-store restaurant where you can order takeout or eat at the counter with friendly service by employees.

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They also have car washes, ATMs, and touchless car wash bays for those who need to get their ride cleaned up.

The menu is more diverse than a traditional convenience store’s because they want to serve their customers as best and efficiently as possible.

They also offer special discounts, like “Coupons in the Corner,” which are available at self-serve stations inside stores for various food deals such as pasta or pizza in particular.

Which is better, Wawa or Sheetz?

We all have our opinions on which is better, Wawa or Sheetz. I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of each one to see which is best for you!

Wawa has a broader variety of foods than Sheetz does. They also offer coffee, hot chocolate, and other drinks, while Sheetz only provides coffee. The downside to that is that they don’t give discounts for purchases like Sheetz does.

Another downside to Wawa is that its prices are slightly higher than those at Sheetz. Sheetz offers gas prices cheaper than most anywhere else in the area and sells food items such as chips, candy bars and ice cream sandwiches at a reasonable price compared to other places around them like Wawa.

What brand of gas does Sheetz use?

An American chain of convenience stores that operates in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States. The company sells various items, including gas, food, drinks, snacks, tobacco products (including cigarettes), lottery tickets, coffee and more. Sheetz was founded in 1952 by Bob Sheets with help from his brother Steve.

How do I eat healthy at Sheetz?

The first thing to do is choose the “My Sheetz” option on the app or online and customize your order. Next, decide if you want something healthy like a salad with protein or some fresh fruit. The last step is to add any additional toppings that might make your food taste even better!

I Eat Healthy At Sheetz
I Eat Healthy At Sheetz

What is the best sandwich at Sheetz?

Sheetz offers many different subs and burgers and breakfast options, including egg loaves of bread and Scramblers with eggs, sausage patties or bacon bits. They even offer gluten-free buns for those who are avoiding wheat products like myself!

Their Signature Subs include Turkey Submarine, Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (with a choice from Provolone cheese), Veggie Delight (includes lettuce, tomato, onion and sprouts), Italian Cold Cut Combo (ham and Genoa salami).

The best part about their subs is that they are available in a variety of sizes! They offer the Footling, Half-Footling and 12 Inch Subs.

What is your favourite sandwich at Sheetz?

Comment below with which one it was and what you liked about it! If I had to choose my favourite, I would have to say that their Signature Turkey Sandwich is the best on their menu because it tastes great and packs quite a lot of protein for just under $11 (the price ranges depending on thickness).

The turkey subs come in three different sizes: 14-inch long foot long sub; fresh-cut cold cuts, or freshly sliced meats layered between two slices of bakery bread served hot out oven–all wrapped up tight in a fresh-baked 12-inch replacement!

What is a Sheetz club sub?

This is a club sub sandwich from. A club sub has ham, cheese, and turkey slices topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on white bread.

 A Sheetz Club Sub
A Sheetz Club Sub

What’s the best food you can get at Sheetz?

The club sub. This sandwich is so good that it makes my mouth water just thinking about it! It has a toasted sesame seed bun, crispy bacon, and all of your favourite deli meats like ham, turkey breast, or roast beef. And don’t forget the mayonnaise and pickles on top! You might need two hands for this one.

What is vegan at Sheetz?

I went to Sheetz for the first time a few weeks ago and saw that they had vegan options. I was surprised. The only other gas station food place I know of with vegan options is Wawa, but it’s not near where I live, so when we go there, we get snacks like chips or something because you can’t buy anything hot.

Sheetz is not super close to me, but it’s worth the drive because they have vegan options, and I can get a Quezon’s sandwich there!

  • Vegan items include hummus pita pocket,
  • Banana peppers with ranch dip,
  • Veggie wraps (you need to ask for no mayo),
  • Breadsticks (no butter), and
  • Plant-based protein shake.


Sheetz has the best food. I know that’s a bold claim, but it is true! They have some of the best sandwiches in town, and you can get them made to order with all your favourite toppings.

The salads are always fresh and tasty too. You can never go wrong when ordering breakfast or lunch from this place- they even offer vegan options for those who prefer plant-based fare! If you want great food on the go, stop by one of their locations today- I promise you won’t regret it!

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