Best Moroccan Food NYC: Food and place

Best Moroccan Food NYC! If you are looking for the best Moroccan food in NYC, look no further! Our restaurant is just a few blocks away from Central Park, and we offer a wide variety of tasty dishes to choose from. If you have never tried Moroccan cuisine before, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Visit us today and let our staff show you what makes us one of New York’s most popular restaurants!

Best Moroccan Food NYC

What is traditional Best Moroccan Food NYC?

Traditional Moroccan food is a diverse cuisine with influences from France, Spain and Africa. It’s often hard to tell what is traditional because outside cultures and ingredients that influence it constantly. One example of traditional Moroccan dishes is couscous which has been eaten in Morocco since the 1300s. Couscous is usually served at weddings as a symbol of abundance, and there is always enough for everyone to eat.

Traditional Moroccan Food
Traditional Moroccan Food

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What are some dishes that you can find in Moroccan cuisine?

There’s Harira soup typically eaten during Ramadan but often served at other times of the year. It’s a hearty dish with vegetables such as carrots, onions and celery. Harira soup is usually served with a Moroccan flatbread called “chapati” or Tujja, which are deep-fried doughnut pieces traditionally made from wheat flour.

Tajine is another dish you may find on the menu in Morocco, and it’s typically prepared in a tall, cone-shaped pot with meat and vegetables.

What is Moroccan food and what are some of the most popular dishes

Moroccan food is a melting pot of spices and flavors. In other words, it’s complex and wonderful. One of the most popular dishes is shakshuka, a dish with eggs and tomatoes that may be served with eggs poached on top or mixed in.

The country also has a long tradition of cooking meat, cheese, and fish. A popular dish is garlic chicken, which marries the chicken in garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. It is then traditionally served with Couscous. Another popular dish is lamb tajine, which is filled with vegetables or a salad on the side and is commonly eaten in the evening. This meal is typically accompanied by a glass of mint tea and dates.

Best Moroccan Food New York City:



Omelets are common in Morocco, but New York is the only place you can find an omelet made with gourmet toppings. They serve omelets made with everything from cold cuts and chicken to sherry and dates.


Many restaurants in the city specialize in Italian pasta dishes, including pasta Fagioli, fettuccine alfredo, or cavatelli al ragù.

Cafe Mogador Williamsburg:

You can find the most authentic Moroccan food in New York at Cafe Mogador. The restaurant is known for serving traditional dishes like Couscous with vegetables and lamb tagine. They also have an extensive menu that includes sandwiches, soups, and salads.

Restaurant Mado:

Restaurant Mado is another excellent place to sample authentic Moroccan dishes. They serve everything from kebabs to shish taouk to litchee salad and even desserts, including baklava, dates, and nutty almond squares.

Cafe Mogador:

Another Mogador option would be the cafe version of the restaurant, which serves Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. This family-run business features authentic Moroccan specialties, including fruit salads, hot and spicy chicken skewers, hummus with grilled pita bread, and meatballs with omelets.

Marrakech NYC:

Marrakech NYC

If you’re looking to try out more than one Moroccan dish at a restaurant, Marrakech is the place to do it. They serve everything from lamb to bread pudding.

Kish Kash:

If you’re looking for a place to try classic Moroccan cuisine, Kish Kash is not the wrong choice. They serve the traditional shakshuka with eggs poached on top and garlic chicken. They also do beef kefta sausages and vegetarian kofta kababs.

Salaam American Bistro:

Salam American Bistro is a classic Moroccan eatery that serves lamb tajine, savory chicken with raisins and caramelized onions, Couscous and vegetables, and gazelle tagine with orzo.

Sitti Restaurant:

Sitti Restaurant serves traditional Moroccan dishes, including brick and the classic phyllo pastry filled with minced lamb and onion. They also do a shish taouk, a Middle Eastern dish with chicken and bell pepper.



L’Orientale is excellent for a romantic meal or an evening out with friends. It features Mediterranean delicacies like a salmon crown royal, roasted chicken, and vegetable tagine. They also serve a lot of traditional Moroccan staples like Couscous, bourek, and brik.

Moroccan food near me

Now that you know about the best Moroccan restaurants in New York, you may be wondering where you can find some of this culinary delicacy outside of the city. You can find Moroccan food near me by searching for a nearby restaurant serving Moroccan dishes. Scroll down to learn more about which words are the most popular.

Morocco’s traditional menu items include Couscous, made from semolina, meat, and vegetables. This delicious dish is served with chicken or lamb and comes with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Where to find the best Moroccan food in NYC?

If you’re planning a trip to New York City and want to find the best Moroccan food in NYC, there are some great places to start. You can begin by selecting a restaurant specializing in Moroccan cuisine or any of the dishes listed above. You can also read up on these dishes, research nearby restaurants offering them, or check out food blogs for reviews before deciding where to eat.

Another option is to search for restaurants based on area and cuisine when searching for the best Moroccan food in NYC. You can search for the best Moroccan food in your neighborhood or the best Moroccan food in Midtown. Alternatively, you could search for the best Moroccan food near me by entering your zip code or address in the search bar below.

How to make a few popular Moroccan dishes at home?

To make these dishes at home, you must check the cooking instructions carefully. Some of the above recipes require long cooking times, like 12 hours or more. You will also need to find a local cookbook; some of these dishes use many specialty ingredients that can be difficult to find at a local grocery store. Do not hesitate to ask your grocer for help if you are unsure about specific elements.

1. Brik:

Brik is a famous Middle Eastern bread made out of semolina. It is served with savory chicken or lamb, onion, and parsley for breakfast. You can find brik recipes on Middle Eastern food blogs or request the recipe from your grocer or the local bakery.

2. Lamb Shish Taouk:

This dish is made from lamb, tomato, cinnamon, and other spices and served with couscous and butter sauce. It is easy to make at home, but you will need to find the spices it calls for. Alternatively, many restaurants have this on their menu, and you can request that they prepare it for you.

3. Couscous:

This dish is usually served with chicken or lamb. It would help to cook Couscous with a blend of vegetables like chickpeas and cauliflower for added flavor. Pair it with chicken, potatoes, carrots, or green beans for a balanced meal with protein and fiber.

4. Bourek:

Bourek is a Middle Eastern pastry made of semolina, butter, and lard. It is filled with minced lamb, chopped onions, and parsley. You can make bourek at home by following a recipe. Alternatively, you can ask your grocer for help or request it from your local bakery or restaurant.

5. Chicken Kebob:

Chicken kebob is served with vegetables and rice on a skewer for an easy meal without meat. All you need to do is marinate the meat before adding it to the skewer and cook it over a spit for a few minutes.

6. Harira Soup:

This soup is served with meat and vegetables for a special, warm meal on a cold night. You can find harira soup recipes on Middle Eastern food blogs or in most Moroccan cookbooks. It is easy to make the dish at home, but you will need to find the various ingredients required for preparation.

The history of Moroccan cuisine and its influences:

The Middle East and its forces dominate the culinary landscape of Morocco. The country was once part of the Ottoman Empire and is close to Spain and France. The city of Marrakech is mainly influenced by Spanish cuisine, and Moroccan food has been fused with other cuisines introduced to the region over time.

Moroccan cuisine demands a blend of spices like cinnamon and saffron for added flavor. These spices have been introduced to the region through trade and conquest, helping to create a versatile cuisine that is now popular worldwide.

The traditional Moroccan diet is based on agriculture, which has led to development of a vibrant market in cities like Marrakech and Fez. Many of these markets are family-owned and have existed since ancient times.

Arabic bread such as pita, loaves made from semolina, and Couscous are essential components of the traditional Moroccan diet.

Here are a few tips for eating like a local in Morocco:

  • Try chicken kabobs with the traditional sauce.
  • Try lamb or fish. You can substitute these types of meat with vegetarian options like chickpeas and melons.
  • Try Couscous, a semolina-based dish that is served with chicken flavoring.
  • Try gazelle meatballs made from a mixture of beef and lamb.
  • Try Moroccan bread, as it is known in the Middle East, instead of pizza or other types of bread that are popular in the West.
  • Try mint tea; it is a staple of the local culture and is served in most restaurants and cafes in Morocco.  
  • Try crêpes; these are served at local cafes. They are made from wheat flour, milk, and sugar.
  • The last piece of advice that we can give you is to try as much as possible when you’re exploring a new country like Morocco. This will ensure you get the most out of your meal and create an experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry!

What does Moroccan food taste like?

Moroccan food has a unique taste, and it isn’t easy to compare them with other dishes. Moroccan cuisine can be spicy, sweet, or tangy, but it always tastes fresh and delicious!

Some popular flavours in Moroccan food include cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, olives, dates and citrus fruits. Eating these dishes will transport you to a new world of flavour and spice.

What do Moroccans eat for lunch?

People in Morocco have mealtimes that are similar to people from the Western world. Moroccans typically eat a light lunch to enjoy their main meal later on in the evening with family and friends. Moroccans will often share dishes at these meals or cook one dish for everyone to share using fresh ingredients like lamb, fish, herbs and vegetables.

A popular dish eaten in Morocco is couscous, a type of rice made from semolina and water. It’s often served at dinner time but can be enjoyed as a midday meal too!

What do Moroccans eat for breakfast?

People traditionally have their first meal of the day around sunrise or just before dawn. Breakfast foods are usually light to give them energy throughout the morning; everyday dishes may include bread with olive oil or butter, olives and coffee.

When people in Morocco have more leisurely mornings, they might also enjoy eggs, sausages and beans on top of fresh baked sweet pastries called “baghrir.” If it’s Ramadan, many Muslims will abstain from food until after sundown; during this time, it is forbidden to eat anything like eggs, meat and beans.

What Do Moroccans Eat For Breakfast
What Do Moroccans Eat For Breakfast

Moroccan restaurant Brooklyn

Moroccan restaurant Brooklyn: When it comes to Moroccan food, there’s no better place than in Brooklyn. Fresh ingredients and authentic recipes make these dishes pop with flavour while maintaining their traditional techniques. Just a few of the beautiful things you’ll find at this popular eatery are chicken or lamb kebabs, lentils and salads with fresh vegetables, hearty couscous or rice dishes and more.

Best Moroccan restaurant near me

A Moroccan restaurant is an excellent choice for visitors to New York City. Some many different spices and flavours bring authentic Moroccan cuisine into the classic American dining experience.

  • Best Morocco Restaurant NYC. This restaurant has excellent reviews and is located near Central Park.
  • Best Moroccan Restaurant NYC. This restaurant has excellent reviews, and it’s close to the Empire State Building but not too busy so that you can enjoy an intimate meal with your group of friends or family members.
  • Best Moroccan Restaurant in Manhattan. The food here is authentic and delicious! They are located right by Union Square if you’re looking for something close to home.
  • Best Morocco Restaurant NYC – This restaurant has excellent reviews and is located near Central Park.

Kosher Moroccan restaurant NYC

Moroccan cuisine is a unique fusion of Arabic, Berber and African influences. This rich cultural heritage has made Morocco one of the most diverse countries in North Africa and an extraordinary destination for food lovers. Moroccan people are not only excellent cooks but also enjoy good food to the fullest! The restaurants serving this cuisine offer great variety from traditional dishes like couscous or tajine over international flavourings to more creative combinations with French or Japanese styles.

What are people saying about Moroccan restaurants in New York, NY?

Hat are people saying about Moroccan restaurants in New York, NY? These two restaurants offer different types of cuisine, but both styles are delicious! You’ll never be disappointed if you stop by these two beautiful establishments.

  • Must-try foods: tajine chicken, fish soup from Tangier, mezze
  • Avoid at all costs: soups with bones in them (like gumbo)

Top Moroccan restaurants in NYC include Sahara Restaurant and Casablanca Deli & Cafe! They’re both unforgettable experiences that are worth the trek to Brooklyn or Manhattan, respectively. Check out our reviews for more information on each of these locations.

About Moroccan Restaurants In New York
About Moroccan Restaurants In New York


If you’re looking for the best Moroccan food in NYC, look no further than our restaurant. We offer a wide selection of authentic dishes that will satisfy any palate and are sure to transport your taste buds on an exotic adventure. Our atmosphere is perfect for large groups or intimate dinners alike. Book your reservation today!

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