15 amazing Breakfast Lunch Dinner Healthy Food Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Healthy Food Menu are the three main meals of the day. Breakfast is typically eaten first thing in the morning and can include cereal, eggs, muffins, or porridge.

Lunch is eaten closer to midday and can be a sandwich or salad. Dinner is eaten later in the evening after work and tends to be heavier than breakfast and lunch, such as pasta with sauce or casserole.

Healthy food refers to food that does not contain any sugar, fat, salt, or alcohol, which has been proven to cause obesity, among other things.

Healthy food can be made using vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, which are all-natural ingredients. Breakfast is typically the least healthy meal as it contains more sugar and fat than lunch or dinner.

What Type Of Food Is Your Breakfast Lunch Dinner Healthy Food Menu?

The healthy food plan is healthful, tasty and allows you to eat well, enjoy the company of friends and family without compromising your weight-loss goals.

You get to eat three meals each day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each meal should include lean protein (low in fat), complex carbohydrates (found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains), and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, and seeds).

Even though you can eat three meals per day, snacks are also an important meal plan. Healthy snacks between meals should contain either lean protein or complex carbohydrates.

Top 15 Easy And Healthy Meals For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner:


1. Overnight oats:

Place 1/2 cup of rolled oats in a bowl and mix with 3/4 cup of almond milk. Add chopped fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, or bananas, and place them in the fridge overnight.

2. Banana sandwich:  

Toast one slice of whole-grain bread and spread some all-natural peanut butter on top. Slice one banana and place it in between the toast.

3. Protein shake:  

Throw 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, two ice cubes, 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 Tbsp. Flaxseed meal, 1/4 frozen banana (optional), cinnamon (optional), and blend until smooth.

4. Smoothie bowl:

Add 1/2 cup of almond milk, one Tbsp. Chia seeds, two Tbsp. Plain Greek yogurt, one cup strawberries, or blueberries, and blend until smooth. Add some sliced bananas (optional).

5. Avocado toast:

Toast one slice of whole-grain bread and mash 1/4 of an avocado onto the toast. Add some fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and salt and pepper (optional) to taste.

6. Overnight oatmeal:

Place 1/2 cup of rolled oats in a bowl and mix with 3/4 cup of almond milk. Place sliced bananas on top, cover them, and place it in the fridge overnight.


7. Wraps:  

Place sliced turkey breast, lettuce, cucumber, and a little hummus between whole grain tortilla wraps (optional).

8. Homemade pizza:  

Spread some basil pesto on two slices of whole-grain bread or burger buns to make a mini pizza. Top with fresh spinach and sliced tomatoes (optional).

9. Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce:

Mix one cup of whole wheat spaghetti, low-fat marinara sauce, and about 3 oz. of grilled chicken breast in a pot and heat until warm.

10. Grilled cheese sandwich:

 Grill two slices of whole-grain bread in some olive oil or butter and top with sliced tomatoes, fresh spinach leaves (optional), and two low-fat extra sharp cheddar cheese slices.


11. Salmon patties:  

Mix 1 egg white, 3 oz. of canned salmon, 1/4 cup of whole-wheat panko bread crumbs. Rushed garlic cloves (optional), a dash of cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper (optional) to taste. Form into patties and pan-fry in some olive oil or butter until golden brown on each side.

12. Steak with steamed veggies:  

Pan-fry a beef flank steak until it is cooked throughout, slice it up and place it on a bed of steamed veggies (such as broccoli and carrots).

13. Grilled chicken and marinated veggies:  

Marinate some chicken breasts in soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, garlic cloves (optional), salt, and pepper (optional) to taste. Grill the chicken for about 5 minutes on each side until it is cooked throughout. Grill some marinated veggies (such as bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms) in some olive oil or butter on the side.

14. Black bean burger with caramelized onions:  

Make one black bean burger (see number 7 above for recipe). Top it with 1/4 cup of grilled sweet potato, caramelized onions, fresh spinach leaves (optional), and barbecue sauce.

15. Protein bowl:

Divide 1 cup of cooked brown rice, shredded chicken breast, steamed broccoli, baked sweet potato cubes, and some sliced cucumbers among two bowls. Top each bowl with 1/4 avocado, chopped cilantro or parsley (optional), salt, and pepper (optional) to taste.

What Should You Eat For Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner?

Breakfast: Choose between a protein shake, oatmeal with fruit, or a protein bar.

Lunch: You can make a sandwich with turkey breast or hummus as your main ingredient. Add some lettuce, tomato slices, and onions to the sandwich if you like. Get creative with your dessert by eating some Greek yogurt with fruit on top.

Dinner: A typical dinner would include grilled chicken breast, roasted veggies (carrots, spinach, broccoli), brown rice or quinoa, and steamed vegetables (broccoli).

Why These Items?

Breakfast: Protein-rich foods such as protein shake, oatmeal, and bars help to promote muscle growth in the morning.

Lunch: A sandwich filled with turkey breast helps provide a lot of nutrients and energy for the rest of your day! Greek yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, protein and is low in calories.

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast is high in healthy fats, which help regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. Steamed vegetables (broccoli) are rich sources of vitamins A & C.

What Are Some Healthy Meals For Breakfast?

  • Cereal with low-fat milk
  • Whole-grain pancakes
  • Protein shake made with fruit
  • Egg white omelet with fresh veggies
  • Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Protein bar
  • Cereal with low-fat milk- 1 cup of cereal is equal to about 1 serving of grains.

What are some healthy meals for lunch?

  • A sandwich on whole wheat bread (turkey, chicken, lean ham) with veggie fixings (lettuce, tomato, onion) and a little bit of light mayo
  • Salad (tuna or chicken salad) on whole wheat bread
  • Leftovers from last night’s dinner
  • A can of soup (low sodium) mixed with whole wheat crackers
  • Whole wheat pasta, shrimp, and veggies
  • Salad (tuna or chicken salad) with whole wheat bread- One serving of tuna provides about 30% of your daily amount of protein. Chicken is also an excellent source of protein which helps to promote muscle growth.

What are some healthy meals for dinner?

  • Grilled chicken and veggies (carrots, broccoli)
  • Grilled steak and roasted sweet potatoes
  • Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce and grilled chicken
  • Salmon on a bed of quinoa with steamed vegetables
  • I ate out at a healthy restaurant (for example, Subway) and ordered a meal with lean meat and veggies.
  • Grilled chicken and roasted sweet potatoes- 1/2 cup of cooked sweet potato provides about 4 grams of fiber.

The Bottom Line

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