Campuzano Mexican Food: A Mouthwatering Fiesta for Your Taste Buds

Campuzano Mexican Food is a restaurant family-owned by David Campuzano and is dedicated to providing the Austin, TX community with fresh and homemade Mexican food.

Fresh ingredients are used for all of their offerings, focusing on locally-sourced produce. Campuzano strives to be a sustainable restaurant for the sake of the environment and for you too! The owner said, “our mission is to offer foods with a lighter environmental footprint.

Campuzano Mexican Food
Campuzano Mexican Food

What does Campuzano Mexican Food offer?

The restaurant also features a small patio to enjoy your meal in peace or get some fresh air. The restaurant offers a combination of indoor as well as outdoor seating. If there aren’t any tables, they usually have a few chairs outside, so you can choose to dine alfresco.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. As for the outdoor seating, it consists of two tables which are located under umbrellas. There is also an area on the patio with additional chairs.

The restaurant caters to both families and those who dine alone. It offers several menu options, such as burritos, quesadillas, and tacos, and its popular nachos.

How does the restaurant prepare its food?

Campuzano prepares all of its food in-house. All ingredients are prepared fresh each day and are made from scratch. The restaurant also utilizes local produce to ensure the food is as fresh as possible. 

The restaurant offers a combination of indoor and outdoor seating for your convenience. The restaurant is also known for its combination of indoor and outdoor seating options for its customers who would like to eat outside at their favorite Austin restaurants or when the weather isn’t to their liking.

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What is the desired outcome for customers and employees of the company?

 Campuzano Mexican Food aims to provide its customers with fresh, homemade Mexican food in a family-friendly environment that is conducive to dining in or take-out. The company’s employees are also committed to providing the customer with a personalized experience, whether for eating in or taking out. 

The owners are constantly involved with the customer base by providing feedback and suggestions on how they could improve their offerings and customer service. 

10 Amazing Campuzano Mexican Food Go-to Menu Items

1. Queso dip:

 Romano cheese and guacamole served with fresh tortilla chips. This is the perfect appetizer to start your meal with!

2. Meximelt:

Fresh guacamole, tomato salsa, and chipotle aioli dip served with fresh tortilla chips. The combination of the three ingredients makes for a delicious appetizer!

3. Nachos:

Campuzano’s Meximelt (see above), made with fresh guacamole, tomato salsa, and chipotle aioli, is served with one scoop of beans and an order of cheese. It’s one of the most popular items on their menu!

4. Tacos con Leche:

An order of tacos made with corn tortillas filled with lettuce and cheese, topped with refried beans, sour cream, Mexican crema, radishes, and tomatoes. A classic combination of tacos!

5. Breakfast Burrito:

Campuzano’s breakfast burrito is made with bacon, potato, scrambled eggs, and cheese. It’s one of the most popular items on their menu, and customers love it! 

6. Churros:

Churros are Mexican treats fried in hot oil and served with cinnamon or chocolate sauce. This take on the churro is served with cinnamon or chocolate sauce (see below for our choice).

7. Tortilla Chips:

Corn tortilla chips complement any food items served at Campuzano Mexican Food and are made from scratch. 

8. Nachos with Cheese:

The nachos at Campuzano Mexican food are topped with cheese, beans, tomatoes, and guacamole. A combination that is sure to please!

9. Tostada:

One of the more popular items on their menu, this tostada is made with a flour tortilla filled with refried beans, lettuce, and cheese. It’s an Engancheño favorite!

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10. Chocolate Chips:

Cinnamon or chocolate chips are served alongside the Churros (see above). These will pair perfectly with your dessert! 

Some Drink Menu

1. Horchata:

A local favorite of Austinites, horchata is a traditional Mexican drink made with rice, cinnamon, and vanilla. 

2. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice:

Fresh squeezed orange juice is served at Campuzano Mexican Food and compliments their breakfast menu! 

3. Mexican Coca-Cola:

Mexican Coca-Cola is an alternative to other Classic Coca-Cola flavors for those who enjoy a bit of variety! 

4. Mexican Coke Zero:

Mexican Coke Zero is served at Campuzano Mexican Food and compliments their breakfast menu! 

5. Tecate:

Tecate is a Mexican beer that is available at Campuzano Mexican Food. It’s a great alternative to classic beer. 

6. Limonada:

Austinites’ favorite, Limonada, is a refreshing drink made with fresh pressed lemons and served at Campuzano Mexican Food. 

7. Fresh Vegetable Juice:

Fresh vegetable juice is offered at Campuzano Mexican Food and comes in various flavors, such as carrot, beet, and mango! 

Why is sustainability important for Campuzano Mexican Food?

The owners of Campuzano Mexican Food hope to share their love of fresh, homemade Mexican food with Austinites and continue to offer sustainable Mexican food.

The restaurant also hopes to cut down on food waste by donating leftover leftovers to local shelters and organizations that feed the homeless. Campuzano offers a unique experience to its customers not only with their food but also with the restaurant’s approach to sustainability.

The restaurant is committed to promoting locally grown produce and purchasing products made from recycled materials. Campuzano Mexican Food also uses composting for all its leftover food recycling. 

Campuzano Mexican Food
Campuzano Mexican Food

What are Campuzano foods doing to reduce their effect on climate change?

Campuzano Mexican Food is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and has taken steps. They partnered with Austin Energy to offset their emissions using renewable energy credits and switched some of their equipment, such as air conditioning systems, for energy-efficient ones. They have also purchased rooftop solar panels to generate their solar energy. 

What is the expected percentage of waste that will be reduced and recycled?

Campuzano Mexican Food is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 30% and has taken steps. Currently, Campuzano’s carbon footprint stands at 60%, and they are committed to cutting this down to 40% by 2020.


Campuzano Mexican Food is a great alternative to fast food. It offers the best of both worlds because you can either dine in or take your food out. The atmosphere is welcoming and inviting, and customers always receive great customer service!

Campuzano Mexican Food goes the extra mile for its customers by using locally grown ingredients and locally sourced products. It’s a great place to stop if you are in Austin and looking for authentic, locally owned Mexican food that supports sustainability!

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