Can You Freeze Freshpet Dog Food? The Answer Might Surprise You

Do you know Can You Freeze FreshPet Dog Food? FreshPet dog food is popular among pet owners due to its fresh, natural ingredients and convenience.

However, some pet owners may wonder if it’s possible to freeze FreshPet dog food to extend its shelf life or make meal prep easier. The answer to this question might surprise you, as it’s a bit more nuanced than a simple “yes” or “no.”

In this blog post, we’ll explore the answer to the question of whether FreshPet can be frozen, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of freezing it for your furry friend.

Can You Freeze Freshpet Dog Food
Can You Freeze Freshpet Dog Food

Yes, You Can Freeze Freshpet Dog Food:

FreshPet dog food can be frozen, which can have several benefits. Freezing FreshPet can extend its shelf life, making stocking up and storing for longer periods easier.

Additionally, freezing FreshPet can make meal prep more convenient, as you can thaw out only the amount you need for each meal.

When freezing FreshPet, it’s important to use the proper storage containers and follow thawing instructions to ensure the food stays fresh and safe for your pet.

Freezing FreshPet dog food is easier for some than others. FreshPet is available in cans and pouches, both of which have pros and cons when it comes to freezing.

Cans are convenient and non-resealable and will likely require you to transfer the food into a container with a resealable lid for freezing. In addition, depending on the size of the can, it may be more convenient to freeze small amounts at a time not to require lots of freezer space.

But Freezing May Affect the Quality of FreshPet:

Freezing FreshPet dog food can cause some changes in texture and flavour, which may affect how much your dog enjoys the food.

The freezing process can cause ice crystals to form in the food, altering its texture and consistency. Additionally, the natural oils in the food may separate and cause a change in flavour or smell.

While these changes may be subtle, some dogs may be sensitive to them and may not enjoy thawed FreshPet as much as fresh ones. If your dog seems less enthusiastic about thawed FreshPet, there are a few things you can try to mitigate the effects of freezing.

One option is mixing fresh and frozen FreshPet, which can help balance the texture and flavour. Another option is to add a small amount of water to the thawed FreshPet, which can help improve its texture.

It’s worth noting that some pet owners may not notice any significant changes in the quality of FreshPet after freezing and thawing. It may come down to your dog’s preferences and sensitivity to texture and flavour changes.

If your dog seems to enjoy thawed FreshPet just as much as fresh, then there’s no reason not to freeze it and enjoy the convenience of having it on hand whenever you need it.

How Long Can You Freeze FreshPet Dog Food?

The time that FreshPet can be frozen depends on the type of FreshPet you’re planning to freeze.

1. FreshPet in Cans:

Cans are great for freezing as long as you don’t compromise the integrity of the can with an unsafe seal. Some brands may recommend double-bagging or placing cans in a heavy-duty freezer bag; follow these instructions when freezing fresh pet food in cans to ensure quality and safety.

FreshPet in cans can be safely frozen for an unlimited amount of time. It’s important that once the canned food is thawed, it’s either used or discarded within a few days to prevent spoilage.

2. FreshPet in Pouches:

FreshPet pouches are another convenient option for storing and freezing pet food. While pouches are not sturdy enough to withstand a deep freeze, they can be safely frozen at 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 3 months.

3. FreshPet in Refrigerated Pouches:

Refrigerated pouches may be frozen for an unlimited amount of time. It’s important that the pouches are resealed once thawed to prevent the air from escaping and the food from drying out.

Some manufacturers may recommend placing fresh pet food in pouches in the freezer when not being used to extend its shelf life further.

4. FreshPet in Frozen Pouches:

Frozen pouches are another option for freezing pet food. You can safely freeze FreshPet if the pouches are adequately sealed and don’t affect their integrity.

Some brands may recommend placing fresh or frozen pouches in the freezer when they’re not being used to extend their shelf life further.

How to Freeze FreshPet Dog Food?

You must follow the instructions for freezing Freshpet carefully to ensure safety and quality.

1. Fill Freezer Storage Bags, One-Fourth Full:

Freezer storage bags are reusable and a convenient way to store food for longer periods. If using these bags to freeze your Freshpet, fill them only about one-fourth of the way full.

This is because frozen foods expand as they freeze, and allowing for this expansion will protect the bag’s integrity.

2. Thaw in Fridge or Use Cold Water Thawing:

To thaw frozen FreshPet, you must decide between two different thawing methods. One option is to place the food in the refrigerator for about 8-12 hours.

If a cold water bath is preferred, use lukewarm (not cold) water and change it every 30 minutes.

3. Store Food in a Storage Container with a Sealed Lid:

As previously mentioned, cans are not resealable and may need to be frozen in an airtight container. If using pouches, you must store the food in an airtight container with a resealable lid to prevent moisture buildup.

4. Use FreshPet within 2 Days of Thawing:

As previously mentioned, it’s best to use thawed food within a few days of it being thawed. If the food will not be used within that time frame, freeze it again or discard it.

It’s important to note that, like other pet foods, Freshpet cannot be refrozen once it has been thawed. If you freeze your dog’s food, do not thaw and refreeze it.

5. Refrigerate After Opening:

Once the pet food has been opened, refrigerate it and use it within 3-5 days. Freshpet cannot be frozen after the package has been opened.

6. Freeze FreshPet:

Follow the instructions for freezing Freshpet carefully. Refrigerated foods should be placed in an airtight container with a resealable lid and frozen for up to 6 months. Frozen foods can be stored in an airtight freezer container for up to 3 months.

Other Considerations When Freezing Freshpet Dog Food:

When freezing FreshPet dog food, there are a few other things to remember. It’s important not to freeze FreshPet that has been previously frozen or has been sitting out for too long, as this can increase the risk of bacteria growth and foodborne illness.

Additionally, it’s important to know if FreshPet has gone bad, as spoiled food can harm your pet’s health. Finally, some pet owners may choose not to freeze FreshPet due to concerns about food quality or their dog’s preferences.


In conclusion, the answer to whether FreshPet dog food can be frozen is “yes.” However, freezing FreshPet can affect the quality of the food, and there are certain considerations to keep in mind when doing so.

Following proper storage and thawing instructions, pet owners can enjoy the benefits of freezing FreshPet, such as extended shelf life and meal prep convenience, while ensuring their furry friends enjoy the best possible quality of food.

I hope this guide has been helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your Pet Food Freezing adventure! In the comments below, let me know your experience with freezing FreshPet dog food.

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