Castaneda’s Mexican Food: 10 Best Teste Items

Castaneda’s Mexican Food Is Located Right In The Heart Of Downtown Los Angeles. Castaneda’s Has Been Around Since 1977 & We Take Pride In Serving Our Customers With Quality Mexican Food.

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Mexican food and want to enjoy a night out with your friends, look no further than Castaneda’s! Our friendly staff is always ready to help you find just the right dish for your tastes, and we’re proud of our award-winning signature cocktails.

Castaneda's Mexican Food
Castaneda’s Mexican Food

What Is Castaneda’s Mexican Food?

We know you’re in the mood for a good time, and that means you want quality food that tastes great. Our professional chefs prepare Castaneda’s Mexican food using only the freshest ingredients to ensure that every bite is just right.

Our amazing bar has a full bar, complete with a wide variety of tequila and margarita mixes, premium wines, and beers. You’ll love their colorful and unique decor, including a beautiful chandelier taken from a historic building in Guadalajara!

Castaneda’s is the place to be near USC. We’re right next door to the Los Angeles Coliseum, and we’re the perfect place to meet up with friends before a game or concert. You can also ask about our catering service when you come in for dinner, and we’ll deliver food right to your party.

10 Best Teste Castaneda’s Mexican Food Items

1. Our Delicious Burrito

Our delicious burrito is made with beef, beans & rice, and cheese and lettuce. The burrito is then covered in tomato salsa, making it extremely flavorful! It’s one of our most popular dishes!

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2. Our Taco Platter

Our taco platter includes two tacos (beef or chicken), two tamales, two enchiladas, and rice & beans. This dish can be ordered as a meal or appetizer.

3. Our Enchiladas

Our enchiladas dishes come in pork, chicken, or cheese. They’re very flavorful and come with rice & beans. You can order a plate that includes three enchiladas or get them as an appetizer.

4. Our Fried Plantains

Our fried plantains are made with sweet plantains, cut into slices, and fried in oil. They’re served with your choice of three salsas or guacamole for dipping.

5. Our Tamales

Our tamales are made with ground beef and wrapped in masa cornmeal. They’re smothered in sauce, adding flavor and making them a great dish.

6. Our Nachos

Our nachos are made with warm tortilla chips & covered with melted cheese, jalapeno peppers, tomato salsa, ground beef & guacamole. They’re also served with sour cream & pico de gallo for dipping.

7. Our Crispy Tacos

Our crispy tacos are made with ground beef, onions, and cilantro. They’re then wrapped in a warm tortilla and topped with melted cheese. You can have them either as an appetizer or as a full meal.

8. Our Pitcher Of Margaritas

Our pitcher of margaritas is made with premium tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, & rimming salt. Our margarita mixes are available in strawberry, blueberry, and passion fruit flavors.

9. Our Delicious Enchiladas

Our Delicious Enchiladas
Our Delicious Enchiladas

Our enchiladas are made with ground beef, chicken & cheese and then smothered in green or red salsa. You can order them as an appetizer or meal.

10. Our Tacos

We serve two different types of tacos (beef or chicken). The tacos are served on warm tortillas and topped with lettuce, tomatoes & cheese. All of our tacos come with rice & beans, which you can add if you want them to be a meal.

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What is the history of Castaneda?

In 1977, when the newly-opened Los Angeles Stadium was under construction in downtown Los Angeles, four young men met at the Santa Fe Bar to discuss the future of Mexican food in the city. They were all young professionals who had come from areas outside of Los Angeles.

Although they had a vision for a restaurant serving authentic Mexican cuisine, they did not have the resources to open such an establishment. However, one of them was a personal friend of Congressman Sam Guillen, who was also from New Mexico.

How does Castaneda’s make their food?

A team of professional chefs prepares our food. All of our ingredients are made fresh and never frozen. Our flavors are fresh and authentic. Our chefs focus on serving the best Mexican cuisine in Los Angeles.

Where did Castaneda’s get their recipes?

We use family recipes handed down from generation to generation, as their food has been virtually unchanged over time. It may have evolved from generation to generation, but it is as close to the original recipe as it can be.


We hope that after reading this, you’ll be ready to visit Castaneda’s Mexican Foods. We are located at 6th, and Grand in downtown Los Angeles steps away from Staples Center, Colosseum, and LA Live. Our convenient location offers plenty of parking as well as ample street parking.

Castaneda’s is the place to be near USC. We’re right next door to the Los Angeles Coliseum, and we’re the perfect place to meet up with friends before a game or concert.

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