Chinese food places open on Christmas

The holiday season is a time for joy, togetherness, and, of course, delicious food. While many people traditionally gather around the dining table at home to enjoy festive meals with their loved ones on Christmas Day, another culinary tradition has been gaining popularity in recent years – dining out at Chinese restaurants.

It’s a trend that has become a cherished tradition for many, offering a unique blend of flavors and a welcoming atmosphere when other dining options might be limited.

Chinese Food Places Open On Christmas

In this article, we’ll explore the delightful world of Chinese food places that keep their doors open on Christmas, allowing you to savor some of your favorite dishes while creating new holiday memories.

Whether seeking a break from the kitchen or simply looking for an alternative way to celebrate, discover some of the best Chinese food places ready to serve you this Christmas.

Why are Chinese places open on Christmas?

Chinese people, like many others around the world, celebrate Christmas. Chinese restaurants open on this day to let Chinese and non-Chinese foodies enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine with their loved ones or friends.

In addition to Chinese food places opening up on Christmas Day for those craving Chinese dishes with their family members or friends, there are other reasons that Chinese food is a favourite among cultures:

  • The use of different spices in Chinese cooking makes it an exciting dish to try out. In addition, spice levels can vary according to taste preferences, which means you’ll always get a new experience when eating at a different restaurant.
  • It’s much healthier than Western fast foods! A lot of deep-frying goes into making these types of meals, so they’re not as healthy as Chinese cuisine. Chinese food is made up of fresh ingredients and cooking methods that make it a healthier alternative to fast foods
  • The price! Chinese restaurants are not expensive as Western ones. So even if you eat at the most luxurious restaurant in your city, prices will still be within an affordable range for many people.

Why Do Chinese Restaurants Stay Open on Christmas Day?

There are a few theories about why Chinese restaurants fire their kitchens on Christmas Day. One idea is that Chinese immigrants often own and operate Chinese restaurants.

Since Christmas is not a traditional holiday in China, these restaurant owners are happy to work while others celebrate. The holiday rush also brings in welcomed extra business and tips.

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Another notion is that New York Jews patronized Chinese restaurants on Christmas in the 1930s. Today, American Jews still frequent Chinese restaurants on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as most other dining options are closed. This demand keeps the woks sizzling on December 25th.

Best Takeout Options for Christmas Chinese Food

If you want to feast on Chinese food this Christmas, here are some of the most popular national chains and local restaurants that will deliver piping-hot, ready-to-eat meals right to your door.

Panda Express

This fast food favorite serves classic Chinese dishes like orange chicken, broccoli beef, egg rolls, fried rice, and lo mein. With over 2,000 locations across America, a Panda Express near you will likely be open on Christmas day. Order online or via their app for contactless delivery or pickup.

PF Chang’s

PF Chang’s is known for elevated Chinese cuisine and offers high-quality meals perfect for Christmas dinner. Try their famous lettuce wraps, Chang’s Spicy Chicken, and Dynamite Shrimp. Most locations have special holiday menus open during reduced hours on December 25th. Check online for your nearest available Chang’s.


Find quick and affordable Chinese food at Chopstix. This chain is modeled after street-style Chinese takeout joints. Peruse their combo plates with sweet & sour chicken and beef with broccoli. Many Chopstix outposts stay open for Christmas but verify with your neighborhood location.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Under the PF Chang’s brand, Pei Wei provides Pan-Asian fare in a fast-casual setting. Their classics like pad thai, Mongolian beef, and miso salmon bowls travel well for holiday takeout meals. Pei Wei restaurants are often open for reduced hours on Christmas day.

Local Mom & Pop Chinese Restaurants

Don’t overlook smaller, family-owned Chinese joints in your area. These local gems will likely be open on Christmas, and we appreciate your patronage during their slower winter months.

Ask neighbors for their go-to spots or search online reviews. Support local and enjoy chef specialties you won’t find anywhere else.

Order Ahead for Quick Christmas Takeout

The easiest way to enjoy Chinese food on Christmas day is to plan. Here are some tips for seamless takeout on December 25th:

  • Check restaurant hours and holiday offerings a few days in advance. This will prevent any surprises on Christmas day.
  • Order early in the day or even the night before. Chinese restaurants get slammed on Christmas day, so you’ll want to beat the rush.
  • Opt for takeout rather than delivery to avoid long waits. Please pick up your order and enjoy it straight from the containers at home.
  • Ask about special holiday menus or dishes you can pre-order. Lobster Cantonese and Peking duck are festive Chinese delicacies.
  • Request extra condiments like duck sauce, hot mustard, and fortune cookies, so you have everything you need.
  • Add a few extra side dishes and entrees. Leftover Chinese food makes for perfect post-holiday noshing.
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Feast on Chinese Favorites this Christmas

When everything else is closed on December 25th, you can count on your local Chinese restaurant to provide a hearty holiday meal.

From potstickers to sesame chicken, kung pao shrimp to egg drop soup, Chinese food is the perfect way to break from the predictable Christmas turkey. Support small businesses while enjoying quality eats with your family.

Why do we eat Chinese food on New Year’s Eve?

Chinese food is a favourite among cultures for many reasons:

  • It’s much healthier than Western fast foods! A lot of deep-frying goes into making these types of meals, so they’re not as healthy as Chinese cuisine. Chinese food comprises fresh ingredients and cooking methods that make it a healthier alternative to fast foods.
  • The price! Even the most luxurious restaurants in your city will be affordable–compared to Western options, prices are lower here, making it an affordable option for many people. And even if you eat at one of those expensive places, the quality is worth it since all dishes come with exceptional flavors galore!

The use of different spices in this type of cuisine also keeps people coming back for more Chinese food is flavourful and has an enticing aroma that will keep you coming back for more.

What do the Chinese eat for Christmas?

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and food. But what do the Chinese eat? In Asia, Christmas Eve is traditionally a time to visit ancestral graves and remember those who have passed away.

So, in China, you might find people making dumplings or boiling chicken soup on Christmas eve for their ancestors.

On the day itself, many children will get up early to open presents from Santa Claus before going back to bed because they know that they’ll be waking up early on Boxing Day morning!

This can seem strange at first, but it’s a way of honouring their elders by showing respect and gratitude for all the gifts they’ve given them over the years.

To show how much we love our grandparents, parents and other relatives, some families will also make a special dish to share with their elders.

So what’s on the table? Generally, it will be something light, like steamed fish or chicken and vegetables, because people don’t want to feel heavy if they’re going out later that evening for dinner!

Chinese food places open on Christmas rating

Chinese food places open on Christmas rating Chinese restaurants are top of the list for Chinese cuisine. They offer a variety of dishes and authentic flavours that will satisfy everyone’s tastes buds!

Chinese food places open on Christmas Chinese restaurants are top of the list for Chinese cuisine. They offer a variety of dishes and authentic flavours that will satisfy everyone’s tastes buds!


We are sorry to hear about your disappointment in finding a Chinese food place open on Christmas! If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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