Easy and Delicious: Corn Baby Food Recipes for Busy Parents

Corn Baby Food Is As Close As You Can Get To The Real Thing Our sweet babies grow up so fast. One minute they’re snuggling in your arms, the next they’re running around the house as they own it.

It’s hard to believe that these tiny people are just infants, and at this point in their lives, milk is all they need to grow strong and fit. Many things change as your baby grows, but nothing as special as the foods you feed them.

You may have noticed that your baby has been shrinking in size over the last few months. This is normal, but it can make providing them difficult at times. Many parents don’t know where to start to ensure they provide their little ones right.

Corn Baby Food
Corn Baby Food

What Is Corn Baby Food?

Corn baby food is a product that is just for infant consumption. It’s made from sweet corn that has been steam-cooked and then mixed with water or other liquid to make it easier for babies to digest. The process of making this corn baby food is unique from other foods made for consumption.

The corn is cooked in a large pot. Then the cooked corn is placed into a steam chamber where it’s cooled down before being put into containers for packaging.

How To Make Corn Baby Food?


  • 1/2 gallon of corn
  • Water to boil the corn
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
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Step 1. Thaw the frozen corn by leaving the bags in the refrigerator for one day.

Step 2. Boil enough water to place into a large pot. Place the corn into the pot and cover it with water to cover it all.

Step 3. Boil the corn for 20 minutes on high, checking every once in a while to ensure there’s enough water in the pot. Then, allow it to cool to room temperature.

Step 4. Mix the butter into the corn and place it in a container for storage. You can eat it as you go or store it for future use.

Nutrition Fact Of Corn Baby Food

1 cup of corn baby food contains

Nutrition Amount
Total fat0g
Saturated fat0g
Total carbohydrate37g
Dietary fiber7.4 g
Vitamin A Net Carbs6.8g       
Vitamin B120.3iu (microscopic analysis)
Corn Baby Food

Can babies eat pureed corn?

Pureed corn is an excellent food choice for babies at least eight months of age. It’s made from fresh sweet corn steamed for about 10 minutes, cooled down, and then pureed.

Out of this liquid is where your baby will get all of the nutrients needed to grow up strong and healthy. 

Can Babies Eat Corn?

Babies can eat corn at just about any age. Babies younger than eight months should not be allowed to eat corn because their digestive systems cannot handle the texture.

As your baby grows older, they will be able to take more textures in their food. You must consult a doctor before you feed your baby anything new, as it could cause them some allergies. When babies start eating solids, they must try various foods.

9 Healthy Benefits Of Corn Baby Food

1. Low in Fat

Corn Baby Food has a low amount of fat. It contains only 4.9% of total fat, which is not much compared to other baby foods made with animal products.

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2. Nutrient Rich

Corn Baby Food is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. It can be a good choice for your baby to grow healthy and strong.

3. Dairy Free

Corn Baby Food is dairy-free, making it a good choice for lactose intolerant babies or allergic to milk products or milk by-products.

4. Gluten Free

Corn Baby Food does not contain any gluten, making it a great food for babies with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Parents with babies that suffer from these conditions must make sure that they’re following a gluten-free diet to make sure that their babies stay healthy.

5. Complete Protein Source

Corn Baby Food has the richest amount of protein compared to other foods made for infants. It contains an impressive amount of 18 grams of protein in each 16-ounce serving, more than in breast milk. This makes corn baby food a perfect food for your baby to grow strong and healthy without any problems.

6. Healthy Fats

Corn Baby Food contains a low amount of fat compared to other foods made for infants and children. It has only 4.9% of total fat, which is less than what is contained in cow’s milk and soy milk.

This makes corn baby food a perfect pick for your baby when it comes to feeding their growing bodies the nutrition they need.

7. Healthier Ingredients

Corn Baby Food has a better ingredient list than other foods made for babies and children. It is made with sweet corn, water, and salt as the ingredients. This makes it a great choice for your baby to consume.

8. Low Sugar

Corn Baby Food has a very low sugar content compared to other baby foods. It contains only 5% of total sugar in each serving, which can be greatly beneficial for babies prone to tooth decay or cavities.

9. Great For Allergies

Corn Baby Food is a great alternative for infants allergic to animal products or soy-based baby foods.


Corn baby food is a great food for babies at least 8 months old. It’s made with sweet corn that has been steamed and then cooled down before being put into containers for packaging.

Corn baby food is a great alternative for infants with allergies or intolerance to animal products and soy. It can be a good start to introducing new foods to your baby.

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