does chili’s still have bottomless soup and salad?

Chili’s Grill & Bar made a name for itself based on craveable Tex-Mex cuisine served in generous portions.

Many loyal patrons have fond memories of enjoying one signature offering for over 30 years running – the unlimited soup and salad deal during lunch hours.

The answer is yes, Chili’s does still offer bottomless soup and salad at participating locations to this day.

While prices and menu options vary slightly, the idea remains the same. For one flat rate, you’re free to craft your own salad creations and enjoy unlimited refills of soups that rotate day-to-day.

Read on to learn about the current offering, any restrictions in place, customer-favorite soups, and why this emblematic deal remains popular decades later.

does chili’s still have bottomless soup and salad?

Yes, Chili’s does still offer their popular endless soup and salad deal as of 2023. This signature menu item has been available for over 30 years at participating Chili’s locations.

The deal allows customers to enjoy unlimited refills from the fresh salad bar and rotating selection of soups during advertised weekday lunch hours for one set price.

Soups often include favorites like Chili’s Chicken Tortilla or Broccoli Cheese while the salad bar offers 50+ toppings to craft your own creations.

While some limitations like the lunch-only availability and prohibiting leftovers boxes are in place, the customizable format continues to be appreciated by loyal patrons.

Pricing and participation can vary slightly by franchise location, but Chili’s continues offering bottomless soup and salad due to ongoing customer demand for this iconic dining deal.

Does Chili’s Still Offer Endless Soup and Salad?

Yes, Chili’s beloved endless soup and salad deal is still being offered as of 2023 at participating franchise locations.

While prices and specifics vary slightly by location, the basic premise remains the same. For one set price, customers can enjoy unlimited refills of Chili’s freshly prepared salad bar and a rotating selection of soups.

This emblematic deal has been a Chili’s mainstay for over 30 years, allowing guests to customize their lunch by sampling from the 50+ item salad bar and variety of soups.

Chili’s has kept this iconic offering on its menus until the present day due to its continued popularity.

What the Endless Soup and Salad Deal Includes

The endless soup and salad bar at Chili’s provides great value and customizability. The fresh salad offerings include various lettuces, an array of veggies and toppings, cheeses, seeds, dressing options, and rotating composed salads.

Soups vary day-to-day but often include favorites like Chili’s Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup or Oldtimer with Cheese.

Other recent options have included Broccoli & Cheese, California Medley, and Garden Vegetable soups.

The deal also comes with warm chips and bread available for dipping and topping your custom salad creations.

Bottomless refills of soup and trips through the salad bar are permitted during a single visit as part of the fixed pricing.

What soup do they serve at Chili’s?

While Chili’s soup selection rotates, some customer-favorite options typically on the menu include:

  • Spicy Chicken Tortilla Soup: Chili’s famous recipe with spiced chicken, veggies, tortilla strips, cheese, cilantro
  • Oldtimer with Cheese: A rich soup blended with veggies and topped with cheddar
  • Broccoli Cheese Soup: Creamy cheddar and broccoli soup topped with croutons
  • California Medley: A vegetable medley soup with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and herbs
  • Garden Vegetable: A seasonal veggie mix with potatoes in a savory broth

Other specialty soups make appearances during limited-time offerings. Chili’s keeps its soup menu fresh by swapping out options every couple of months.

Limitations and Restrictions

To prevent abuse of the generous unlimited refill nature of the deal, there are some limitations in place:

Here is a table summarizing some of the key limitations and restrictions on Chili’s bottomless soup and salad deal:

Limitations and Restrictions
Only available during advertised weekday lunch hours, typically from opening to 3pm
Not available on weekends or holidays
Sharing soup/salad with others at the table is prohibited
No to-go boxes provided for leftovers
Pricing and participation can vary by franchise location

These restrictions help ensure the value and accessibility of the unlimited offer for all guests.

By limiting the deal to lunch hours and barring sharing, Chili’s aims to prevent abuse of the “endless” format.

Customers should check with their local restaurants for specifics on pricing and hours where the bottomless deal is offered.

The bottomless soup and salad are available only during lunch chili’s

Most Chili’s locations restrict the soup and salad deal to weekdays during regular lunch hours, typically from opening until 3 pm. Availability and pricing can vary by specific franchise location.

Policies are also in place barring the sharing of plates or taking soup and salad to-go in leftover boxes due to the “endless” format of the deal. Restrictions help ensure the value and accessibility of the offer for all patrons.

Why Customers Appreciate the Offering

There are many reasons this iconic Chili’s offering has remained popular with patrons for over 30 years:

  • Customization: With 50+ salad toppings and a rotating soup selection, customers can create a unique meal every visit.
  • Value: The fixed pricing provides a lower-cost way to enjoy variety compared to ordering multiple a la carte menu items.
  • Comfort Foods: From loaded potatoes to Chili’s signature soups, the salad bar and soup menu feature many comforting favorites.
  • Nostalgia: Many guests have fond memories of enjoying this deal for decades, which keeps them coming back.

Allowing for custom salad and soup creations you can’t find elsewhere, the unlimited nature ensures a satiating meal paired with a feeling of nostalgia for many patrons.

Conclusion: Does Chili’s Still Have Bottomless Soup and Salad?

As evidenced, Chili’s does still offer their popular endless soup and salad deal which has been a signature menu item for over 30 years and counting.

While some limitations are in place, the offering continues to be appreciated thanks to the value, customization, and comfort it provides loyal Chili’s customers.

Though pricing and participation may vary by franchise location, the basic format lives on. Patrons can continue to craft creative salads and enjoy warm soups in unlimited refills during advertised weekday lunch hours. Chili’s will likely keep this iconic deal going strong due to its continued demand.

So next time you’re craving salad or soup (or both!), head to your local Chili’s and take advantage of this longstanding tradition in Chili’s dining.

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