Amazing Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore

Fast Food Restaurants in Lahore! How there are so many fast food restaurants in Lahore. There are so many branches of KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and more!

Talk about how there is one of each on every single street. Greet people with a smile and ask if they would like to try any of the food.

Make sure that you include the locations throughout Lahore and how many people eat at them every day.

Fast Food Restaurants In Lahore
Fast Food Restaurants In Lahore

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Top 10 fast food restaurants in Lahore:

1. Galito’s:

Galito’s is the best place to try with a branch almost on every street if you are looking for a quick snack. The top-notch service, neat and clean restaurants, and famous beef bbq make it the most popular fast food restaurant in Lahore.

2. Arby’s:

This famous American fast food restaurant has two branches in Lahore. Delicious roast chicken sandwiches are Arby’s specialty which is why it always attracts people towards itself.

3. Dunkin Donuts:

Dunkin Donuts restaurant
Dunkin Donuts restaurant

Just like Arby’s, Dunkin Donuts also has two branches in Lahore. It is also famous for its beef bbq and roast chicken sandwiches with delicious donuts that make your mouth water instantly even when you think about them.

4. Faletti’s:

One of the oldest fast food restaurants in the city, this place offers some really good pasta dishes to try at very reasonable rates. The crispy pizzas are also a must-have here!

5. Ministry of Burgers:

This place has very interesting burger names with some cool drinks to try. In the city center, this restaurant is a must-visit for its top-notch service and mouthwatering food.

6. Starbucks:

This international coffee chain never fails to attract people towards itself with its delicious caffe latte, hot chocolate, or any tea that it serves.

7. Twistix:

The home of the famous chicken twisty burger is a must-visit if you are looking for a quick bite. It gives other fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s a run for their money with its good quality food served at very reasonable rates.

8. Punjab Grill:

One of Lahore’s top-notch restaurants, Punjab Grill, has many branches around the city to have a delicious meal after shopping at glamorous malls near it such as Gulberg III, DHA Phase V and II, MM Alam road, etc. Its specialty is that it traditional Pakistani cuisine as well as Chines and Thai.

9. Subway:

Another international fast food restaurant with a huge number of branches all around Lahore, Subway attracts many youngsters because of its delicious sandwiches served at very affordable rates.

10. Turkish Donor Kebab:

Turkish Kebab is a Turkish dish that usually consists of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Yummy beef BBQ and chicken diner kebabs are served in its branches all around Lahore. They offer delivery services and provide different types of meat like beef, chicken, and shame kebabs. They also serve soups and salads on their menu, which is a plus point for this restaurant.

Where can you find a list of all the fast food restaurants in Lahore?

  • There are so many fast food restaurants in Lahore. KFC, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Pizza Hut have a branch on every street.
  • The Ministry of Burgers is a place to find good burgers with interesting names that also serve soup and salads on their menu.
  • If you want coffee or tea, Starbucks has all types of caffe latte and hot chocolate to try out!
  • Subway has sandwiches at affordable rates for you to try and its other dishes, such as pasta dishes from Faletti’s.
  • Another international restaurant with branches all around the city, Turkish doner kebabs, serves beef bbq and chicken doner kebabs. It also serves soups and salads on its menu.
  • Galito’s is famous for its beef bbq sandwiches with roast chicken sandwiches, donuts, and other mouthwatering dishes!
  • Dunkin Donuts has mouthwatering donuts that you can try with their beef or chicken bbq sandwich. It offers a meal deal where you get a sandwich along with a good cup of coffee.

The Bottom Line

I’m sure you’re wondering the best place to get your favorite fast food in Lahore. That’s an excellent question and one that we’ve been asked many times on this blog. Below, we’ll outline some of our favorites for each type of cuisine; hopefully, it will help answer your question! If any restaurants not listed here that you think should be included, please leave a comment below or send us a message through social media.

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