Federico’s Mexican Food: A Fiesta of Flavors and Fiesta

Federico’s Mexican Food Is the place to be when you’re street taco craving. Located in downtown Charleston, Federico’s is the perfect spot to grab a burrito or any of their other delicious Mexican dishes.

You really can’t go wrong with their seafood quesadillas- they are made with fresh crabmeat, and we dare you to find better-tasting fish tacos in town. They also have some pretty tasty Margaritas!

Federico's Mexican Food
Federico’s Mexican Food

What Is Federico’s Mexican Food?

Federico’s Mexican Food is a casual Mexican restaurant located on King Street. They are committed to serving their customer’s authentic flavors from Mexico. The prices are affordable, and the portions are generous. You can order your meal to-go or dine-in, and there is plenty of seating inside or outside on their patio.

As a family-owned restaurant, Federico’s is proud of its traditional Mexican dishes and has been serving them for over 30 years.

The menu consists of burritos, tacos, nachos, enchiladas as well as Mexican appetizers such as quesadillas, tostadas and guacamole. Federico’s Mexican Food is a local favorite in Charleston.

10 Amazing Federico’s Mexican Food Items

1. Queso Fundido Mexican Dip

Appetizers make the perfect meal. If you order their queso fundido, you won’t be disappointed. It sounds simple, but the melted cheese served with homemade corn tortillas, chorizo, and jalapeños is amazing. A must-try at Federico’s!

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2. Seafood Quesadillas

Jumbo shrimp, fresh crabmeat, and avocado make these quesadillas some of the best. They are served with rice and beans on the side and boy, are they good!

3. Mexican Street Corn

This dish is a must-try while you’re there. Chilled, roasted corn covered in mayo, cotija cheese, chile powder, and lime juice make it the perfect appetizer while you enjoy your drinks.

4. Lobster Burrito

If you are craving seafood over land, then Federico’s lobster burrito is just what you need. They make the best burritos, and you won’t be disappointed when you eat them. The flavors are amazing!

5. Carne Asada

Their carne asada is cooked each time perfectly, and the cheese is melted perfectly just before serving. It’s a must-have!

6. Shrimp Tacos

A perfect shrimp taco – why not try it at Federico’s? You won’t regret it, and you will crave them for a long time.

7. Carne Asada Plate

One of the best plates on their menu. The grilled skirt steak is cooked perfectly, allowing for an amazing taste with the marinated pork and beef without the need to add any more seasoning to it.

8. Guacamole

The guacamole at Federico’s is the perfect balance of flavors. It is made with jalapeños, tomatoes, and onions to add just the right amount of spice to it and cotija cheese for a little tanginess.

9. Federico’s Famous Margaritas

Federico’s margaritas are some of the best in town! They are made on the rocks, and their flavored margaritas are amazing.

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10. Chicken Fajita

Whenever you order this dish, you’ll be happy when you get it since the chicken is so tender and flavorful. It’s served with rice, beans, and your choice of protein between chicken or steak. Location: Federico’s Mexican Food is located in downtown Charleston at 23 King Street.

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How much is the Arizona burrito at Federico’s?

The Arizona burrito is $10, and it’s a meal in itself. It comes with your choice of meat, cheese, and toppings.

How much is the Arizona burrito at Federico’s?

The Arizona burrito is $10, and it’s a meal in itself. It comes with your choice of meat, cheese, and toppings.

What are the hours at Federico’s Mexican Food?

Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 9pm

Thursday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm

Sunday: 12pm – 8pm


If you’re craving Mexican food and don’t want to break the bank, Federico’s is the place to go. Their portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable.

So, if you’re looking for a great Mexican restaurant in Charleston, then Federico’s is where you’ll want to be. The menu is extensive, and they also offer a full line of margaritas and a limited beer menu.

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