Gerber Baby Food Nutrition Facts: how much?

Gerber Baby Food Nutrition Facts Is it Safe to Give My Baby Normal Food? Some parents prefer not to feed their babies baby food from a jar.

They want to be able to provide their newly-born with the perfect “adult” nutrition that will get them ready for all those years ahead. And they don’t want to spend a lot of money on stuff their baby may only eat once or twice. So they start with regular food and then switch to commercial baby food.

Gerber Baby Food Nutrition Facts
Gerber Baby Food Nutrition Facts

Is Gerber Baby Food Nutritious?

Yes, Gerber baby food is nutritious. It is an excellent nutritional start for your child’s development. But it will not allow your child to develop ideally, at the expense of regular food. Gerber baby food can only be used to supplement the normal food diet and provide some particular nutrients for your child.

Gerber baby food is a little different from adult food. It is easier to digest and lacks some vitamins and minerals found in the regular diet. Your child can eat Gerber baby food for short periods, but overuse can lead to shortages of certain nutrients in your baby’s diet. This may leave your child more vulnerable to certain diseases later on.

What About Baby Formula?

It is important to know that breast milk or formula is the main source of nutrition for babies up to 6 months old. At 6 months old, a baby can start eating solid food so they won’t choke on it.

What Is The Most Nutritious Baby Food?

There is no right or wrong food. Every culture has developed different foods over time. What is nutritious to one person may not be so to another. But certain known rules can help provide the right nutrition for your baby.

For a baby under six months of age, breast milk or formula should be their main energy source. Breast milk or formula contains all the nutrients an infant needs.

After six months, babies should be given solid food. Whatever you give to your baby should have calories and an appropriate amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Nutrition Facts Of Gerber Baby Food

Nutrition Amount
Fat0% (0g)
Protein2.4% (1.8g)
Saturated Fat0% (0g)
Sodium0.1% (1mg)
Carbohydrates3.6% (3g)
Dietary Fiber2.4% (2g)
Sugars1.8% (1.4g)
Vitamin A0% (0.00mg)
Vitamin C0% (0.00mg)
Calcium2.4% (2.2mg)
Iron1% (1.1mg)
Potassium8.5% (8.5mg)
Phosphorus1% (1mg)
Zinc1% (1.0g)
Vitamin B121% (1.0mg)
Niacin2% (2mg)
Vitamin D4.5% (4.5ug)
Folate (DFE)1% (0.8ug)
Gerber Baby Food Nutrition Facts

Stages of Gerber Baby Food

1-4 Months

Introducing Solids. Solid food should be given as a healthy supplement to breast milk or formula for your baby. Babies have sensitive digestive systems, and taking in solids for the first time can upset their tummies.

Start your baby’s journey to solid food with soft and sweet fruits, like bananas, peaches, and avocados, and vegetables like peas, squash, or carrots.

2-6 Months

Stage 1 Baby Food. Stage 1 baby food is a nutritionally balanced blend of wholesome ingredients. It provides your growing baby with a solid foundation that can help set the stage for lasting good health.

3-8 Months

Stage 2 Baby Food. As your baby grows, you need to give them more nutrients and still make sure they’re easy to digest. Stage 2 baby foods are made with real recipes that use high-quality chicken, beef, or vegetables.

6-12 Months

Stage 3 Baby Food. As your child grows and develops, the tastes they like will change. Stage 3 baby foods are mild and creamy, with a balance of vegetables, fruit, and meat. All these benefits come in 6 varieties that are easy to chew and digest.

12-18 Months

Gerber Toddler Food. Gerber toddler food helps provide the proper nutrition for your growing toddler as they move from infancy to childhood.

It is made with natural ingredients and has a mild flavor mellow enough for everyone, from 6 varieties that are easy to chew to 2 more with the perfect balance of taste, texture, and nutrition.

Best 8 Things To Look For In The Gerber Jar Baby Food

1. The first ingredient should not be easily broken down, like vegetable oil or water. It should be something that will stay with your baby after digestion and provide energy. When you compare Gerber to other brands of baby food, you’ll find that most of them have a vegetable oil listed as the first ingredient, which is perfectly fine.

2. The second ingredient should be meat protein. This can be beef, pork, fish, etc. Some brands may have a higher quality protein like chicken or turkey.

3. The third ingredient should be something that adds nutritional value to your baby’s diet. These can include fruits, vegetables, and grains.

4. Take note of the next three to five ingredients and ensure they have not processed ingredients such as sugar and salt. 

5. Keep an eye out for artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and flavor enhancers like monosodium glutamate (MSG).

6. Avoid baby food that has more than 100% daily value of sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.

7. Watch out for the vitamin A content, which should be no more than 500% DV per 100 grams of the jar.

8. Lastly, read through the list of ingredients and see if any of the listed items look strange or uncommon. If so, take those out.

Do you need to feed your baby food from a jar?

Do you need to feed your baby food from a jar

If your child is under one year old, you need to give them Gerber baby food. This will be the first solid food your child ingests after birth. After that, your baby can be fed normal food that has been softened. This normal food maybe eggs, meats, veggies, fruits, and cereals.

Your baby may only need Gerber for two or three meals a day, and the rest of the time may be on a soft diet. This is okay as long as you ensure that they get enough nutrients from the rest of their diet. Babies over one year can start eating a normal solid diet with some Gerber added to it in the form of snacks.


As mentioned earlier, Gerber stage 1 baby food is nutritious and ideal for your child’s first few months of life. However, overuse may delay the child’s transition from a baby to a toddler.

Gerber stage 1 baby food should be given in small portions after introducing solids. Samples are available online, but you may have to order them from a mail-order company to get them delivered to your door.

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