Healthy Fast Food India: Top 12 Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food India! The fast food industry in India is booming. The famous Indian eateries are opening more outlets to cater to this emerging market.

As the country goes Western, it also continues to import its Western dietary preferences. The traditional Indian eating culture is being constantly challenged by the imposition of westernized eating habits among the younger generation.

There are few healthy choices in the fast food industry in India, but small restaurants have healthy options on their menu.

The menus of these Indian fast food outlets provide healthy and nutritious made-to-order dishes. Most fast food restaurants in India do not offer any healthy, low cholesterol meals at all!

Healthy Fast Food India
Healthy Fast Food India

What about Indian Fast Food is healthy?

Among the healthier options in Indian fast food are grilled sandwiches and fruit salads. Most fast food outlets also offer yogurt, which is a good source of calcium. Many vegetable dishes such as samosas and pakoras, when eaten in moderation, can be healthy when prepared without too much oil. One can choose to replace the deep-fried vegetable snacks with fresh salads.

Healthier fast food choices available at Indian outlets include veg sandwiches, fruit salad, pakoda platters, and yogurt. That said, there are no low fat or low cholesterol items available on menus of these restaurants. And keep in mind aloo tikki burger and pani puri sold as snacks.

Restaurants on the Indian fast food scene offer some healthy options such as grilled sandwiches and fruit salads. Snacks like samosas and pakoras can also be healthy when they’re prepared without oil. In addition, you can replace deep-fried snacks with fresh salads.

If you are looking for healthy fast food in India, you should try vegetarian sandwiches, fruit salad, pakoda platter, and yogurt. But remember, there are no low fat or low cholesterol items available on the menu of these restaurants. You can also have aloo tikka burger or pani puri as snacks.

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Top 12 Healthy Fast Food India:

1. Subway:

Subway has emerged as one of the major healthy fast food chains in India. It offers sandwiches, salads, soups, and much more without using trans-fat oil for cooking its foods. Subway outlet is now present in most city centers. They have introduced “fresh vegetable juice” at all their franchises in India.

2. Nirula’s Ice Cream Café:

Nirula’s is India’s leading Ice cream brand with more than 110 outlets spread across the country. They, too, have healthy fast food options on their menu. Their menu offers low-calorie meal choices and the regular ice cream, shakes, and beverages that they are known for.

3. KFC:

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), which sells fried chicken, French fries, and soft drinks, have a few healthy options on its Indian menu. A grilled chicken sandwich with a salad is relatively a healthier option than their fried chicken pieces. They have tender fruit cob, too – a honey-glazed baked pastry filled with gooey apple filling and a scoop of ice cream. It is a blend of Western and Indian desserts!

4. McDonald’s:

McDonald’s India is the master franchisee of McDonald’s for North and East India operations, headquartered in New Delhi. They have more than 210 outlets all over India, mostly located in the NCR region. It is famous for its pizzas, sandwiches made of grilled chicken or vegetables that are low in fat, salads made freshly on order, and fruit juices. They also have an option of “McVeggie” for vegetarians.

5. Mr.Punjab Cafe:

Mr. Punjab is a popular brand with Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, Indore & Mumbai outlets. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant with healthy fast food options made from fresh ingredients.

6. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:

This international coffee chain serves amazing sandwiches, pastries, and deserts prepared from natural ingredients from across the world to give customers a healthy treat. Their cakes are baked daily at their outlets to provide freshness.

7. Café Coffee Day:

Café coffee day was started in 1996 with a single outlet in Bangalore. It later expanded to more than 1,900+ outlets all across India and abroad. They have a variety of beverages on their menu, including fresh fruit juices made from seasonal fruits available locally. They also have a range of sandwiches, pastries, and desserts that taste great and are healthy.

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8. Barista:

Barista is the largest coffee retail chain in India. It serves various hot and cold beverages and snacks like sandwiches made from whole wheat bread, cookies and cakes, etc.

9: Sapna:

Sapna café is an Indian fast food restaurant chain with its outlets in West Bengal, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh , Bihar and Jharkhand. They serve a variety of snacks like sandwiches made from whole wheat bread, quesadillas, etc.

10: Mama’s Pav Bhaaji:

Mama’s is the first vegetarian fast food restaurant in India, with outlets across Delhi. The menu has various traditional Indian dishes like dhokla and pav bhaji made using healthy and safe ingredients and fresh. The other outlets are in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Mumbai.

12. Bacchus Bar & Grill:

Healthy Fast Food is now available to everyone who wants it with Bacchus Bar Grill. It provides you with a range of delicious, fresh, and light meals that will give your body what it needs to function properly throughout your busy day without compromising on taste or quality. You can easily find this restaurant chain near you as they have more than 100 outlets all across India.

Why is Indian food so healthy?

Indian food is healthy because it doesn’t use white sugar, white flour, MSG, or butter in its preparation. While some dishes may contain high amounts of sugar, they are an exception rather than the rule. Also, many Indian dishes are prepared with spices which are good for health. Spices are rich sources of antioxidants and help strengthen your immune system.  Also, ingredients are directly proportionate to the number of calories in it.

For example, if you want to lose weight, you should go for soups/salads where vegetables are filled with fiber-rich vitamins and minerals, while sauces/gravies containing cream or butter can be high in fat content. Indian food is made up of lots of spices which help in weight loss.

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