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Healthy Food Coral Gables is a newcomer to Miami’s healthy food scene. During my first visit, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the dishes and how appealing everything looked.

The staff is friendly and will ensure you find everything you need on their extensive menu (which they also offer as a take-out option).

Healthy Food Coral Gables
Healthy Food Coral Gables

Healthy Food Coral Gables offers an all-you-can-eat buffet at $10.95, which I recommend trying for lunch if you are unsure what to order. They also offer a Sunday brunch buffet for $17 per person (which I was unfortunately unable to try out).

About Healthy Food Coral Gables

Healthy Food Coral Gables is 100 percent dedicated to bringing high-quality organic food to the community. They are proud to offer fresh, local produce picked at its peak and has not been treated with pesticides or herbicides.

The store also offers hormone-free meats from free-range, grass-fed cattle. Healthy Food Coral Gables sells natural snack foods, as well as a large selection of dietary supplements and vitamins. You can also find many gluten-free items in the bakery section.

All their products are 100 percent guaranteed to be free from all major allergens, including peanut oil, tree nuts, dairy, and wheat.

Many people choose to begin a rich in organic food to avoid many allergies, including wheat and gluten. Some have found that eating organic is the only way to be free from symptoms of celiac disease. Others believe that organic food tastes better than conventionally grown products.

What Makes Healthy Food Coral Gables Unique?

Healthy Food Coral Gables has developed its line of natural foods, including organic produce, dietary supplements, and vitamins. They also have a variety of natural snack foods, including gluten-free items in the bakery section.

The store carries natural meats from free-range, grass-fed cattle. You can find allergen-free cooking oil, as well as many other personal care products that are made with organic ingredients. Some of their products are even organic, vegan, and kosher.

Top 15 Healthy Food Items In Coral Gables:

1. Organic produce

Healthy Food Coral Gables carries a wide variety of organic produce, including fruits, vegetables, and even frozen items. The produce is all-natural and comes from local farmers.

Some items are even picked when they arrive at the store, ensuring that you get the freshest food available. You can choose from many organic varieties of apples, pears, bananas, potatoes, and more. Even some of the frozen items are organic.

2. Gluten-free baked goods

Healthy Food Coral Gables has a large selection of gluten-free baked goods, including cookies, cakes, and pastries. Some of these items are also organic.

You can try their certified vegan cookies and other delicious desserts, including muffins and brownies. Some baked goods even include fruits and nuts that were responsibly sourced from local farms.

3. Certified vegan cookies

Healthy Food Coral Gables has a large selection of certified vegan cookies, including raspberry chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter chocolate. These cookies are dairy-free and have no animal products. They are even certified kosher. Some of the cookies can be found in the freezer section.

4. Organic produce delivery

Healthy Food Coral Gables offers local organic fruits, vegetables, and more through its home-delivery program. Customers can choose from various items and have them delivered to their door for a low delivery fee. Delivery is available Monday through Friday.

5. Organic olive oil

Healthy Food Coral Gables carries cooking oil that has been filtered using a non-chemical method, making it completely safe for people with allergies. They carry USDA organic extra-virgin olive oil. This oil is gluten-free and has no additives or preservatives. You can purchase the oil either by the bottle or in bulk.

6. Natural snack foods

Natural snack foods
Natural snack foods

Healthy Food Coral Gables sells a variety of natural snack foods, including organic popcorn, dried fruit, nuts, and more. Many of their snack products are gluten-free.

Vegetarians and vegans can find a variety of options that are free from animal products. Many items come from local farms, including nuts and dried fruit.

7. Gluten-free cookbooks

Healthy Food Coral Gables offers a large selection of cookbooks that feature recipes for natural foods and gluten-free dishes. You can also find books that offer advice on healthy living, organic foods, and nutrition.

8. Certified organic baby food

Healthy Food Coral Gables has a variety of certified organic baby food to keep your little one nourished and happy. These items are good for growing children because they help them get the nutrients they need. The baby food is also available in single-serve packets, making it easy to take them on the go.

9. Gourmet items

Healthy Food Coral Gables has a wide selection of gourmet baking ingredients, including colorful sprinkles for cakes and cupcakes.

They have many other specialty items, including chocolate chunks and cake mix. You can also find gourmet items such as imported teas and roasted nuts. All of their baking ingredients are natural and organic.

10. Gluten-free pasta

Healthy Food Coral Gables carries a large selection of gluten-free pasta, including penne, fusilli, and more. Many varieties of pasta come from local farms. They are also certified kosher, and they are free from artificial ingredients.

11. Organic produce delivery service

Healthy Food Coral Gables offers home delivery for all of the organic fruits, vegetables, and other items sold in their store. You can have everything delivered to your door for a low price. Delivery is available Monday through Friday.

12. Vegan cheese

Healthy Food Coral Gables carries Certified Vegan Cheese, which is also certified kosher. It is made with almonds and nutritional yeast instead of dairy products.

Vegans can use this alternative to make delicious dishes for their friends and family members who do not follow a meat-free diet. The vegan cheese offers the taste of real dairy cheese, but it is made with the highest quality ingredients.

13. Organic espresso creamer

Healthy Food Coral Gables sells organic non-dairy coffee creamer that is also kosher and gluten-free. It comes in a variety of flavors, including vanilla and hazelnut. The creamers come from local farms, and they do not contain any additives or preservatives.

14. Organic bamboo bed sheets and linens

Healthy Food Coral Gables sells organic, non-toxic bamboo bed linens, including comforters, quilts, sheets, and more.

These items are good replacements for traditional cotton bedding because they are made from natural fibers that allow your body to breathe. They are also hypoallergenic, which means that they allow airflow, reducing the likelihood of developing allergies.

15. Eco-friendly dishware

Healthy Food Coral Gables has many eco-friendly dishes, including plates and utensils made from organic bamboo fiber with plant paint on them. These products are biodegradable, making them good for the environment. They are also non-toxic and chemical-free.

Some Healthy Food Restaurants In Coral Gables:

1. Green Gables Cafe:

Green Gables is a vegetarian restaurant that offers the healthiest gluten-free meal possible. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and freshly squeezed juices that use ingredients from local farms.

2. Roots & Bloom Restaurant:

Roots and Bloom is a vegan restaurant located in Coral Gables. They have a variety of food options, including smoothies, juices, and desserts. They serve lunch and dinner as well.

The restaurant is environmentally-friendly with energy-saving bulbs, recycled paper products, and biodegradable dishware. All of their packaging is made from composted materials that are free from chemicals or toxins.

3. La Tienda de Leon:

La Tienda de Leon is a small restaurant that serves fresh organic food. They specialize in Mexican, Mediterranean, and Caribbean-influenced dishes, which are all made with natural ingredients. All of the meat is locally raised by free-range animals without antibiotics, growth hormones, or pesticides used on their feed.

4. The Life Cafe:

The Life Café is another vegetarian restaurant in Coral Gables that uses organic, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. It specializes in healthy vegan dishes, which are all gluten-free. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, coffee drinks, and fresh juices made with natural ingredients.

5. Taste Organic Café (also known as Try for Health):

This is a health food restaurant in Coral Gables that serves organic, non-GMO, and GMO-free meals catered to the needs of each customer.

They offer gluten-free dishes made with flax seed bread and provide vegan, sugar-free, and salt-free options.

Taste Organic Cafe is a certified restaurant that uses recyclable materials to package food items. They also have an inviting community space with board games, Wi-fi access, and e-mail services for customers.

Why is the best Healthy Food In Coral Gables?

Healthy Food Coral Gables is known for organic, non-GMO, and GMO-free food options served by local farmers. Organic food has always been healthier than conventional foods because it contains fewer pesticides and chemicals.

By choosing healthy food options made with fresh ingredients, you improve your physical health and your mental well-being. You can find the best healthy food options in Coral Gables at restaurants like Green Gables Cafe, Roots & Bloom Restaurant, La Tienda de Leon, The Life Cafe, and Taste Organic Café (also known as Try for Health).

4 Tips To Eat Healthy Food Coral Gables:

1. If you are looking for the best vegan restaurants in Coral Gables, you should try Roots & Bloom or The Life Cafe, which serve organic dishes made with plant-based ingredients. If you are trying to avoid gluten, Taste Organic Café (also known as Try for Health) and Green Gables offer gluten-free options.

2. If you are looking for organic, locally-grown rice, check out Roots & Bloom. They offer gluten-free items that are made with brown rice.

3. many healthy food restaurants in Coral Gables serve meals using meat products from free-range animals without antibiotics or hormones in their feed. Meat lovers should try La Tienda de Leon for some of their authentic Mexican and Caribbean dishes.

4. Two healthy food restaurants in Coral Gables that serve meals with organic, non-GMO ingredients are Roots & Bloom and Taste Organic Café (also known as Try for Health). Both of these establishments offer gluten-free options, too!

The Bottom Line

A lot of times, people are very concerned about what they put into their bodies. That is why we have a wide variety of healthy foods that you can choose from to eat at Coral Gables! We also offer fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, so there’s no excuse for not eating your veggies.

For those who need ideas on incorporating more health in their diet, check out our blog post “4 Tips To Eat Healthier,” which offers some great strategies for making better choices for food. If you’re ready to start this new journey with us, please stop by the store or give one of our employees a call today!

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