Healthy Food Erbil: A Guide to Eating Well in the Kurdistan Region’s Capital

Erbil, the capital and largest city of Iraqi Kurdistan is rapidly developing into a modern metropolis.

With its growing economy and rising incomes, restaurants and eateries of all kinds are opening up across the city to cater to the diverse tastes of Erbil’s residents and visitors.

However, as lifestyles become busier and more fast-paced, there is also a risk that people may adopt less healthy eating habits.

So how can you make sure you are eating nutritious and wholesome food amid Erbil’s transforming food scene? This guide takes a closer look at healthy dining options in Erbil.

Healthy Food Erbil
Healthy Food Erbil

What is Healthy Eating?

Before diving into recommendations for healthy food spots in Erbil, let’s clarify what “healthy eating” really means. In a nutshell, healthy eating means choosing foods and drinks that provide:

  • Essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and healthy fats
  • Water to stay hydrated
  • Less salt, sugar, saturated and trans fats, and processed ingredients

Eating healthy is not about strictly avoiding all treats or favorite foods. Rather, it is about building an overall balanced, varied, and moderation-focused diet to properly nourish your body. Keep this summary in mind as we explore different places to eat healthy in Erbil.

Tips for Healthy Eating in Erbil

Erbil offers all kinds of temptations when it comes to food, incredibly unhealthy fast food and sweets. Here are some tips to stay healthy:

  • Choose homecooked meals when possible for more control over the ingredients used.
  • Fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits at each meal.
  • Opt for grilled, baked or steamed cooking methods instead of fried.
  • Order salads and fresh juices when dining out.
  • Share or take home part of large restaurant portions.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water instead of sugary drinks.

Keeping these simple tips in mind can help you navigate Erbil’s plentiful dining choices healthier.

Healthy Downtown Erbil Restaurants Guide

If you’re in downtown Erbil and feeling hungry, don’t worry – you have options for healthy, wholesome meals. Here is a quick guide to some nutritious restaurant picks in the city center:

  • Ornina Cafe (Gulan Street): Bright, plant-filled cafe serving protein-rich sandwiches, salads, fresh juices, and smoothies made from quality ingredients. Great for a light lunch or snack.
  • Salad Boutique (Gulan Street Mall): Custom salad bar concept allowing you to build nutrient-dense salads, bowls, and sandwiches with diverse toppings and dressings.
  • Veggie Vegan Kitchen (Empire World Hotel): All plant-based Kurdish and international cuisine, including freshly prepared hummus, stews, salads, and more made without oils. Perfect for vegans or anyone wanting more veggies.
  • Lebaneat: Authentic Lebanese restaurant dishing out tasty meatless meals like fattoush salad, baked kibbeh, stuffed veggies and more.
  • Emma’s Kitchen and Cafe (Family Mall): Australian-style cafe with expansive all-day breakfast and lunch menu focused on using natural, high-quality ingredients. Try an acai bowl or avocado toast.
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So by doing some research and planning, you’ll have no shortage of healthy, nourishing meal options to choose from around downtown Erbil.

CompanyType of FoodAreas Covered
GreenboxSalads, bowls, sandwichesMost areas within Ring Road
Narmeen FruitFresh fruit boxes and basketsCentral Erbil neighborhoods
Organic KurdistanOrganic vegetables, dairy, pantry itemsSelect areas of Erbil

Healthy Local Ingredients to Enjoy in Erbil

One of the keys to healthy eating is cooking with fresh, minimally processed, seasonal ingredients grown nearby. Some nutritious foods and flavors to savor when dining in Erbil include:
Examples of Nutritious Local Foods in Erbil

  • Mixed greens like rocket, kale and spinach
  • Vine-ripened tomatoes
  • Fresh herbs such as mint, basil and chives
  • Zucchini, pumpkin and eggplants
  • Pomegranates and dates
  • Lamb, chicken and fish
  • Bulgur wheat
  • Garlic, onion and lemon
  • Almonds, pistachios and walnuts
  • Olive oil
  • Thyme, turmeric, and cumin spice mixes

Seeking out restaurants in Erbil that source healthy, local produce and ethically raised meats is an easy way to eat nutritious Kurdish or international cuisine during your stay.

Best Health Food Shops and Supermarkets in Erbil

For those looking to prepare their own healthy meals, Erbil also boasts several specialty shops and markets stocking natural, wholesome foods:

Organic Shops

Top Picks for Purchasing Organic Foods

  • Organic Land: Erbil’s first shop fully dedicated to certified organic fruits and vegetables, snacks, spices, grains and more.
  • Earth Market: An organic shop inside the Majidi Mall offering fresh produce, dairy products, packaged goods and supplements.
  • Green Path Market: Online grocer and shop providing organic imported speciality products like quinoa, coconut oil, nuts and superfoods.
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Farmers’ Markets

Several weekly farmers’ markets have also emerged in Erbil, offering stalls of locally grown seasonal produce. Ask a local or search social media for current farmers’ market locations and hours.

Health Food Supermarkets

Larger supermarkets are also expanding their natural and organic food selections in Erbil:
Top Health Food Supermarket Chains

  • Orisdi: Growing local high-end supermarket chain with locations across Erbil carrying imported packaged health foods, an organic produce section and gluten-free products.
  • Halva: Modern supermarkets inside Family Mall and Empire World Hotel stocking wholesome imported and locally produced ingredients.
  • Carrefour: Global French supermarket giant with large store in Majidi Mall having health-focused food departments like an organic fruits and vegetables section.

So while healthy, quality groceries may have been harder to source in Erbil in the past, organic food shops plus improving supermarket selections make it much easier today.

Healthy Erbil Food Culture & Lifestyle Tips

While this guide has so far focused on places to eat and shop, adopting an overall healthy lifestyle and food culture in Erbil is also key for your long-term wellbeing. Here are some final tips:

  • Cook more meals at home when possible using nutritious ingredients
  • Slow down and savor meals – don’t rush while eating!
  • Stay active by walking more, taking stairs over elevators, pursuing sports or hobbies, etc. This helps burn extra calories.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated, especially in Erbil’s hot climate
  • Plan weekly healthy snacks like fresh fruit, nuts or yogurt to avoid grabbing candy/sweets when hungry
  • Sleep enough – lack of sleep disrupts hormones that regulate hunger and fullness

Making just small adjustments like these to your daily routines, along with choosing healthier dining spots, can make a big difference for feeling your best while living in or visiting Erbil!

In Summary

With its rising incomes and influx of foreign food concepts, Erbil may tempt you to overindulge while living or traveling here.

However, this guide shows it is quite possible to eat healthy in Erbil if you know where to look! Seek out fresh, locally grown produce plus quality sources of protein, research restaurants focused on nutritious ingredients over heavy cooking methods, and choose natural grocers offering healthy imported products.

Adopting some of these simple healthy lifestyle habits can also help achieve balance in Erbil’s exciting modern food scene.

So venture out and explore the many tasty ways you can eat wholesome, nourishing and delicious foods across this dynamic Kurdish capital!

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