Healthy Food Jersey City: Places & Food Items

Healthy Food Jersey City is a non-profit organization that travels around the city providing healthy food to the homeless. They are run by volunteers who have experienced homelessness themselves. Thus it is a low barrier social service.

The mayor of Jersey City has allocated half a million dollars each year for the past two years towards providing free food for everyone in town.

Healthy Food Jersey City
Healthy Food Jersey City

According to his public statements, it is the only non-profit organization in town that does NOT receive government funding.

What is the best Healthy Food Jersey City?

Healthy Food Jersey City is a healthy food truck that provides fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers. It has been in operation since 2010 by volunteers who have experienced homelessness themselves.

We chose this as the best Healthy Food Jersey City because it provides healthy food to those who need it most and serves as a model of what should be done in every city.

15 Best Healthy Food Items In Jersey City:

1. Chicken and rice from Whole Foods:

Whole Foods is the best place to buy healthy food in Jersey City. This dish has chicken breast, rice, and broccoli, making it a complete meal for just $7.99.

2.  Avocado  slices:

This healthy treat is perfect for those looking to snack on something without adding too many calories. They are just $1.99 and come in different flavors, including cucumber, lime, and original.

3. Avocado Toast:

You can buy an avocado toast for $8 at Equal Grounds, a coffee shop in Jersey City. This simple meal of whole-wheat bread, mashed avocado, and pickled red onion is deliciously healthy and affordable.

4. Goat Cheese Salad:

This salad from The Heights Tavern includes lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and a delicious salad dressing. The best part is that it costs just $5.

5. Raw Veggie Salad:

Raw Veggie Salad
Raw Veggie Salad

This raw veggie salad from Whole Foods includes kale, broccoli, carrots, and corn with a wonderfully creamy dressing. It’s perfect for making you feel healthy after eating so many doughnuts.

6. Mixed Fruit:

If you want healthy fruit at a low cost, visit Whole Foods. They have wonderful selections of fruits from apples to pineapples and bananas to watermelon!

7. Salad Kit from Whole Foods:

The salad kit at Whole Foods is my go-to lunch or dinner option when I don’t feel like cooking. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the box, and you’re all set.

8. Kale Salad from Whole Foods:

Give me kale salad with quinoa, beans, avocado, tomatoes, and mixed greens any day of the week. It’s a healthy food that doesn’t taste as it came out of a can…

9. Veggie Burrito from Whole Foods:

I love to get the veggie burrito at Whole Foods for lunch. It has beans, rice, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce wrapped up in a soft tortilla. The meat is not necessary, but it’s easy to stick on there anyway. 

10. Multigrain Roll from Whole Foods:

This multigrain roll is so delicious. I usually get one for breakfast because it comes with peanut butter, which is a great way to start your day. It’s healthy and only $3.99! 

11. Turkey Pastrami Sandwich from Whole Foods:

If you are ever in the mood for lunch, go to Whole Foods. They have wonderful, healthy sandwiches that are perfect for people who are on the go!

12. Turkey Breast Sandwich from Jersey City Health Foods:

This turkey breast sandwich is perfect if you want something simple and healthy with avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce on a whole-wheat roll. It’s only $6.99, and it’s a great alternative to a burger.

13.  Roasted Veggies from Whole Foods:

I love this roasted veggies dish from whole foods because it comes with carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. It’s perfect for those of you who want something simple but healthy for dinner. 

14. Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Whole Foods:

 If you get tired of having kale salad for lunch, I recommend getting this grilled chicken sandwich from whole foods. It’s a healthy alternative to fast food and only costs $7!

15. Frozen Veggies from Whole Foods:

Whole Foods has a wonderful selection of frozen veggies that are good for you, and all you have to do is heat them in the microwave. There’s whole-wheat pasta, broccoli, and beets!

What are the benefits of Healthy Food Jersey City?

Healthy Food Jersey City provides fresh food for low cost or free to the homeless. This truck is run by volunteers who know what it means to be in poverty, thus taking low-barrier approaches in doing outreach. The organization has been recognized nationally by Panera Bread and other organizations.

The 15 Best Places for Healthy Food in Jersey City:

1. Bean Hole:

The bean hole is located in Exchange Place and offers delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches at low prices! You can get a cup of soup for $4 or a hot dog with a drink for only $6.50! 

2. The Pet Shop:

This pet shop is in the Heights and offers a wide variety of healthy and tasty frozen treats for your pup that are 100 percent natural. You can get large bags of treats for only $5, which is good because my dog goes through them like no tomorrow!  You can also get catnip toys (or food) for $1 on Saturdays!

3. Two Boots:

Two Boots is a pizza shop from New Orleans that has opened up in the Heights. They have gluten-free options as well as vegan options. You can get a slice of pizza for only $3, and they also offer a rewards program that gives you a free slice after every five pieces! 

4. The Juice Truck:

The juice truck is a restaurant that offers healthy food at low prices. You can get fresh juices for $5 or smoothies for $6!  5. New York Bagel & Sandwich Shop:  This sandwich shop in the Heights has delicious sandwiches on freshly baked bread for cheap! You can get a bagel with cream cheese for only $2.75!

6. The Skinny Pig:

This restaurant in the Heights specializes in healthy foods and has wonderful sandwiches for cheap, all under 500 calories! You can get a boar’s head sandwich on wheat bread for only $5.50!  

7. Jersey City Farmers’ Market:

Every Saturday, there is a farmers’ market that takes place in Hamilton Park. You can buy fresh fruits and veggies for cheap! Also, if you volunteer with the organization 2 hours in advance, you can get free food! 

8. Rider University:

Rider University provides healthy snacks and meals to its workers and students. You can get a bag of trail mix with nuts, seeds, and raisins for only $3!  

9. Harry Bissett’s Restaurant:  

Harry Bissett’s is located in Downtown Hackensack and offers amazing burgers for cheap! I was able to purchase a juicy, delicious half-pound burger with fries for only $7.50! Also, if you are a student with your school ID, you can get 15 percent off your meal!  

10. Greenville Health System:

If you work at the Jersey City Medical Center in Downtown Jersey City, it provides free breakfast to its employees every day! No one knows about it except for the people who work in that building, so I’m lucky I get to eat this amazing breakfast every day!  

11. Aroma Joe’s:

This coffee shop has the best bagels in Jersey City, and they are only $1.75! They also have a rewards program where you buy nine bagels, get one free. 

12. The bar at the Edge Hotel:

The Edge Hotel is located in Downtown Jersey City and offers an amazing happy hour from 4 pm-7 pm! They offer half-off well liquors and drafts, which means I can get a strawberry daiquiri for only $5!    

13. Manhattan Bagel:

This bagel shop is located right across the street from City Hall, and they have a rewards program where you can get a free regular cup of coffee after buying 10!

14. The bar at the Courtyard Marriott:

This bar has cheap drinks, good food, and a very lively crowd, making it my favorite place to hang out!

15. Artis Coffee:

This coffee shop is located in Newport, and they sell yummy, low-priced treats like cheesecake brownies for only $2! 

What are the drawbacks of Healthy Food Jersey City?

Healthy Food Jersey city does not have a storefront to accept donations, unlike large non-profit organizations. They receive very little government funding despite being one of the best Healthy Food Jersey City options to provide healthy food to the homeless, thus relying almost entirely on private donations.

According to their website, which is down at writing this article, Healthy Food Jersey City needs more donations to expand its operation into Manhattan.

What kind of city would benefit from Healthy Food Jersey City?

Every city should have a Healthy Food Jersey City to provide healthy food to those who need it most. This organization does an excellent job at providing free healthy food for low-barrier population segments that are as important as any other demographic section of the community.

In addition, Healthy Food Jersey Cities serves as a model for what can be done in every city as volunteers know what it is like to live without health insurance and improve the lives of those around them even if they cannot solve all problems.

The Bottom Line

Healthy Food Jersey City is a new healthy food company. They offer fresh and organic produce, catering services, and more in the Hudson County area. We had a chance to speak with their founder about his vision for this business venture.

Here’s what he had to say: “I started this business because I was tired of living on processed foods that were harming my body from the inside out.”

If you’re looking for clean eating options or delicious dishes made from locally sourced ingredients without having to leave your neighborhood, give them a call! And please remember to share your friends who might be interested in learning more about our mission.

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