Healthy Food Kreuzberg [Exploring the Healthy Food Scene in Kreuzberg]

Welcome to the heart of Berlin’s culinary paradise, where vibrant streets meet a kaleidoscope of flavors – Kreuzberg.

In this bustling borough, where art and culture collide, a revolution is underway in the realm of gastronomy.

What’s the secret ingredient to Kreuzberg’s culinary charm? Healthy food! Join us as we embark on a delightful journey through the alleys and avenues, exploring the nourishing delights that make Kreuzberg a haven for those seeking wellness on a plate.

Get ready to discover the answers to your health-conscious cravings and indulge in the goodness this vibrant district has to offer.

Healthy Food Kreuzberg
Healthy Food Kreuzberg

What Makes a Food Option “Healthy”?

Before diving into the specific healthy food spots in Kreuzberg, let’s review what generally makes food healthy:

  • Lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, nuts, and seeds – These provide essential nutrients and fiber while being lower in unhealthy fats and calories.
  • Minimally processed ingredients – Heavily processed foods tend to be higher in salt, sugar, and unhealthful additives.
  • Healthy cooking techniques – Grilling, roasting, baking, sautéing with healthy oils over deep frying in unhealthy oils
  • Reasonable portion sizes – Even healthy foods can cause issues if eaten in excessive quantities.
  • Balance and moderation – Allowing yourself to indulge occasionally while focusing primarily on nutritious choices

Keeping these qualities in mind, there are many great healthy food options to enjoy in Kreuzberg.

Healthy Breakfast and Brunch Spots

Starting the day with a nutritious breakfast fuels your body and brain for the tasks ahead. Here are top healthy breakfast and brunch options in Kreuzberg:


**Location**Wiener Str. 14
**Standout Options**Avocado toast, acai bowls, veggie scramble with quinoa and brown rice, chia pudding
**What Makes It Healthy**Focus on whole grains, healthy fats, veggies

This café excels at nutrient-dense breakfast and brunch items like avo toast, grain bowls and veggie scrambles. Portions are generous while staying reasonable in calorie count. They also have refreshing cold-pressed juices.

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Bite Club

**Location**Gneisenaustraße 96
**Standout Options**Loaded oatmeal with compote and seeds, salmon and spinach breakfast bowl, spelt pancakes with fresh fruit
**What Makes It Healthy**Emphasizes whole grains, lean protein, fruit

From overnight oats to stuffed sweet potatoes, this spot makes creative, healthy breakfasts and brunches with plenty of veggie, grain, and protein options.

Honourable Mentions

  • Babel (Skalitzer Str. 30) for shakshuka, avo toast and granola bowls
  • Five Elephant (Reichenberger Str. 101) for oat porridge and house-made almond milk
  • Kanaan (Görlitzer Str. 2) Middle Eastern healthy breakfast options

Healthy Lunch Spots

Refuel at midday without derailing your nutrition goals at these healthy lunch havens:

Unsri Doi

**Location**Gneisenaustraße 30
**Standout Options**Build your own Poké bowls, macrobiotic plates
**What Makes It Healthy**High-protein, nutrient-packed ingredients like quinoa, kale and salmon

This spot lets you fully customize nutritious Poké bowls with unlimited veggies and your choice of base, protein, and toppings. Their crunchy and cooling Poké creations make the perfect healthy lunch.

Bratwurst Bois

**Location**Eisenbahnstraße 42
**Standout Options**“Pimp Your Boi” build your own plates, veggie currywurst
**What Makes It Healthy**“Pimp Your Boi” build your plates, veggie currywurst

This spot puts a healthy twist on classic German street food. Build a platter with carrot and zucchini “fries”, potato wedges, veggie sticks and more. Their veggie currywurst also satisfies.

Honourable Mentions

  • Bite Club (Gneisenaustraße 96) grain bowls and stuffed sweet potatoes
  • Hummus X Hummus (Oranienstraße 198) veggie hummus creations
  • Sauvage (Pflügerstr. 25) for Konjac noodle salad

Guilt-Free Dinner Destinations

Dining out for dinner can spell diet disaster. Here are spots to enjoy delicious and nutritious dinners in Kreuzberg:

Miyabi Raw

**Location**Lausitzer Platz 12
**Standout Options**Build your own poke bowl, raw vegan burritos and “pizzas”
**What Makes It Healthy**Raw, plant-based ingredients, no added oil

This raw, vegan spot offers nutrient-dense dinner choices free of refined ingredients and unhealthy cooking practices. Build a bowl from unlimited veggie toppings or try one of their creative raw pizzas or burritos.

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District Mot

**Location**Eisenbahnstraße 42
**Standout Options**Vibrant bowls with brown rice, greens, beans and lean meats
**What Makes It Healthy**Balanced macro bowls focused on whole foods

This spot takes the guesswork out with perfectly portioned bowls containing fiber-rich whole grains, greens, plant-based proteins, and lean meats like chicken or salmon. A delicious, healthy dinner, no questions asked.

Honorable Mentions

  • Lentini’s (Reichenberger Str. 21) for wholesome pizzas and pasta
  • Sauvage (Pflügerstr. 25) for Buddha bowls and poke bowls Thursdays
  • Kopps (Linienstr. 94) vegan and vegetarian options

Guilt-Free Desserts and Sweets

Just because you’re eating healthy in Kreuzberg does not mean you have to miss out on something sweet! Here is where you can get your guilt-free dessert fix:

Bite Club

**Location**Gneisenaustraße 96
**Standout Options**Chia pudding, overnight oats, superfood ice cream
**What Makes It Healthy**Use of nutritious toppings like fruit and superfoods

More Healthy Shopping in Kreuzberg

While the restaurants and cafés featured provide delicious healthy dining options, consider supplementing your meals by shopping for nutritious ingredients to prepare at home. Here are the top healthy markets in Kreuzberg to pick up wholesome groceries:

Bio Company

With multiple locations throughout the neighborhood, Bio Company shops offer a wide selection of organic produce, dairy, bread, grains, and more to stock up on healthy essentials. Standouts are their affordable organic greens, ripe avocados, and nut butter grinding station.

Marheineke Markthalle

This historic market hall boasts over a dozen high-quality vendors. Pick up produce, eggs, cheese, fish, spices, baked goods, and more, much of it local or organic. Their fruit stands heap with fresh, reasonably priced fruits and veggies.

Farmers Market Maybachufer

Running Tuesday and Friday along the Landwehrkanal, this bustling open-air market stretches nearly a kilometer.

Nab organic produce, dairy, meat, and baked goods, as well as prepared food like crêpes and sausage sandwiches.

The vendor Hofgroßvieh Okelmann is known for excellent regionally raised meats and eggs. Come hungry!

Denn’s Biomarkt

With locations dotted across Berlin, Denn’s Biomarkt shops specialize in a range of certified organic and biodynamic groceries.

Check out their bulk bins for deals on grains, nuts, and dried fruit. Knowledgeable staff provide excellent recommendations.

Healthy Eating Tips for Dining Out in Kreuzberg

Trying to maintain balanced nutrition and a healthy weight when dining out poses challenges. Here are tips to keep in mind:

  • Research nutrition info and menus in advance when possible at locations of interest to identify healthier options
  • Start meals with broth-based or veggie-centric appetizers to fill up with fewer calories
  • Request lean proteins and extra vegetables instead of high-calorie fried foods or heavy starches as sides
  • Ask for dressings and sauces on the side to control portions and calories
  • Share or box up large portions to better regulate overeating
  • Complement meals with nutritious smoothies or juices to increase intake of fiber and nutrients
  • Indulge minimally in desserts by splitting slices and taking much home for later
  • Stay hydrated with water instead of sipping heavy cocktails and sodas

Using strategies like these helps promote mindful, balanced eating out.


With an eclectic mix of cafés, restaurants, and markets to explore, those looking to embrace healthy eating in vibrant Kreuzberg need not deprive themselves.

The neighborhood offers abundant nutritious and delicious options for conscientious eaters.

By keeping balance in mind, you can nourish your body well without sacrificing flavor or fun.

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