Healthy Food Kreuzberg: 10 Best Places for Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner

At Healthy Food Kreuzberg, you can enjoy breakfast with vitamins and minerals in the morning. One of their most popular items on the menu is their fresh fruit bowl with granola and yogurt.

You can order one of their sandwiches for lunch, such as a tuna or chicken salad sandwich with baby spinach, pecans, and dried cranberries in a whole grain wrap.

The restaurant also has quinoa and lentil burgers, veggie burgers, and soups.

Healthy Food Kreuzberg
Healthy Food Kreuzberg

The restaurant has plenty of options for kids under the age of 10 years old. Children’s favorites include macaroni and cheese with apple sauce or carrots, hummus with pretzels and cucumbers, grilled cheese sandwich, or grilled ham and pineapple sandwich. Kids can enjoy organic apple juice as a drink option.

What type of Healthy Food Kreuzberg?

I had the chance to visit Healthy Food Kreuzberg recently. The restaurant is located at Wrangelstraße 6 in Berlin-Kreuzberg, not far from Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn stop. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with wall art that features vegetables and fruit. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating.

I enjoyed a healthy breakfast with fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt. There are also gluten-free options on the menu for people who have dietary restrictions. A nice touch is that they serve organic apple juice at Healthy Food Kreuzberg. The menu offers plenty of food choices to choose from, including sandwiches, pasta, soups, and salads.

Top 10 Best Places for Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner:

Berlin-Kreuzberg is not only known for its nightlife but also its healthy restaurants. I am a big fan of visiting different cafes and restaurants in Berlin to get out of my daily routine. If you want to eat healthier while visiting Berlin, I recommend trying these 10 best places that offer good food without sacrificing your health.

1. Klub Kitchen

Klub Kitchen is one of the best places to eat in Berlin for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Located at Weserstraße 54 near Naturkundemuseum U-Bahn stop, the restaurant has an interesting international menu with gourmet burgers with creamy cheese sauce, wok dishes with vegetables, and tofu, specialties of the house that include pumpkin risotto or gnocchi with pumpkin sauce, and more. The restaurant also offers gluten-free options on its menu.

2. Lemke Market Hall

Located at Mehringdamm 32 in Kreuzberg, Berlin’s largest organic supermarket has a cafe on its third floor that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant is known for its natural and organic products, including meat and vegetables. You can enjoy a healthy Green breakfast or lunch with fresh fruit, granola, eggs, green juice, and more.

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3. Healthy Yoga Food

Healthy Yoga Food
Healthy Yoga Food

Healthy Yoga Food located at Kottbusser Damm 80 in Kreuzberg serves organic vegan food, including smoothies with chia seeds, Indian dishes, noodle dishes, and more. The restaurant is located in the Yoga House on Kottbusser Damm 80 and has a small seating area inside.

4. Biomarkt am Ostkreuz

A biomarker is Ostkreuz, an organic supermarket with a small cafe on its first floor that serves fresh salads, fruit juices, and snacks. Bread is also available to eat there or to take home for breakfast or lunch the next day. The supermarket is located at Karl-Marx-Straße 41 in Berlin-Neukölln and is a short walk from Boddinstrasse U-Bahn stop.

5. Schiller Burger

If you are looking for a vegan burger in Berlin, check out Schiller Burger located at Koperni kusstraße 14 near Görlitzer Bahnhof U-Bahn stop. The restaurant has gluten-free options on its menu and serves burgers with tasty veggie patties. 

6. Soulkitchen

SoulKitchen is another great place to eat in Berlin for healthy food options, including fresh juices, salads, and soups. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating at Skalitzer Straße 95 in Kreuzberg not too far from the Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn stop.

7. Schmackes Bio-Treff

Schmackes is another organic supermarket in Berlin with a small cafe on its first floor with gluten-free and vegan options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The shop has both indoor and outdoor seating and serves fresh sandwiches, wraps, and burgers.

8. Ekibastuz

Ekibastuz is a cozy restaurant in Kreuzberg that serves healthy food options. The vegan restaurant, located at Bergmannstraße 13 near Görlitzer Bahnhof U-Bahn station, has indoor and outdoor seating. Ekibastuz also offers catering services for office meetings or parties.

9. Le Crobag

Le Crobag is a French cafe on Warschauer Straße near Frankfurter Tor U-Bahn station that serves baked goods, paninis, salads and soups. You can either sit inside or outside to enjoy your tasty meal while you people-watch at one of the best places to eat in Berlin.

10. Veganz

Located at Boxhagener Straße, Veganz is the first vegan supermarket in Germany serving fresh juices, coffee, tea, and vegan snacks. The store also has a small cafe on its second floor that serves sandwiches with organic ingredients for breakfast or lunch.

What do I enjoy at Healthy Food Kreuzberg?

I enjoyed a fresh fruit bowl with granola and yogurt for breakfast. The food was delicious, and it tasted healthy. I also had a cappuccino to drink, which was much needed after the cold winter weather in Berlin.

My friend ordered a vegetable stir-fry dish with tofu, brown rice, steamed broccoli, carrots, and onions. The dish was filled with different vegetables, which looked delicious.

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I had a nice chat with the owner while I was there, and she explained why she opened up this cafe in Kreuzberg. In addition to being vegan, Healthy Food Kreuzberg sources its ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible. The owner also told me that Berlin is very vegan-friendly compared to other cities in Germany.

Where can I find more information about the Kreuzbergs in Berlin?

I want to highlight the Berlin Wall, one of Kreuzberg’s most famous landmarks. There are also many other kinds of monuments and buildings that represent this area’s history. The Wall was built by the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in 1961 and closed off West Berlin from East Berlin, including 12 main crossing points for residents.

Kreuzberg has many information boards that provide historical facts about the area, including details about how it was divided by the Berlin Wall and how residents were affected. Visitors can find more information on the history of this part of town at Topographie des Terrors.

Why should I visit Healthy Food Kreuzberg instead of other places in Berlin?

Healthy Food Kreuzberg is a great place to eat in Berlin for healthy and vegan food options. If you are looking for organic and gluten-free products, this vegan restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The owner of Healthy Food Kreuzberg also explained that Kreuzberg is an ideal place for healthy living and that Berlin is very vegan-friendly.

Why should I eat at the Healthy Food Kreuzberg?

I would recommend Healthy Food Kreuzberg because it serves fresh food and uses organic ingredients whenever possible. I also enjoyed talking to the owner about her personal experiences with healthy living, which added to my positive experience during my visit there.

My overall impression of Healthy Food Kreuzberg is that it has a calm atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options, free wifi and a nice menu. It serves healthy vegan food options, which is important for people who want to eat healthier in Berlin.

How much does it cost to eat at a Kreuzberg?

The cost at Healthy Food Kreuzberg depends on how much you order. Gluten-free and vegan food prices in Berlin are affordable, and it’s possible to eat cheaply if you choose low-price items like salads or sandwiches.

For example, a bowl of fruit salad with granola and yogurt costs around 7€, while a vegetable stir-fry dish with tofu, brown rice, steamed broccoli, and carrots costs around 12€. If you are traveling on a budget in Berlin, try Healthy Food Kreuzberg for delicious healthy food options!

The Bottom Line

We’re really happy to be able to share this information with you. Here at Healthy Food Kreuzberg, we think it is important that people know about the benefits of eating healthy food and improving their lives by choosing more nutritious options. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below!

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