Healthy Food Naples Fl ( Places & Foods)

Naples boasts a food scene with influences from Caribbean and Mexican flavors to Italian and seafood cuisine.

The warm climate and fertile soil also mean fruits and vegetables grow in abundance. Taking advantage of these fresh, nutrient-dense foods is critical to healthy eating in Naples.

Healthy Food Naples Fl
Healthy Food Naples Fl

This article will cover how you can find nutritious and delicious dining options in Naples. You’ll discover the city’s best healthy restaurants, grocery stores, farmer’s markets, and local ingredients.

With these healthy eating tips for Naples, you can indulge while still maintaining your diet and lifestyle.

Finding Healthy Restaurants and Cafes in Naples

From juice bars to cafes serving nutrient-rich acai bowls, you have ample choice for nutritious and wholesome dining in Naples.

These eateries use fresh, high-quality produce and healthy cooking techniques and often provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

Here are some of the top healthy restaurants and cafes in Naples:

A Table Apart
With veggie-based menu items free from gluten, corn, soy, refined sugar, additives, GMOs, and preservatives, A Table Apart offers nourishing fare perfect for those with food sensitivities.

Highlights include the vibrant superfood salad with quinoa, beets, carrots, goji berries, hemp seeds, and maple dijon vinaigrette.

The Daily Harvest
Cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls abundant with antioxidants and superfoods like spirulina and maca powder are what The Daily Harvest specializes in. Their ingredients are organic and locally sourced when possible.

Seed to Table
As Naples’ first certified organic restaurant, Seed to Table serves locally grown vegetarian cuisine free of GMOs and pesticides.

Their salads, paninis, pizzas, soups, juices, and smoothies aim to provide the region’s healthiest fare.

Shake Pit Naples
Build your acai bowl, energizing shake, or fresh juice as you choose from antibiotic-free meats, whole grains, organic produce, and an array of superfood mix-ins like chia seeds and cacao nibs. Vegan and dairy-free options are available, too.

What to Look for in Healthy Dining

Searching item descriptions for keywords like gluten-free, grass-fed, homemade, organic, preservative-free, probiotics, raw, and vegan can help you find the healthiest options no matter what restaurant you’re at. Asking about how dishes are prepared can also yield helpful information.

Locally sourced ingredients, healthy cooking techniques like steaming instead of frying, olive oil instead of butter, minimal processing, and lots of vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and lean proteins are all features of a nutritious restaurant dish.

Grocery Shopping for Nutrient-Dense Foods

Naples has no shortage of organic markets and health food stores like Whole Foods and Fresh Market.

These grocers carry quality meat, sustainable seafood, natural toiletries and extensive produce, dairy, and bulk food sections.

Below are some of the top spots for finding wholesome ingredients to stock your kitchen with while staying in Naples:

Avalon Organics

Specializing in organic fruits and vegetables, many grown locally on small family farms, Avalon Organics aims for fresh, high-quality produce while supporting sustainable agriculture. Lots of gluten-free, non-GMO, fair-trade, and raw items are available too.

Evergreen Organic Market

With locations downtown and in North Naples, Evergreen Organic Market sells organic, natural and specialty diet groceries like grass-fed bison, preservative-free bread, non-dairy milk, and supplements. The salad bar and hot bar provide convenient take-out meals as well.

Seed to Table Market

Attached to Naples’ Seed to Table restaurant, their small market offers organic, locally grown produce, meats, and dairy alongside pre-made items like cold-pressed juices, Imagine soup broths and Empire organics kombucha.

Wynn’s Market

This longtime Naples grocer with several locations stocks many natural and organic products, including quality produce, gluten-free items, grass-fed beef and non-GMO verified goods. Their large selection caters well to specialty diets.

Oakes Farms Market

Started by local farmers, Oakes Farms Market sells fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, baked goods and other staples often sourced right from their family farm.

Health-conscious shoppers will appreciate their antibiotic-free meats and organic produce.

Choosing the Healthiest Foods

When grocery shopping in Naples, opt for whole, unrefined foods without unnecessary additives. Seek out organic, ethical labels when possible and pick bright, robust produce. Meats, eggs and dairy are healthiest from pasture-raised animals and wild-caught seafood is ideal.

Farmers Markets for Fresh Local Fare

One of the simplest ways to source nutritious food in Naples is by shopping at one of the city’s many farmers’ markets.

Running weekly or seasonally, these lively markets gather the region’s best produce, dairy, meat and baked goods.

Here are 5 top farmers markets near Naples for wholesome local eats:

Third Street South Farmers Market

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays year-round, this Old Naples market brings area fruit and veggie growers, bakers, honey producers and food vendors together each week for the community. Free-range meat and eggs available too.

Marco Island Farmers Market

Marco Island hosts a weekly farmers market each January through April in Veterans Community Park.

Alongside fresh produce, expect artisan bread, coconut oil, tropical plants and an on-site breakfast cafe.

Mahogany Bay Farmers Market

New local vendors join this weekly year-round market each week. Shop for meat, eggs, prepared foods, arts and crafts alongside seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants. Locally made products also available.

Collier Farmers Market

The largest open-air farmers market in Naples, this popular spot holds over 70 vendors selling vibrant just-picked produce, tropical plants, unique food items spanning cookies to pickles and more. Open October through May.

Celebration Park Farmers Market

Between November and April, head to North Naples Saturday mornings for this gathering of regional growers, beyond veggies, shop honey, nuts, nursery plants, baked goods, arts, crafts, and specialty food products.

Benefits of Farmers Markets

Buying directly from the source, produce from farmers’ markets is frequently picked within 24 hours, so it is very fresh. Supporting local agriculture boosts the community, too. Growers are usually happy to offer healthy eating tips and share how they sustainably cultivate food as well.

Key Superfoods and Ingredients in Naples

The Naples area provides bountiful access to fresh, high-quality superfoods and ingredients to fuel healthy lifestyles. Taking advantage of the region’s natural bounty is accessible while staying in Naples.

Here are some of the top healthy foods to seek out from the Naples area during your stay:

Citrus Fruits

With Florida’s warm climate, citrus fruits thrive in the Naples area. Look for blood oranges, Meyer lemons, grapefruit, tangerines, satsuma mandarins and sweet juicy naval oranges fresh picked from local groves. Citrus fruits burst with immunity-boosting vitamin C.


Buttery, rich avocados offer anti-inflammatory healthy fats and compounds that boost eye and heart health.

Florida is the only U.S. state with tropical climate zones warm enough for avocado agriculture. Enjoy locally grown avos while visiting Naples.


Sweet, juicy mangoes contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals including antioxidants that protect your cells.

Mangoes also aid digestion and skin health. Thanks to the warm climate, fresh Florida mang Coconuts

Packed with healthy fats and electrolytes, coconuts are a great food to hydrate with after time in the Florida sun.

Coconut water, milk, oil and meat are nutritious staples in Naples thanks to the abundance of coconuts growing in the area’s tropical climate.

Leafy Greens

Florida supplies most of the country with leafy greens during winter months. In Naples, you’ll find farm-fresh, nutrient-dense greens like lettuces, kale, spinach, arugula, chard, and collards, perfect for salads and sides. These items pack vitamins A, C, and K.

Cruciferous Veggies

Known for anti-cancer compounds, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale thrive in winter crop rotations.

Please take advantage of their peak excellent season by enjoying Naples’ famously fresh cruciferous veggies.

Tropical Fruits

Exotic tropical fruits grown right in the Naples area like guava, passionfruit, dragon fruit, jackfruit, carambola, and Barbados cherry, offer unique flavors and nutrients.

Try these immunity-enhancing superfoods from local groves and farmers’ markets.

Stone Fruits

Apricots, plums, peaches, and nectarines hit their peak in Florida’s early summer months. These sweet yet low glycemic index fruits contain antioxidants that protect cells from damage.

Source stone fruits straight from Naples orchards in season. Oes are available from spring through summer.

Peppers & Tomatoes

Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers and tomatoes thrive in Naples’ long, warm growing season.

These bright veggies pack the antioxidant lycopene, vitamin C, and beta carotene for healthy skin, eyes and immunity.

Sourcing Local Superfoods in Naples

Farmers’ markets, health food stores, produce stands, and organic grocers offer the best access to Naples’ freshest local superfoods and ingredients.

Seek out vibrant, seasonal items and talk to growers to learn more about their nutritious wares.

Healthy Eating Tips for Naples

With an abundance of fresh fare in Naples, eating nutritiously is simple if you stick to whole, minimally processed foods.

But navigating menus, grocery stores and markets in a new region can be tricky. Use the following healthy eating tips for Naples to make the most of your time in this southwest Florida city:

  • Ask restaurants if they can adapt menu items to meet your dietary needs, omitting items like cheese or frying.
  • Be mindful of hidden sugars and excess carbs from things like cocktails, dressings, condiments and bread baskets.
  • Opt for plant-based proteins like beans as well as lean poultry, fish and lamb while dining out.
  • Take part in active excursions like paddling, hiking and walking tours to offset bigger meals.
  • Inquire about lighter fare, veggie dishes and whole grain sides at decadent restaurants.
  • Split or box up half of indulgent restaurant meals before diving in to control portions.
  • Shop farmers market first for the freshest, locally grown organic produce.
  • Seek out fair trade and sustainable seafood options to support ethical eating.
  • Scope out restaurant menus online first to identify the healthiest dining options.
  • Stay hydrated with unsweetened beverages like water, tea, coffee and sparkling water.

Keeping these tips in mind makes finding nutritious yet delicious dining options easy in Naples.

You’ll return home from vacation feeling nourished, vibrant, and ready to implement Naples’ lessons on healthy eating back into your regular regional cuisine.

Plan for Success

Plotting out where you’ll source healthy foods from even before arriving in Naples assists tremendously with maintaining balanced eating habits.

Identify restaurants, markets, and grocers located near your hotel or vacation rental. Planning to shop for produce and pre-made items also makes snacking and eating easy.

Sample 2-Day Healthy Itinerary in Naples

Want to experience the best of dining well during your Naples getaway? Try this two-day healthy itinerary to taste the region’s nutritious bounty while keeping meals balanced and blood sugar stable:

Day 1
Breakfast: Overnight oats made with chia seeds, shredded coconut and local citrus
Lunch: Custom salad from Seed to Table Market’s salad bar
Dinner: Grilled local snapper with vegetable medley at Sea Salt Naples

Day 2
Breakfast: Veggie omelet with fresh greens at Omelette’s Express
Lunch: Acai bowl from The Daily Harvest Naples
Dinner: Zoodles Pomodoro with tempeh meatballs from A Table Apart

This easy yet nourishing routine sticks to mostly plant-based choices focused on lean proteins, complex carbs and enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants from fresh produce. Be sure to stay hydrated with unsweetened drinks as well!

Prioritize Fruits, Veggies & Whole Foods

Building your diet around produce, whole grains, and ethical proteins ensures you meet nutrition needs anywhere while traveling.

Supplement grocery runs with farmers’ market trips and healthy restaurant dishes focused on plants and lean meat for vacation eating success.

Conclusion on Healthy Eating in Naples

Naples offers vacationers and residents alike bountiful choices when it comes to nutritious dining options.

From produce-packed cafes to organic markets overflowing with local fare, healthy eating is accessible and delicious in this southwest Florida region.

Pair attention to quality ingredients with awareness of preparation methods for best results.

Using the tips in this guide, you’re sure to return from Naples feeling nourished, vibrant, and inspired to recreate the city’s wholesome cuisine within your regional cuisine traditions back home.

The ingredients for success are farm fresh and ready for your choosing – all that’s required is showing up hungry!

What Is The Best Healthy Food in Naples FL?

Some of the best healthy food options in Naples include:

  • Seed to Table – All organic, vegetarian cuisine using local, sustainable ingredients. Great for salads, sandwiches, pizzas and juices.
  • A Table Apart – Specializes in clean, nutrient-dense meals free from common allergens and additives. Features superfood-packed salads and bowls.
  • The Daily Harvest – Cold-pressed juices and smoothies made from organic produce and superfood add-ins like maca and spirulina. Acai bowls are also very popular here.
  • Fresh seafood and produce – Take advantage of Naples’ coastal location and large farming region. Seek out freshly caught fish, citrus fruits, tropical offerings like mangoes and avocados.

What is the best way to find a good restaurant in Naples, Florida?

Tips for finding great healthy restaurants in Naples:

  • Ask your hotel or rental host for recommendations of their favorite healthy spots
  • Search sites like Yelp and Google Maps by cuisine type and keyword like “organic”
  • Check farmers market information booths for tips from local growers
  • Look for restaurants highlighting vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or farm-to-table fare

What are the most popular foods in Naples, Florida?

Some quintessential Naples and Florida foods to try include:

  • Fresh seafood like grouper, snapper and mahi mahi
  • Cuban and Caribbean-influenced cuisine
  • Key lime pie
  • Local citrus fruits
  • Tropical fruits like mangoes, coconut, passionfruit
  • Tomato-based dishes showcasing the region’s fresh tomatoes

The city also has a thriving food scene with award-winning chefs at upscale restaurants spanning Italian, French and Modern American cuisine.

What is the average price for a meal at a Naples, Florida restaurant?

The average price for a meal at a Naples restaurant is around $30-50 per person. However, prices can vary widely based on the type of cuisine and style of restaurant:

  • Budget-friendly places like cafes, diners, and sandwich shops: $10-15 per person
  • Casual but nicer spots like taverns, bistros, and family restaurants: $15-25 per person
  • Upscale seafood restaurants or popular tourist spots: $25-40 per person
  • Fine dining establishments: $40-60+ per person, not including drinks or tips

You can find some very nice restaurants in downtown Naples in the $25-35 per entree price range that won’t break the bank. Be prepared to spend a little more at luxury resort restaurants or exclusive golf clubs.

How should I dress for a restaurant in Naples, Florida?

The Naples dining scene ranges from flip flop casual to country club classy. Here are some general clothing guidelines:

  • Beach cafes, lunch spots, and diner-style places: shorts, sandals, and casual tops are fine
  • Most mid-range restaurants: shorts, capris, nice sandals and short sleeve shirts/blouses
  • Upscale seafood restaurants & bars: smart casual – think slacks or dresses/skirts
  • Jacket required fine dining: cocktail attire – suits, dress shirts, dresses, heels
  • Some exclusive clubs and resorts may require jackets or evening gowns

In general, closed-toed shoes, dress pants, button-downs or elegant blouses will allow you to comfortably fit the dress code at just about any restaurant in downtown Naples or along Fifth Avenue.


Naples offers visitors ample opportunity to continue healthy lifestyles while on vacation. The combination of fresh seafood, locally-grown produce, and an abundance of organic cafes and markets make it easy to find nutritious plant-based meals. Even upscale restaurants cater to a wide variety of diets and preferences.

When seeking out the best healthy cuisine in Naples, opt for establishments that source regionally whenever possible. Look for menus that highlight vegetables, lean proteins, and scratch-made dishes. Peruse ingredient lists for words like organic, sustainable, and local first when evaluating restaurant and grocery options.

No matter your budget or style of dining, always ask questions about preparation methods and customization possibilities at restaurants. Be mindful of hidden sugars and excess carbs from menu additions too. Pair indulgent dinners out with vigorous morning beach walks or bike rides around Naples to stay balanced.

By taking advantage of Naples’ natural bounty of sun-ripened produce and seafood, health-conscious diners can craft nutritious, plant-slanted meals to delight in during their Florida stay. Bon appetit!

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