Why Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang is a Must-Try Delight

We are looking for a tasty, refreshing drink that’s sugar-free. Look no further than Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang! Tang has been a beloved powdered fruit drink since its introduction in 1959. Its bright orange color and delicious fruity taste quickly became a staple in many households.

Now, Kraft has created a sugar free version that allows calorie-conscious consumers to enjoy this nostalgic beverage. Kraft’s Sugar-Free Tang contains no sugar but still has the same great Tang taste you know and love. It mixes easily with water for a light, sweet orange drink without all the added sugar.

Sugar Free Tang comes in convenient single-serve packets to take on the go. Keep some in your desk, locker, or bag for a refreshing pick-me-up any time of day. With Sugar Free Tang, you don’t have to compromise on flavor to cut calories and sugar!

Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang
Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang

What Is The Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang?

Sugar Free Tang is an iced tea beverage sweetened using artificial sweetener, Splenda®, which tastes great and contains no sugar.

The tea inside Sugar Free Tang is made with real fruit juices, such as orange and pineapple. There are also no calories in Sugar-Free Tang, and, unlike other diet drinks, it will not cause a caffeine rush or other side effects.

A Brief History of Tang

Tang was first introduced in 1959 by General Foods, which Kraft Foods later acquired. Chemist William A. Mitchell spearheaded Tang’s development. He used lemon and orange essences to create the signature tangy orange flavor.

The drink mix gained popularity among families who appreciated its convenience and kids who loved the sweet, fruity taste. When NASA chose Tang as the official drink of its crewed space flights in the 1960s, the brand gained even more notoriety.

The astronauts’ love of Tang on shuttle missions heightened the drink’s popularity, cementing its place in American food culture.

The Development of Sugar Free Tang

While many enjoyed the original sugary Tang over the years, consumer dietary concerns eventually led Kraft Foods to develop a sugar-free version.

With rising awareness about the health risks of excessive sugar intake, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, many people aim to reduce added sugars. The creation of Sugar Free Tang gave these consumers a way to continue enjoying the flavor of Tang without the extra sugar.

Kraft Foods introduced Sugar Free Tang in the early 1980s. The company utilized new artificial sweeteners at the time, like aspartame, to replace the sugar while maintaining the classic Tang taste.

Over the years, Kraft has updated the sweeteners used in Sugar Free Tang to keep up with advancements in low-calorie sweetener options.

The Benefits of Choosing Sugar Free Tang

Sugar Free Tang provides all the nostalgic flavor of the original powdered drink mix without the guilt of consuming unnecessary added sugars. Here are some of the benefits that Sugar Free Tang offers:

Fewer Calories

With no added sugars, Sugar Free Tang eliminates empty calories from your diet. It contains only 10 calories per 8 fl oz serving compared to 60 calories in regular Tang. This makes it an ideal low-calorie beverage option.

Less Sugar

Each serving of original Tang contains 14g of sugar. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar to 24g per day for women and 36g for men, so just one glass of regular Tang takes up over half the daily recommendation. With 0g of sugar per serving, Sugar Free Tang avoids added sugars entirely.

Blood Sugar Control

The lack of added sugars in Sugar Free Tang means it will not spike blood glucose levels. This makes Sugar Free Tang a good choice for people with diabetes or prediabetes who must carefully control their blood sugar.

Dental Health

Beverages with added sugar can increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay. By choosing sugar-free options like Tang, you reduce damage to tooth enamel and promote better dental health.

Weight Management

Replacing sugary beverages with sugar-free versions like Sugar Free Tang can help maintain a healthy body weight or lose excess pounds by eliminating excess calories.

How to Enjoy Sugar Free Tang

One of the best aspects of Sugar Free Tang is that you can enjoy it just like the original drink mix. Here are some tasty ways to incorporate Sugar Free Tang into your daily routine:

Mix with Water

The simplest way to enjoy Sugar Free Tang is to mix it with cold water. Use one packet of the powdered mix per 8 ounces of water. Mix or shake vigorously until fully dissolved. Add ice cubes for extra chilling. Garnish with an orange slice if desired.

Blend into Smoothies

Give your smoothies a vitamin C boost by mixing in Sugar Free Tang. The orange flavor combines deliciously with fruits like mangoes, pineapples, bananas, and strawberries. It also pairs well with yogurt or milk for a creamier smoothie.

Spice Up Lemonade or Iced Tea

A dash of Sugar Free Tang works wonders when stirred into lemonade, giving it a tangy orange twist. Mixing in Sugar Free Tang for a flavor infusion, you can also perk up homemade iced tea.

Create Orange Juice Mocktails

Fill a glass with seltzer or club soda for an instant mocktail and stir in Sugar Free Tang. Garnish your sugar-free “orange juice” spritzer with orange wedges or maraschino cherries.

Use in Baking and Cooking

Add a few teaspoons of Sugar Free Tang when baking cakes, muffins, or cookies to give them an orange burst. Brush chicken or fish with a Sugar Free Tang glaze before cooking for a flavorful, low-sugar finish.

Tips for Enjoying Sugar Free Tang

Here are some handy tips to get the most satisfaction and refreshment out of your Sugar Free Tang:

  • Chill glasses or bottles in the fridge before mixing up Sugar Free Tang to keep it cold and refreshing.
  • Select cold water straight from the tap when making Sugar Free Tang to maximize the chill factor.
  • Stir vigorously after adding the powder to help dissolve clumps.
  • Use fresh citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, or limes to garnish your Sugar Free Tang drinks.
  • Drink Sugar Free Tang soon after mixing; it can lose flavor and fizz if it sits too long.
  • Shake up several batches and keep in the fridge to have chilled Sugar Free Tang on hand.
  • Add cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, or ginger ale to get creative with flavors.

With its bright, crisp taste and vitamin C goodness, Sugar Free Tang offers a flavorful way to stay refreshed without the unnecessary added sugars. Remember these tips to make the most of this iconic sugar-free drink mix.

Is Sugar Free Tang Right for You?

Sugar Free Tang can be an ideal beverage choice for many people but may not suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if Sugar Free Tang fits your lifestyle:

Have a Need to Reduce Sugar

If your doctor has advised limiting sugar for health reasons or you are making a personal effort to cut back, Sugar Free Tang allows you to avoid added sugars while still enjoying a fruity drink.

Watching Calories

If counting calories for weight management, Sugar Free Tang provides flavor with only 10 calories per serving compared to 60 per serving of regular Tang.

Don’t Like Artificial Sweeteners

People who avoid artificial sweeteners due to taste preferences or health concerns should note that Sugar Free Tang is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium.

Have Diabetes

Since it does not spike blood sugar, Sugar Free Tang can be a refreshing option for people with diabetes. But check with your doctor first about the consumption of artificial sweeteners.

Dislike the Taste

While Sugar Free Tang closely mimics the original, some people may find the taste of sweeteners like aspartame unappealing. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Allergic to Citrus

Those with citrus allergies must avoid Sugar Free Tang due to its orange flavoring.

Satisfy Your Thirst with Sugar Free Tang

With its classic orange flavor, essential vitamin C, and added convenience of being sugar-free, Tang is still a winning powdered drink mix after all these years. Sugar Free Tang allows you to enjoy this nostalgic beverage as a healthier, low-calorie thirst quencher.

Whip up a glass of ice-cold Sugar Free Tang, blend it in a smoothie, or use it to spice up teas and lemonade. However you choose to enjoy it, Sugar Free Tang provides a timeless taste that takes you back while still fitting into a contemporary sugar-free lifestyle.

Quench your thirst while controlling calories and sugar with this versatile modern twist on a longtime favorite.

How To Make Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang?

Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang is a simple beverage to make. Mix one packet of the Splenda® Sugar Free Tang with 16 oz of water and stir well until the powder is dissolved. Add ice cubes to make it a more refreshing drink.

If you make Sugar Free Tang often, you may want to purchase a pitcher that can be used for it specifically. Use your pitcher and add ice to taste. You can also flavor your Sugar-Free Tang with various syrups or fruit juice concentrates.


  • Water,
  • Concentrated Orange Juice,
  • Cane Sugar,
  • Natural Flavors (Contains Natural Flavor),
  • Citric Acid,
  • Potassium Sorbate (As a Preservative),
  • Sucralose (Splenda® Brand Sweetener)


1. Mix 16 oz filtered water with one packet of Sugar-Free Tang into a pitcher. Stir well and serve cold in an appropriately sized glass (16 oz is average).

2. Sugar Free Tang is most commonly made with orange juice and lemonade or lemonade. However, it can also be made with any fruit juice concentrate that you prefer. Follow the above recipe and add your favorite ingredients.

Add: To taste, May add fruit juices, fruit syrups, or other flavorings to the Sugar-Free Tang.

NOTE: These amounts are approximate and may need to be adjusted depending on how sweet you like your tea.

Nutritional Facts:

Sugars1% 4g
Total Carbohydrate4g
Vitamin C120%  
Kraft Foods Sugar Free Tang

Is There Any Side Effect?

Sugar Free Tang is very safe to consume and does not contain any stimulants or chemicals that can affect your health. However, some people may experience sugar withdrawal symptoms if they drink Sugar-Free Tang regularly.

The bottom line

If you have been avoiding sugar, but have been drinking sugar-sweetened tea or juice because it is convenient and tastes good, try Sugar Free Tang instead. You will never look back. I added some unsweetened orange juice to mine, and it was delicious. I will def buy again.

I have to say that the product is great, and I have one in the refrigerator now. It tastes great chilled and iced or hot, but I prefer it hot!

Does Sugar Free Tang have caffeine?

No, Sugar Free Tang does not contain any caffeine. It’s a non-carbonated, non-caffeinated beverage.

What sweeteners are used in Sugar Free Tang?

Current ingredients include aspartame and acesulfame potassium to provide sweetness without sugar.

How many carbs are in Sugar Free Tang?

Each serving of Sugar Free Tang contains 2g of total carbohydrates, allowing it to fit into a low-carb diet.

Is Sugar Free Tang considered keto-friendly?

With only 2g net carbs and no sugars per serving, Sugar Free Tang can fit into a ketogenic diet.

What colors does Sugar Free Tang come in?

Sugar Free Tang comes in the classic orange flavor. There are no alternative color flavors like the purple or pink original Tang.

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