May Wah Fast Food: Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Your Neighborhood

May Wah Fast Food is a popular local Chinese fast-food restaurant chain known for its convenient locations, quick service, and authentic dishes inspired by Hong Kong cuisine.

With over 15 locations across the city, May Wah lives up to its name by delivering traditional Chinese flavors faster than any other restaurant.

A Humble Beginning Focused on Quality

The first May Wah opened its doors in Chinatown back in 1982. The founder, Mr. Lee, immigrated from Hong Kong to share authentic Chinese fast food recipes instead of the Americanized versions found elsewhere.

He started small with a few staff members focused on using high-quality ingredients to create wok dishes with intense umami flavors. Word spread quickly about his little shop’s tantalizing aromas and tastes. Locals called it “the place with the line around the block,” thanks to the daily crowds.

Expanding While Keeping Things Traditional

The nonstop business allowed Mr. Lee to open a second location downtown a few years later. This new modern shop featured open kitchens so customers could watch their meals being prepared before their eyes.

More venues soon followed to the point it is now a staple name across neighborhoods in the region. However, despite this growth, all May Wah locations uphold Mr. Lee’s rule of authenticity.

You can find staples like char siu barbecue pork, dim sum dumplings, congee rice porridge, and stir-fried noodles done right every time. Don’t be surprised if you hear Cantonese being spoken in the kitchens either – that’s because many cooks trained in Hong Kong before moving here.

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Signature Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss

With pages of options on the menu, what are the standout dishes worth trying at May Wah?

Here is a quick list of favorites to help you decide:

Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style

This crunchy, flavor-packed sweet and sour chicken puts American versions to shame. Light tempura batter hugs succulent chicken pieces over a neon orange sauce packed with chunks of pineapple, bell pepper, and onion. A few squeezes of fresh lemon brighten up each bite.

Xiao Long Bao Soup Dumplings

These delicate soup dumplings are filled with hot broth surrounding pork or vegetable fillings. Use your spoon to cradle each xiao long bao, take a small nibble, and then sip the savory soup inside. Be careful, though, because they are piping hot! Order extra since you’ll surely want more than one serving.

Singapore Noodles

Works roar to life, sautéing plump rice noodles with tender shrimp, barbecue pork, eggs, bean sprouts, sweet red bell pepper, and scallions. The final touch is a splash of curry powder to bring everything together. This Singapore noodle dish is a customer favorite thanks to the diverse textures and flavors on each plate.

Classic Egg Custard Tarts

While the main menu excels at savory fare, don’t forget to save room for dessert. May Wah’s egg custard tarts feature crackly pastry shells brimming with sweet and velvety egg custard. They make the perfect light finish after sampling multiple dishes.

Quick and Consistent Service, No Matter How Busy

From solo lunch breaks to group dinners, May Wah aims to deliver every meal in record time without losing consistency. Large and displayed menu boards help speed up decisions in line. Staff take orders swiftly at the register and immediately work in the bustling open kitchens.

The teams work like assembly lines churning out dish after dish using organized workflow systems. Multiple cooks gracefully rush around workstations designated for appetizers, entrées, and more. Despite the flurry of wok tossing and plate garnishing, each meal looks as delicious as the last.

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Lots of Convenient Ways to Enjoy Your Food

May Wah caters to busy schedules by offering flexible dining options:

  • Dine in to soak up the energetic ambiance inside
  • Takeout and bring home to enjoy in your pajamas
  • Delivery through apps like GrubHub and DoorDash
  • Drive-thru to grab a quick meal on your commute

No matter how you experience May Wah, expect fast service with authentic Hong Kong flavors every time.

Final Thoughts: An Irresistible Neighborhood Gem

When you want to dig into Chinese comfort food fast, accept no substitutes for May Wah. They focus on traditional cooking techniques that coax maximum flavor out of classic recipes. Convenience is never sacrificed, thanks to logical layouts promoting quick yet consistent service.

Although they now have over a dozen locations, the approachable neighborhood shop ambiance remains. Staff greet regulars by name, and menu specials reflect customers’ favorites.

So next time you are in the mood for cuisine made the authentic Hong Kong way, make a wise choice and stop by your local May Wah. Just be prepared to wait in line because you won’t be the only fan of this irresistible gem.


With authentic dishes, speedy service, and convenient locations across town, it’s easy to see why May Wah Fast Food has become a beloved neighborhood staple.

Accept no substitutes when you crave Chinese comfort food made the traditional Hong Kong way, from xiao long bao dumplings to sweet and sour chicken.

May Wah hits the perfect balance between quality cooking and quick bites with heat that keeps you returning for more.

Despite the chain’s growth over the decades, each shop retains a down-to-earth vibe thanks to friendly staff and menu specials catering to regular’ favorites.

Choose this reliable gem for tantalizing wok-seared aromas you can take out, dine in, or have delivered affordably.

Once you try May Wah’s signature crispy, saucy, savory plates, you’ll be as hooked as the rest of the neighborhood.

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