Mexican Baby Shower Food That Will Delight Your Guests

Mexican baby shower food is a traditional food for the Mexican culture. It’s a celebration to honor the new mother with something as classic, authentic, and savory as possible. These gatherings are often for first-time mothers and their families to celebrate the baby’s arrival into this world.

Family members (often on both sides), friends, and neighbors come together to help prepare the food and celebrate alongside them with handmade decorations and store-bought ones from Mexico or any Latin American country that you can find in your area.

 What Is Mexican Baby Shower Food?

In her book ” Mexican Baby Shower Food, “Monica Nava breaks down the easy-to-follow traditional food you can prepare for your baby shower. The Mothers’ Meeting is celebrated twelve days before the mother gives birth to celebrate two months of pregnancy.

 On this celebration, family members and friends gather to invite the new mother into their lives as she is about to become a new mother herself. The food found during these celebrations is very traditional in Mexico, and it’s a day that every Mexican family looks forward to.

Mexican Baby Shower Food
Mexican Baby Shower Food

What Kind Of Food Do You Serve At A Baby Shower?

  • Main dishes and Hot dishes for serving.
  • Dips, salsa, and sauces (for a dip with chips or tortilla chips)
  • Mexican flavored snacks such as alfajores (Mexican-style cookies).
  • Other traditional food such as tortillas and tostadas (Mexican style bread).
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Main Dishes

  • Chicken Tinga – Chicken marinated in salsa and baked with vegetables.
  • Tamales – A wrapped dough of cornmeal, cheese, and spices wrapped inside a leaf to steam.
  • Mole Poblano – A sauce made out of chilies and chocolate.
  • Chiles en Nogada –Chiles stuffed with meat, fruit, and nuts then baked in a spicy sauce served on a bed of white cream sauce.
  • Mexican Rice – Rice mixed with vegetables, spices, and salsa to give it flavor
  • Upside down Tacos – An omelet filled with vegetables, meat, or cheese, then flipped over and served corn tortillas.
  • Fillings refried beans, salsa, and cheese or chicken.


  • Lettuce Salad – A bowl of lettuce with a creamy dressing of Mexican flavors
  • Creamy Mexican sauce – a sauce made of fresh tomatillos, chilies, and spices
  • Tomato Salsa – A salsa made with tomatoes and onions
  • Guacamole – A dip for tortilla chips with avocados, lime juice, salt, and pepper
  • Queso Fundido – Melted cheese on top of a plate of toasted tortilla chips or a bowl of crispy taco shells.
  • Pico de Gallo– A dish of chopped tomatoes, onions, and spicy chilies in a salsa Mexicana sauce on top of lettuce or tostadas.

10 amazing Mexican Baby Shower Food Ideas

1. Mexican Taco Salad

This Mexican-inspired salad is always a hit for baby showers or parties. It’s very simple to prepare and puts a new spin on your usual taco salad.

2. Taco Soup

 This soup takes less than two hours to make and is one of the easiest recipes you’ll find. It’s also one of the most filling dishes you can make during pregnancy and beyond!

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3. Classic Mexican Rice and Bean Salad

This traditional family recipe is cooked in an iron skillet, which keeps the rice soft yet warm. The beans are cooked with rice, so they don’t get mushy. (This recipe is so good, your guests will want it to go on dessert!)

4. Pupusas

These baked meat-filled spinach pockets are very popular in Mexico. Pupusas can be served as an appetizer, or they can be the main course. The filling and the dough are vegetarian, and you can top them with a simple tomato sauce.

5. Hominy and Chorizo Stew

This traditional stew is traditionally served for Sunday dinners in Mexico. It gets its unique flavor from the hominy, chorizo, and Mexican herbs.

6. Pico De Gallo

Pico De Gallo
Pico De Gallo

Fresh pico de gallo is a great addition to any Mexican dish! It’s also perfect for dipping your tortilla chips into… if you can stop eating it, that is!

7. Salsa Verde con Queso

This green salsa is made from tomatillos, thickened with cheese. It’s a perfect side dish for your Mexican meal.

8. Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

This recipe is about as easy as it gets! It takes about 15 minutes to throw all the ingredients into the pot and another 30 minutes to let it simmer.

9. Salpicon De Queso Fresco

Salpicon De Queso Fresco

This is a side dish that is most often served in restaurants in Mexico. It’s a creamy soup made from fresh cheese and chicken broth.

10. Churros

Churros are delicious Mexican pastries sold in the streets of Mexico. They contain crumbly fried dough, and they’re drizzled with chocolate. This recipe makes about 30 churros so that you can share them with the whole family.

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You can get creative in your Mexican baby shower. You can even do a theme party based on the colors of the food and decorations.

You may want to serve other traditional candy found in Mexico such as dulces de Leche (milk sweets made with sugar, milk, eggs, and vanilla), de Leche (a classic Mexican cookie made with cornstarch and sugar), caramelos (made with sugar, butter, corn syrup, and eggs).

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