Amazing Nautical Baby Shower Food Ideas

The history of nautical baby shower food ideas is mysterious and complicated. There are many articles online with information on what to make for a nautical-themed party, but they don’t offer any insight into the origins of this trend.

My guess? We have to backtrack our way back to medieval Europe when ocean-faring vessels were at one of their highest points in history.

Nautical Baby Shower Food Ideas
Nautical Baby Shower Food Ideas

Sailors would stock up on food for the long journey and rely heavily on fish due to being so far from land. There were even some records of sailors eating nothing but fish and drinking only water for entire months at a time.

Amazing Nautical Baby Shower Food Ideas:

Yummy Pirate Treats

Here’s an excellent idea for your nautical baby shower. Create maroon and black tiered treat bags with plenty of gold metallic tissue paper and fill them with black chocolate brownies, pirate-themed cupcakes, and small nautical popsicles.

The Sailors’ Grub!

This navy blue and white food-themed meal is perfect for a room full of sailors already equipped with weather-beaten wooden chairs. Serve cheese and fruit, sandwiches, seafood appetizers, seafood pasta entrees, and delicious desserts.

A Little Bit of Everything

A spread of food can be fun when you’re trying to create a theme without going over the top. This tray of crispy white snow cap mushrooms on toothpicks, grape tomatoes garnished with little blue paper stars on skewers, and tiny chocolate sailboats is as cute as tasty.

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A Ship’s Day!

This is a fun food-themed dessert tray featuring a seafood pasta entree, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and blue raspberry popsicles.

Seafood Picnic

This seafood picnic offers your guests some super cute meatless “substitutions”! Textured vegetable crumbles are great substitutes for crabmeat and shrimp, and the creative use of horseradish sauce can make these veggies taste just like crabcakes.

The Seafood Buffet

If you’re willing to make a significant investment in food that can only be eaten as a snack, try serving up a seafood buffet at your nautical baby shower.

A fresher option would be to offer seafood appetizers like these stuffed mushrooms with crabmeat, scallops, and shrimp!


These cute pink and green bingo cards are the perfect way to use a simple, handed-out “playing card” template as a fun and quick bingo game. Borrow the party idea from grandma’s card table by placing each card on a small cupcake liner, preventing them from blowing away in case of an unexpected breeze.

Everyone’s A Winner!

A simple cake topped with a sailor and boat can be transformed into a delicious prize for the guests. Make cake pops using red, white, and blue cake. Then cover them in chocolate sprinkles or shredded coconut to look like mini naval ships.

Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Make these adorable mini sandwiches using whole-wheat bread spread with mustard, topped with ham, and then melted cheese. They’re just the thing for a hungry sailor looking for a hearty snack!

The Captain’s Lunch

Everyone can’t wait to try this adorable picnic basket filled with plenty of food for a hungry man at sea. There’s a burlap tablecloth, paper straws, and a plastic sailboat filled with sandwiches.

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Fish And Chips

These golden-brown fried fish are just like those served up at the pub! They’re drizzled with ketchup, tartar sauce, or savory condiment and served with a side of crispy golden french fries.

Can Safe Nautical Baby Shower Food?

This is a critical safety point to consider when planning a nautical baby shower. The food that you serve at your baby shower should be able to stay safe outside of the refrigerator for hours, if not an entire day or night.

Everyone will be happy and enjoy snacks and finger foods, but some will also have beautiful memories of eating these treats while mingling with their guests, playing games, and enjoying the activities.

With any of these nautical baby shower food ideas, you have to remember that most are finger foods, so they may be best served at a party where there will be children present and then should be kept cool. In addition, some of these items can also be consumed by adults.


The history of seafood and the sea is very long, extending far beyond the evolutionary era of pirates, which is when we know it first became popular.

It’s still a popular theme in movies today, so we can expect to see more nautical-themed baby showers in the future.

These suggestions for nautical foods for a baby boy shower would work well for your party!

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