Popular Breakfast Foods in Puerto Rico (Top 10 Breakfast food)

Popular Breakfast Foods in Puerto Rico! Breakfast food is a very important meal of the day. It is served to provide all the necessary energy for a day’s work or school and be one of the main meals to kick-start the digestive system.

In Puerto Rico, breakfast foods are abundant and diverse. In general, there are four types of breakfast food: cereal, juices, pastries and meats. Cereal should be eaten with milk or yoghurt and should include nutritious foods such as fruits or vegetables.

Juices should be made from fresh fruits and vegetables that have been peeled, cleaned and washed before being chopped into small pieces and pureed in a blender with water. Pastries can be made from many different ingredients such as cheese, eggs, milk, chocolate or whatever the chef desires.

It is usually served with coffee or milk. Lastly, meats are very common in any breakfast in Puerto Rico and can be made from pork, steak, chicken, or even fish cooked any way the cook wants to prepare it.

Popular Breakfast Foods In Puerto Rico
Popular Breakfast Foods In Puerto Rico

What is the most popular Breakfast foods in Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is a country that many different cultures and lifestyles have influenced. It’s a melting pot of cultures with very mixed gastronomy that reflects immigration, history and colonization.

Breakfast and the rest of the meals in Puerto Rico have been strongly influenced by American culture as well as African, Taíno, and Hispanic Caribbean cuisines.

Fruits like papaya, pineapple, banana or coconut are very abundant in Puerto Rico and can be found at every meal. Other traditional breakfast foods include criollo-style beans (frijoles) with rice, grilled meats such as steak or chorizo, fried plantain chips called “tostones“, and many others.

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Top 10 Popular Breakfast food in Puerto Rico:

1. Huevos con Chorizo

Puerto Rican breakfast is often served with a plate of fried eggs and chorizo, a Spanish sausage made from ground pork or beef that has been highly seasoned with different spices.

In Puerto Rico, the meat is typically boiled for a few hours until it becomes very tender and easy to fry. The fried eggs are usually prepared sunny side up, which means the yolk remains runny and is dipped in the chorizo juice to make a flavorful combination

2. Arroz con Derechos – Rice with Rights

Arroz con Derechos is very popular all over Puerto Rico. This dish can be made with many different ingredients but usually consists of a plate of rice and fried green bananas smothered in sofrito.

Sofrito is a sauce made from chopped onions, peppers, cilantro and recap (similar to cilantro). Other ingredients may include garlic, ground meat or chorizo. This dish is perfect for breakfast and can be served with eggs and cheese.

3. Frituras de Plátano – Banana Chips

Frituras de Plátano is a popular breakfast dish in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The fried bananas are similar to French fries because they’re cut into rectangular pieces, fried and salted right after being taken out of the oil. They are served with mayonnaise, ketchup or just plain with a dusting of powdered sugar.

4. Juquilas – Guava Rolls

Juquilas are one of the most traditional breakfast foods in Puerto Rico. This pastry is made by making dough out of flour, sugar, butter and guava paste.

These ingredients are kneaded together, flattened into disks and wrapped around the guava filling before fried in oil. The syrup that oozes out of this pastry is very sweet and delicious!

5. Arroz con Dulce – Sweet Rice

Arroz con Dulce is a rice pudding dessert made with cinnamon, sugar, condensed milk and raisins. This dish is usually served cold with cinnamon on top. Puerto Rican rice pudding is made in the oven instead of using a crockpot as most countries do.

6. Huevos Revueltos – Scrambled Eggs

Huevos revueltos are scrambled eggs mixed with different ingredients such as ham, sausage, onion and tomato. They are usually served for breakfast with fried bananas or French fries on the side.

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7. Pasteles de Carne – Meat Pies

Pasteles de Carne is a traditional Puerto Rican dish made from boiled yautía (similar to taro), potatoes and green bananas. These green bananas and potatoes are mashed and mixed with ground meat, green olives and hard-boiled eggs. The mixture is then put into a dough and fried in oil until golden brown.

8. Biscocho – Sweet Bread

Biscochos are sweet bread rolls usually eaten for breakfast in Puerto Rico. They’re made from flour, butter, eggs and sugar. Biscochos are very fluffy on the inside and have a sweet buttery crust on top.

9. Mangu with Fufu

Mangu is a savoury dish made from plantains, ground pork, and spices similar to mofongo, except it, does not include fried green plantain or fried pork. Mangu is usually served as an appetizer or as a side dish to fish or meat dishes.

10. Fufu de Plátano Verde – Green Plantain Mofongo

Fufu de Platoon Verde is a traditional Puerto Rican dish made from green plantains mashed and fried with garlic and pork.

The mashed plantains are mixed with a special sauce called recite, made from oil, garlic, peppers, cilantro and annatto seeds. Some people make this dish with chicken or shrimp, but it can also be served as an appetizer or side dish.

What is a typical Breakfast in Puerto Rico?

One of the most common meals in Puerto Rico is breakfast. Breakfast usually consists of coffee, pastries, and some side dish like scrambled eggs or rice dishes like Arroz con glandules (pigeon pea rice) or Arroz con dulce (sweet rice).

Most people serve this meal at home either on a tray on the table or a counter. Most hotels and resorts set up buffets for breakfast. The most common breakfast foods are mangú, tostones (fried green plantains),

Maduros (sweet ripe plantains), queso Frito (fried cheese sticks), ham and cheese croquettes doughnut-shaped pastries stuffed with different fillings like guava or cream cheese. Usually, people drink café con Leche. A mixture of coffee and milk, orange juice or a hot drink made from plantains called horchata.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a list of popular breakfast foods in Puerto Rico, we’ve compiled some everyday items that are found on the island.

From traditional pastries like biscochos and jonquils to more savory dishes such as hues rivulets and mango with fufu, there’s something here for everyone! Breakfast is an important meal because it helps set your metabolism up for success throughout the day. What will you have this week?

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