Scamming Fast Food Restaurants: Top 10 Best Scamming Fast Food

I have many stories about scamming fast food restaurants, but I’ll give you two examples. I ordered a large French fries and apple pie from McDonald’s and told the cashier that I had no more money on my card.

The cashier activated my old card, which gave me another $5 and then I switched cards so the original card would be charged for my order. A few weeks ago, one of the employees at Taco Bell was giving away free burritos if it was your birthday.

So, I went to Taco Bell with four friends, all under 21, and claimed to be undercover police officers conducting a sting operation. It didn’t take too long for them to believe us and give us all free burritos.

Scamming Fast Food Restaurants
Scamming Fast Food Restaurants

Top 10 best scamming fast food in restaurants:

1. Subway:

Go into a Subway shop and order food using broken English with a heavy foreign accent (an Indian or Jamaican). Please take out a large wad of cash and throw it on the table when it is time to pay. Ask the cashier to sort through it, counting how much money you owe, and then grab the cash on the table and run.

2. Pizza Hut:

Order a large pizza from Pizza Hut for delivery. When it comes time to pay, anyone in your group who looks under 21 should get it out of the car while you make up some story about how your credit/debit card was stolen and that your parents are getting the money out. When the delivery person arrives, they’ll see a young student and realize that something is wrong. Upon returning with the cash, make sure to apologize for not tip them for some bogus reason.

3. Home Depot:

Go into Home Depot and grab an expensive tool worth a couple of hundred dollars. Grab it, and run out the door without stopping to pay for it.

4. McDonald’s:


Order a single hamburger from McD’s and say that you have no money when it comes time to pay. When they make your hamburger, open it up, eat half of the burger, and then place the remaining half back on your plate. Make sure to have several trash bags with you, and when you are done eating, make up some story about how a homeless person might come in soon and ask if they can have your trash bag. When the cashier says yes, but all of your unused food into the trash bag and run out the front door with it.

5. Big Lots:

Go into Big Lots and grab something small worth a couple of bucks. Make sure to drop it on the floor in public view so everyone can see. When you are done, say “oops! my bad” and continue walking out of the building without stopping to pay for the item that fell on the ground.

6. CVS:

Go into a CVS and grab somebody wash or shampoo that costs about $5-$10. Head to the register, but have your friends stand in line behind you. Have everyone give you their money (you should never be carrying any), and then tell the cashier that you feel sick and that you’ll have to go home. Have one person in your group pay for the product but leave without it, so there is no suspicion. Once everyone else leaves the store (don’t forget your bag of tricks), make a scene at the exit door, pretending that someone has dropped something. This should give you enough time to getaway.

7. Wal-Mart:

Go into the toy section of a Wal-Mart with several friends and have everyone in your group pull their pants down to reveal their butt cracks (make sure there is an adult nearby). When everyone has shown the latest addition to Disney’s “Frozen” line, quickly grab as much merchandise as possible and run out of the store.

8. Home Goods:

Go into Home Goods and grab as much merchandise as you can before they catch you. Run out of the store, but make sure to return everything that you grabbed for an adult to claim. While everyone else is running out with their arms filled with goodies, wait until no one is looking and quickly grab something from the ground and run out.

9. Subway:

While in line, act like you’re having a loud conversation about how someone will fight someone else at Subway. The manager should come over and tell you that it’s not allowed within the store because of safety reasons. Once again, order food using broken English with a foreign accent. This should be an obvious sign of theft, so have one person in your group pay for the food and grab it before leaving the store.

10. The Gap:

The Gap
The Gap

Go to a store that sells men’s clothes (for some reason) and pretend to get into a fight with an employee over how much you can buy for 20 dollars. Once the manager is called over, have everyone in your group buy as many T-shirts as they can. When the cashiers step away to get more money from the safe, grab all the merchandise and head out before anyone notices what happened.


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