What is the Best Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray Ways?

Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray Is your refrigerator overrun by jars of baby food? Protect your favorite freezer space and simplify your life with this silicone baby food freezer tray!

This clever tray lets you freeze individual portions of baby food, so it’s easy to grab one jar, a few pieces, or a whole row at once. The non-stick surface keeps frozen foods separate, and the quick-release insert makes them easy to pop out.

Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray
Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray

10 Best Silicone Baby Food Freezer Tray Ways

1. Storing Extra Food

Most of the time, you’ve prepared more baby food than your baby needs. The food often gets thrown away as they couldn’t finish, or you don’t want to eat it all. It can be a hassle to carry the jar back and forth from refrigerator to freezer, so why not use this silicone tray to freeze them individually?

 Best of all, the tray is non-stick, so you can use it again and again without disposing of it for each fresh batch.

2. Preparation

If you’re cooking for your baby and want to grab an individual serving, this tray is a great helper. Just cook it fresh and freeze it on the silicone tray. No more wet food or too much in each jar! This will also save you heaps of time as cooking your baby food can take over an hour.

3. Feeding At Daycare

If you send your child to daycare, then this is perfect! They’re going to freeze a large batch of your baby’s favorite dish. Then they will serve your baby from the frozen state.

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When you get it home, thaw it out at room temperature or warm water and then put it in the fridge for later use. No more huge freezer is full of baby food.

4. Freezing More Than Just Food

You can freeze all sorts of things, like pureed veggies, fruit juices, smoothies, or any food that you want to keep fresh in your freezer for a long time. Preparation is super easy.

Drizzle with a little oil and freeze. After defrosting, put in the fridge for no more than 4 hours then you’re ready to go.

5. Baby Food Storage In Small Spaces

I hate it when I want to prepare something fresh, but my freezer has too little space to fit one jar! If this is the case, then this tray will be your savior. Freeze as much as you want and use only one tray at a time. As it’s non-stick, you’ll be able to use it again and again.

6. Lunch Box

If your baby goes to daycare, this is a great way to pack the food for lunch. All you need is a freezer bag and your baby’s favorite meal. It will save you so much trouble since you won’t need to defrost the food before packing it away. Just throw the frozen dinner in the microwave for lunchtime!

7. Freezer Storage

If you are always running short of freezer space, this tray is a golden solution. On these trays, you can store anything: Ashed fruits, meat, fish, or any food you want to keep fresh. You can even make ice-creams if you freeze a bit smaller containers. It’s a great way to save some space!

8. Easy Storing

This tray is extremely easy to use. Pour your food in the middle and freeze it. For best results, put the tray on a flat surface. This way, the food will be completely frozen, and you don’t have to worry that some items might fall out while freezing.

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9. Cleaning Tip

As an added benefit, this tray allows you to save space in your fridge because you won’t need to store so many jars there anymore.

Only one container is needed for your baby’s food to keep for longer periods with this tray. It’s a great way to save space and money, as you won’t need to buy so many jars. All you need is a freezer bag for storing your food.

10. Easy Storage In The Fridge

Once your baby is done with the food, all you need to do is grab a plastic bag from the fridge and put all the containers in it. When you’re ready to use them, take one out and defrost it in warm water or at room temperature until it’s ready to be used.

Is It Safe For Baby?

Yes. This product is BPA and PVC-free, so it’s safe for your baby’s health, and it won’t affect their development at all. It’s also dishwasher friendly, but only for the outer part. The inside part has to be cleaned by hand to prevent bacteria growth.


If you are fed up with all your baby food jars taking over your refrigerator, freezer, or anywhere else in your kitchen, then this tray is the right solution for you.

It’s the best way to organize and store any baby food. The non-stick feature makes it easy to use and clean! Just fill, freeze, peel and enjoy!


Can I Freeze Anything Other Than Food?

It works best for foods with low liquid content, like pureed chicken, fruits, and veggies. Don’t try freezing liquids as the food can become soggy and messy.

Is It Possible To Use This In The Oven?

No, since the tray is not dishwasher safe, you shouldn’t use it in your oven unless you want to ruin it completely.

Are These Non-Stick?

Yes, the non-stick feature makes it easy to use and clean.

How Long Can I Store The Food On This Tray?

You can store it for up to three months in the freezer and up to 6 months in your fridge. Please use it within the recommended storage time!

Is It Microwave-Safe?

Yes, it is as long as you don’t heat it for more than 7 minutes at a time.

Can I Use This Tray In My Toaster Oven?

No, it would help if you only used the tray for freezing food and storing the ready-to-eat meals in your fridge or freezer. It’s not intended for cooking and using in various appliances.

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