What’s In Egusi Soup?

What's In Egusi Soup

What’s in egusi soup? Egusi soup is a popular West African dish with ground melon seeds and other ingredients. The soup can be made with meats or vegetables and has a thick and creamy texture. …


Who Invented Thai Soup? What is it?

Who Invented Thai Soup

A favorite soup for food lovers of all ethnicities is Thai soup. But Who Invented Thai Soup? Thai soup has a long and varied history, with many countries claiming its creation. Let’s look at the …


Warm Your Soul with Marcella Hazan Lentil Soup

Marcella Hazan Lentil Soup

We’re big fans of Marcella Hazan Lentil Soup’s simple instructions and recipes, and in this case, we love her recipe for lentil soup. It’s an excellent makes-enough-to-feed-a-crowd dish that’ll please everyone, including meat eaters and …