Sugar Free Rebel Dutch Bros (what is it?)

Dutch Bros Coffee has introduced a new line of sugar-free drinks called Rebel. These refreshing coffee beverages like cold brew, freeze, and latte use natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit instead of syrups with added sugar.

Dutch Bros’ Rebel drinks offer lighter, feel-good options for coffee lovers and health-conscious consumers looking to cut back on sugar without missing out on flavour.

In this article, learn more about the new Rebel menu items, taste test impressions, and whether these drinks live up to Dutch Bros’ indulgent beverages.

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros
Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros

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What is sugar-free at Dutch Bros?

What is sugar-free at Dutch Bros? Sugar-free is a drink with less than 0.75 grams of sugar per 12 ounces, including our Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Smoothie and Sugar-Free Rebel Energy Drink.

In conclusion, Sugar-Free Rebels are available for purchase in many different locations across Oregon, including Dutch Bros Coffee Roasters (kombucha), Safeway Grocery Stores, QFC Grocery Stores, Chevron Gas Stations, Shell Gas Stations & Conoco Gas Station.

Sugar-free Dutch Bros drinks

Sugar-free drinks are on the rise, and you have probably noticed this at your local coffee shop. Sugar-free iced teas, sodas, and coffees are becoming more popular than ever before.

Dutch Bros has always been known for their delicious coffee drinks that are both caffeinated and sugary sweet.

The thing with Dutch Bros is that they’re not trying to get everyone hooked on caffeine – although we all know it can be addicting in its way, it’s also good for us in moderation! You might’ve seen them popping up at events or even at your local grocery store.

Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Drinks
Sugar-Free Dutch Bros Drinks

Sugar-free drinks are on the rise, and Dutch Bros is a few places you can find one of these! Sugar-free Dutch Bros drinks.

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros is a blog created by Sugar-Free Rebels, an online brand specializing in sugar-free recipes and other awesome content for those looking to make healthier life choices!

Nutrition Fact of Sugar Free Rebel Dutch Bros:

Sugar Free Rebel Dutch Bros

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Fruity Pebbles iced coffee:

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros Fruity Pebbles iced coffee is a delicious new option for coffee lovers looking to cut down on sugar without sacrificing flavour. This iced coffee is made with Dutch Bros’ signature cold brew coffee, then blended with Rebellion Creamer’s Sugar-Free Vanilla and real fruity pebbles cereal.

The result is a creamy, fruity iced coffee that captures all the nostalgic flavours of the classic Fruity Pebbles cereal without added sugar. The Rebellion Sugar-Free Vanilla creamer sweetens things with natural flavours like vanilla and stevia leaf extract instead of processed sugars. This makes the drink a great option for those looking to watch their sugar intake.

The crunchy, fruity pebbles add fun texture and fruitiness to every sip. Dutch Bros’ smooth cold brew coffee provides a robust, lightly sweetened base that perfectly complements the cereal flavours. The drink is then topped with a milk float to add more creaminess.

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros Fruity Pebbles iced coffee comes in 16oz and 20oz sizes so you can choose the right amount of fruity caffeine boost for your day. It’s the perfect feel-good treat for those with a nostalgic love of Fruity Pebbles cereal but want to leave out the extra sugar.

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Sugar-Free Mocha Java:

When you’re feeling like a bit of pick-me-up, look no further than this Sugar-Free menu item. This drink has the perfect amount of carbs to make it an ideal post-workout meal or midday snack that will also satisfy your craving for something sweet and caffeinated.

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Sugar-Free Mocha Java

We start with our Sugar-free mocha java syrup mixed with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Then we top off this tasty beverage with cold brew coffee over ice – all served in a frosted glass. With 20 grams of protein per serving, 50% less sugar content than regular iced coffees, and only 100 calories – what more could you want?

Dutch Bros secret menu Sugar-Free Virgin Mojito:

Sugar-Free Rebels is proud to introduce Sugar-free Rebel Dutch Bros secret menu Sugar-Free Virgin Mojito. This new limited-edition Sugar-free drink has the same taste as a traditional mojito but without all of the sugar! Sugar-free Dutch Bros personal menu Sugar-Free Virgin Mojito is made with fresh mint, lime juice, and simple syrup.

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Drink Menu has various delicious drinks you can enjoy to keep your sugar intake low. Check out these Sugar-free Rebel Dutch bros Drinks: Sugar-free Mocha Java, Sugar-Free Fruity Pebbles iced coffee, Sugar-Free Virgin Mojito – all perfect for those looking to cut back on their added sugars!

Whether it’s for weight loss or just because you want to be healthier in general – we have the drink for you! And don’t forget about our super famous Hazelnut Iced Coffee that tastes like Nutella!

Dutch Bros rebel flavors

Dutch Bros has created Sugar-free Rebel flavours that are perfect for those who follow a Sugar-Free diet. Sugar-Free Dutch rebels come in four different flavours:

Raspberry:  Sugar-free Dutch Bros Raspberry Sugar-Free Rebel.

Strawberry: Sugar-Fres Dutch Bros Strawberry Sugar-Free rebel

Vanilla Bean: Sugar-Free Dutch rebels Vanilla Sugarless Rebel

Chocolate Caramel Latte: Sugar-free Dutch Bros sugarless chocolate rebel

Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors
Dutch Bros Rebel Flavors

Dutch Bros has created a full line of Sugar-free Rebels that are perfect for those who can’t have regular coffee or need to avoid sugars. All flavours come in their large signature cup and are made with 100% Arabica beans!

Do Dutch Bros have a sugar-free rebel?

Dutch Bros has Sugar-Free Rebel! Sugar-free coffee lovers rejoice because Dutch Bros now offers Sugar-Free Red Eye and Sugar-Free Black Coffee.

With a flavour profile almost identical to its original roasts, the only difference with these drinks is their lack of sugar or sweetener. The perfect drink for health-conscious people, Sugar-Free Rebel is the best way to start your day off right.

Dutch Bros coffee without sugar

Dutch Bros coffee without sugar! Sugar-free options at Dutch Bros. Sugar-Free Coupon for Rebel Dutch Brooks: you can get a great coupon from sweetmeat to try their new delicious and healthy line of teas, syrups, and powders. Sugar-Free Coupon for Rebel Dutch Bros!

Dutch Bros is the fastest-growing coffee franchise today, and they’ve been in business for over 20 years. Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros has become a popular drink among customers, but it can be tough to find at many of their locations.

The increase in popularity shows that people are looking for more healthy options when drinking coffee, so we wanted to share with you where Sugar-free rebel Dutch Bros can be found!

Dutch Bros sugar-free caramelized

Dutch Bros sugar-free caramelized almond milk is now available in select stores! Sugar-free drinks are perfect for those who love the Dutch Bros flavour but don’t want to sacrifice their health.

Our new drink’s smooth and creamy taste comes from ground almonds that have been steeped overnight with natural sweeteners like organic cane juice or erythritol.

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Caramelized
Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Caramelized

Sugar-free beverages come in two flavors: Caramel Almond Milk (with erythritol) and Mocha Almond Milk (with organic cane juice).

You can always ask your barista if you would like to add a pump of sugar-free vanilla syrup, erythritol, or organic cane juice for an extra kick in your drink.

Dutch Bros sugar-free white chocolate syrup

Dutch Bros sugar-free white chocolate syrup is a delicious, non-diet drink option for those watching their sugar intake. The syrup tastes just like the Dutch Bros classic flavour but without any added calories or carbs.

It’s perfect for adding to coffee, hot cocoa, and even over ice cream! Dutch Brothers White Chocolate Syrup is available at Dutch Bros locations in Oregon and Washington.

Sugar-free Rebel Dutch Bros edible glitter

When you think of glitter, sugar may come to mind. But what if I told you that there is now edible glitter? Dutch Bros iced coffee has added unique sugar-free ingredients to create their new Sugar-Free Rebel flavor!

The drink is infused with soy lecithin and natural flavors. This product is a fantastic way for dieters to enjoy the festive season without worrying about all the calories or sugar in traditional glitters.

Sugar-free rebel Dutch Bros rebel energy

We all know the feeling. You’re sitting at your desk; you need a pick me up to get through the day, and then BOOM! Suddenly, you realize that the coffee machine is out of sugar or creamer, and there’s no time to stop for more on the way in. 

We’ve got your back with our newest flavour: Sugar-free rebel Dutch Bros rebel energy. It’s 100% caffeine-free with a hint of vanilla bean, so it tastes great even without sweeteners!

Plus, we use stevia, an all-natural plant-based sweetener found in some produce like Stevia leaf, making this drink diabetic-friendly! There are no artificial colours or flavours in our new sugar-free flavor either – just what nature intended.

In Sugar-free rebel Dutch Bros, we use stevia, an all-natural plant-based sweetener found in some produce like Stevia leaf. Enough said!

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros Rebel Energy
Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros Rebel Energy

Sugar-free Rebel Dutch Bros iced tea

Dutch Bros iced tea is a favorite among those trying to cut back on sugar and calories. It’s not just because of the caffeine, but because you can get it with all sorts of different flavors that are sure to please your taste buds.

The best part? Dutch Bros iced tea has zero sugar! You can still enjoy the refreshing flavor without worrying about any added sugars or sweeteners.

Plus, they have fun summer-themed drinks like Blueberry Lemonade and Peach Iced Tea for an extra refreshing kick! They’re so good. We bet you’ll be reaching for one every day instead of soda or other sugary drinks from now on!

Sugar-free Rebel Dutch Bros red bull

Dutch Bros is an American company that specializes in coffee drinks. They have recently come out with a sugar-free version of their famous red bull drink.

This new product will be perfect for those on strict diets and want to enjoy the same taste without any sugar or calories. It’s also great for people who have diabetes or watch what they eat more closely.

Sugar-Free Rebel Dutch Bros Red Bull

Dutch Bros Sugar-Free Red Bull contains all-natural ingredients, caffeine, B vitamins, and taurine, which have proven to fight fatigue and improve overall physical performance.

The only downside is that this drink does not have any sugar, so it tastes a bit different than the original, but you can still get your energy from this tasty beverage!


Sugar-Free Rebel is a new product that Dutch Bros have introduced. This blog post will talk about the benefits of this caffeine-free drink and how it can help your health in many ways.

In addition, we’ll review some customer reviews and see what they have to say about their experience with this beverage. We hope you enjoy reading!

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