Weird Baby Food Flavors: Best 20 Ideas

Weird Baby Food Flavors Is the ultimate guide to unusual, quirky, and bizarre baby food flavors! Find out the strangest taste combinations that babies enjoy, including pumpkin crème, clam chowder, etc.

Afterbirth’s World of Weird Baby Food includes a recipe for Cheddar Goldfish and other kid-friendly appetizers like Spinach Smothered Cheese Balls. Also included is a recipe for Banana and Olive Oil Cookies from the UK.

A whole range of weird baby food flavors is covered, including apple beer cake, chicken cordon bleu, croissant basil, duck and sweet potato, and even some turkey surprises. Some parents want to know how bizarre they can get in the kitchen before their baby starts screaming!

See the most extreme examples of baby food flavors on this page, with links to other pages that include even more unusual recipes for babies.

Weird Baby Food Flavors
Weird Baby Food Flavors

What Are weird Baby Food Flavors?

Weird Baby Food Flavors is my new, fun, and funny blog about cooking for babies and toddlers. Here you will find the strangest of baby food recipes that are serious enough for parents to want to try. You’ll also see some funny baby foodstuff and a few tips on getting added nutrition or extra flavor into the baby’s diet.

Weird Baby Food Flavors looks at scratch cooking and mixes in some ready-made items and fresh ingredients like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and even organic meat products.

What are the most popular baby food flavors?

The local name-brand baby food. These flavors include apple, apricot, peach, berry, and more. They are usually pretty sweet and easy to handle while cooking in a pan.

The next most popular is the organic baby food varieties. These include sweet potato, squash, peas, and other fruits and veggies with added herbs or spices to add extra flavor. Another popular one is the organic ice cream variety.

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The 20 Worst Baby Food Flavors

1. Bacon

We so often hear about the dangers of giving babies raw meats, but bacon is one that I would consider giving a baby. It’s a classic breakfast food, and the salt in the heart can help with the digestive system.

2. Brown Sugar

Many parents believe that babies should be introduced to brown sugar before they are one or two years old, but I have never had any problems consuming this treat when it is in pure form.

3. Buttered potatoes

I like to make my baby a baked potato with just butter, but you can keep it healthy by adding broccoli and other veggies. The key here is not to make it too salty, so find a good balance between the butter and the veggies. The texture of the potato should also be even so that your baby can handle it easily.

4. Cheese

Cheese is another classic food you probably won’t have any problems giving your baby. Cheese is a good source of calcium, which is necessary for growing a baby’s bones.

5. Chocolate

Many people think that a baby can’t be exposed to chocolate before they are about six months old, but I have had no problems giving chocolate to my son. It’s healthy for them and gives them a taste of something sweet.

6. Cheese Curds

Curds are cheeseballs, and you can also try some sour cream with the cheese at this age if you choose.

7. Chinese food

I found some baby food with a Chinese theme, so this may not be too surprising. You can also try making your baby food version of a Chinese meal, and I have a recipe for General Tso chicken on my blog.

8. Clam Chowder

I found one recipe where clam chowder is used as a flavor for baby food, so it’s possible to see this in specialty stores or online. Check the ingredients and make sure there’s no bacon in the clam chowder mix.

9. Chocolate Nut Milk

It’s good to add some liquid nutrients to the baby’s diet, especially if there are so many fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. I strongly recommend trying one of these high-quality organic nut milk on your baby’s food.

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10. Coffee

If you love coffee and want to stay with organic coffee for your baby, I recommend trying it as a pure coffee drink for babies or even pure coffee extract for toddlers.

11. Carrot Soup

I found some carrot soup recipes, so it doesn’t look like this is too bizarre. You can also try apple soup or even a veggie soup with your baby’s veggies.

12. Curry Powder

There are lots of spices that you can add to make your baby food more interesting, and if you love curry flavors, then it’s easy to add them to the food you’re cooking for your little one. Mix in some potatoes, sweet potatoes or squash, and some curry powder to give your baby a new experience.

13. Grape Juice

Grape juice is pretty healthy for babies, and it’s a good source of both vitamin C and calcium. There are some organic grape juice mixes that you can buy, making the entire experience much healthier for your baby.

14. Grilled Chicken

This is a great baby food flavor as long as you don’t use a barbecue or grill that others have used. Make your chicken meals to keep the flavor fresh and safe.

15. Green Tea

I found some recipes that use green tea as a flavor for baby food, so I can only assume that it’s safe to try drinking your baby’s milk in tea form at this age.

16. Honey and Garlic

There are a lot of different white sauces that you can use to add flavor to most meals, so including honey and garlic should work well in most cases.

Weird Baby Food Flavors Safe This Baby?

The answer is a resounding yes. These are all safe for your baby, and there’s no weirdness when you look at them from a healthy perspective. As long as you’re using fresh foods and keep out any meat products and other questionable ingredients, your little one will be able to handle most of these foods.


There are some golden rules to follow when ensuring that you’re making something safe for your baby. Always use fresh ingredients, don’t cook them too much, and try not to add extra elements to the food.

Also, make sure to take care of the cleanliness of your food preparation area and your little one by washing it and allowing it to air-dry. You can find more details about dealing with any problems you may have in my baby food safety guide.

This concludes our review of the best baby food recipes for babies from 0-to 12 months old. We’ve seen that there are many different kinds of baby foods out there and many different flavors, so you’re likely to find something that suits your tastes.

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