What Fast Food Has Root Beer

What Fast Food Has Root Beer? Root beer is a favorite drink of many, and if you’re trying to find it in fast-food restaurants, then this article is for you. What Fast Food Has Root Beer?  What are your options for root beers at the following places:

Burger King, Wendy’s, McDonald’s? We have compiled a list of all the popular fast-food chains and their root beer offerings.

What Fast Food Has Root Beer
What Fast Food Has Root Beer

Which fast food has the best root beer?

 If you’re looking to get some great-tasting root beer with that mouthwatering burger or chicken nuggets, it is essential to know which restaurant has what type. For instance, if you want something sweet but not too strong like Dr. Pepper (or Coca-Cola), Chick Fil A is ordered. You will find these delicious drinks on tap, so there would be no need to worry about them going flat or becoming watered down by ice cubes.

What Root Beer Drinks Make Chick Fil A Offer?

What root beer drinks does Chick FilA offer, and what is their flavor profile like? In addition to the standard Coca-Cola product offered by many fast-food chains, Chicken fil also has the following: Diet Coke Lemonade (their version of Sprite), Dasani Bottled Water with Tea, or Berry Flavors added.

What Root Beer Drinks Make Chick Fil A Offer?
What Root Beer Drinks Make Chick Fil A Offer?

If you prefer Starbucks’ type of coffee drink, visit Dunkin Donuts for your caffeine fix. They have both hot and cold varieties and some delicious bakery goods that may satisfy any sweet tooth! You are read, What Fast Food Has Root Beer And reads more, Fast Food Strawberry Lemonade

What fast-food restaurants have to Mug root beer?

What fast-food restaurants have to Mug root beer? Dunkin Donuts offers its version of the traditional fountain mug. You can order either a hot or iced coffee beverage with your choice of milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings. They also offer a cup of hot cocoa that is made from the same ingredients. You are read, What Fast Food Has Root Beer.

A list of fast-food restaurants with root beer:

This list includes the names of fast-food restaurants that have root beer. The information was compiled from various sources, including company websites, menus, and reviews by customers on Yelp.


Known for their iconic mug logo and delicious floats, it’s not surprising to find out they offer root beer at participating locations in North America.


What would be your favorite meal if you could only choose one? For some people, that answer is roast beef, curly fries, and a side of Coca-Cola® (or Pepsi™). And now we can add another item to this shortlist – ROOT BEER! Cue cheers from thousands around the country because every Arby’s® Roast Beef Sandwich now comes with a FREE ROOT BEER.

White Castle Slider:

Sliders are small burgers introduced by White Castle back in 1921 as a “smaller version of our original hamburgers.”

White Castle:

Root beer is available at this fast-food chain in an old-school paper cup for $0.99 or as part of the combo meal, including fries and a drink for only 99¢ more.


Serving fresh hamburgers made from 100% beef since 1969, it shouldn’t be too big of a surprise they offer root beer at participating restaurants across North America.

Chick Fil Chicken Sandwich and Root Beer Float Combo (at participating locations):

The perfect combo for any fast-food lover who enjoys chicken sandwiches and root beer floats. Pair your favorite fresh chicken sandwich with one classic vanilla or chocolate shake from DQ® Fountain Classics®, hand-spun to order just like at Dairy Queen® restaurants across America. Now enjoy an ice-cold delicious root beer float for only $0.99 more!


This family-owned company has built its reputation on the premise that they’re committed to serving honest food, prepared and fresh. What better way of kicking off the summer season with a frosty mug of their signature root beer, etc.

Is Barq’s root beer caffeine-free?

Barq’s is not a soda but rather an energy drink. Root beer contains caffeine in un-diluted form (the same quantity of the drug found in coffee), and Barqs does as well with its 160mg per can average. This amount may vary depending on what part of the world you hail from or how concentrated it is.

Is Barq's root beer caffeine-free?
Is Barq’s root beer caffeine-free?

Barq’s is not caffeine-free and should never be consumed by anyone with a sensitivity to it or any other stimulant drug for that matter. What Fast Food Has Root Beer? What has root beer at fast-food restaurants? The answer, sadly, is none of them.  You can make your root beer float if you’re feeling adventurous enough. You are read, What Fast Food Has Root Beer.

Does mug root beer have caffeine?

The Mug Root Beer company produces a root beer that contains caffeine. They do not have any other soft drinks, and their website doesn’t show any potential ingredients in the product, so it is unknown whether or not there are additional sources of caffeine present. The site has some information about the company’s history and ingredients. You are read, What Fast Food Has Root Beer.

Does McDonald’s have root beer?

This is a question that many people have asked. The answer to this question, unfortunately, is no. McDonald’s doesn’t offer root beer as one of its drink options in any country. It has only been available on rare occasions at select locations during promotions such as Halloween or the winter holidays. Does Burger King serve root beer? Some chains, such as Burger King, do offer root beer. You are read, What Fast Food Has Root Beer.

Does Sonic Drive-in Have Root Beer?

Sonic does offer various flavors when it comes to soft drinks, so there are still plenty of options available as long as you’re interested in drinking something other than just regular soda or water. They carry strawberry lemonade, orange juice, grapefruit juice, iced tea with peach flavor – all made from 100% fruit juices without any added sugar!

Does Sonic Drive-in Have Root Beer?
Does Sonic Drive-in Have Root Beer?

There are also tons of other options like iced coffee, hot cocoa, and milk. Ask for a frosted milkshake to get the perfect blend of ice cream mixed with one of their soft drinks!

Does Burger King Have Root Beer?

Burger King does not have root beer on hand, but they still offer plenty of other beverages that many people enjoy. They carry orange juice, iced tea with peach flavor, and 100% fruit juices without any added sugar! Strawberry lemonade, grapefruit juice (sometimes available as “all-natural”), milkshakes in vanilla or chocolate flavors, and more.

If you’re looking for something sweet, then try an Oreo shake or even a Hershey’s sundae if you want some dessert too! There are also lots of other things to eat on the menu besides a drink. Enjoy some fries or onion rings, chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce, french toast sticks, and more!

Does taco bell have root beer?

Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in Mexican-inspired cuisine. They are known for their wide variety of menu items, including tacos and burritos. It’s been reported that Taco Bell does not serve root beer or any other drink besides soda at the moment. If you’re looking for an alternative beverage to go with your order, try one of these! Coca-Cola (original), Diet Coke (original), Sprite (refreshing), Dr. Pepper (sweet and citrusy).

Does taco bell have root beer?
Does taco bell have root beer?

Does Wendy’s have root beer?

Does Wendy’s have root beer? The answer is no. Most of the time, when people ask this question, they are looking for a larger fast-food chain called A&W and not Wendy’s. In fact, in all their years of service (almost 50 now!), Wendy’s has never served any form of soda to customers. No Mountain Dew or Coke at the Frosty machine either-just frozen treats and ice cream treats with soft-serve available during certain months only.”

Since its inception in 1969, there has been one thing that you could always count on from Wendy’s: burgers! And while we might miss out on fries and onion rings sometimes because they’re just too good to resist.

What is A&W root beer?

A&W Root Beer was first developed in 1919 and has since been a part of the American culture. The drink consists of water, sugar, vanilla extract, caramel color, and natural flavors. A&W Root Beer can be purchased at most grocery stores or restaurants that serve soft drinks. 

What is A&W root beer?
What is A&W root beer?

The ingredients are artificial and straightforward, making them perfect for people with food allergies or dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism or veganism to enjoy this beverage without worry. Its taste is unique among other sodas because it tastes more like cola than an orange-flavored drink but still includes some citrus flavor from the vanilla extract to give it its distinct taste.

This soda will not disappoint those who want a classic taste without any calories. The drink is so popular that it became the official root beer of Major League Baseball back in 1977 and has remained for over three decades.

What fast-food chains have root beer floats?

A root beer float is a beverage made of vanilla ice cream, soda water, and either A&W or Barq’s brand root beer. The first mention of the drink was in 1881 when an old-fashioned soda fountain operator mixed it up for a customer who wanted something new to try. Root beer floats are famous throughout the U.S., but not all fast-food chains offer them on their menu boards – here’s where you can find them:

McDonald’s does not have this option available; Burger King has one flavor only: vanilla with cherry syrup; Dairy Queen offers two flavors: chocolate and vanilla; Sonic Drive-In has three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and cherry cola; Wendy’s offers four flavors choices: vanilla, cherry cola, chocolate, and original root beer.

What fast food has root beer ice cream?

Root beer ice cream is a delicious flavor, and it can be found at many fast-food restaurants. It isn’t on the menu, but you can order it by asking for a “root beer float” that gets replaced with root beer ice cream instead of soda. You can get this treat from A&W Root Beer, Dairy Queen, Sonic Drive-In, Wendy’s, and more!

What fast food has root beer ice cream?
What fast food has root beer ice cream?

What fast food has root beer shake?

Root Beer shakes are a favorite of many people, but they’re not always easy to find. Luckily, you can find them at some fast-food restaurants. If you go to Burger King and order a vanilla shake, they will add root beer flavor to it for free! Check out the list below to see which other chains have this delicious drink on their menu.

  • Sonic has root beer floats that come in two sizes: small and large. They also offer an ice cream float with cherry cola flavor or ginger ale flavor added in too!
  • At Dairy Queen, there’s no need to worry about getting sticky fingers because their shakes come served up in a frosty mug instead of a cup or cone.
  • McDonald’s is another place you might find root beer in your shake.
  • Whataburger’s famous for their biscuits, but they offer a delicious vanilla frosted milkshake that has root beer flavor too.


If you’re craving a delicious root beer but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, we’ve got the answer. The following fast-food restaurants have been confirmed as serving up this popular drink in-store and at their drive-thrus. We hope that our list helps satisfy your sweet tooth! If you can think of any more places where people could get some cold brews, please let us know in the comments below! Thank for reading! You are read, What Fast Food Has Root Beer.

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