What Food is Atlanta Known for? Try These

what Food is Atlanta famous for? Atlanta is a city known for more than just its rich history and culture. So many tasty dishes have originated in Atlanta or were popularized there. Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic foods from this Southern city!

What Food Is Atlanta Known For
What Food Is Atlanta Known For

What is Atlanta’s signature food?

Atlanta is known for its diverse food scene, influenced by Southern, Creole, and international cuisines. However, one of the signature foods of Atlanta is undoubtedly the “Atlanta-style” barbecue.

Atlanta-style barbecue typically involves slow-cooked, smoky meats (pork, chicken, and beef brisket) served with a sweet, tangy tomato-based sauce. The heart is often cooked over hickory wood, which gives it a distinct flavour.

Some popular Atlanta-style barbecue joints include Fox Bros Bar-B-Q, Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, and Heirloom Market BBQ. In addition to barbecue, Atlanta is known for its soul food, fried chicken, and hot chicken sandwiches.

10 Dishes You Have to Eat in Atlanta

Atlanta is a city that has mastered the art of Southern cooking and comfort food. Now, everyone knows what’s good for them because I’m going to share my list of dishes you have to eat in Atlanta!

Fried Chicken at Mary Mac’s Tea Room:

This iconic restaurant serves up fried chicken like no other. It’s moist on the inside with a crispy crust on the outside.

Fried Catfish at General Muir:

This little restaurant in Atlanta is famous for its fresh fish straight from the coast of Georgia!

Biscuits at General Muir:

What’s a fish sandwich without some biscuits on the side? You can choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert varieties to complement your meal.

Fried Chicken at The Commodore:

This is a tried-and-true Atlanta restaurant that many locals know about. It’s been around for decades, but the food never goes out of style! You can’t go wrong with fried chicken in any variation here.

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Macaroni and Cheese from Harold’s Restaurant:

There are many places to get macaroni and cheese in Atlanta, but Harold’s has a unique recipe that you can’t resist.

Brownie from Baked:

It always feels like summer at this bakery when you’re biting into their brownies! They offer tons of flavours for all your sweet tooth cravings.

Frozen Custard from Mitchell’s Ice Cream:

It’s a little out of the way, but the trip is worth it! Mitchells has been serving up their delicious frozen custard for over 70 years.

Fried Catfish at Whatley Seafood Market:

You’ll find fresh seafood and all kinds of other goodies here, with fried catfish being one of our favourites.

BBQ from Uncle Bobby’s Barbecue:

You’ll find a few locations around Atlanta, but everyone knows the original site off of Piedmont Road is where it all started. The barbecue sauce is to die for, and their ribs are the best in town!

Fried chicken from Clarkston Union:

This restaurant has been around for years, but their fried chicken dish is what’s keeping them popular!

Fried Chicken From Clarkston Union
Fried Chicken From Clarkston Union

What food does Atlanta Know for?

What Food Does Atlanta Know For? But it might not be a food you would think of. Atlanta has an international airport that brings in all sorts of cuisine from around the world. You can always find something new to try. When traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and one restaurant, in particular, stands out as being unique to this region.

The Varsity has been open since 1928! That’s right – over 85 years ago at its original location on North Avenue near Tech Tower Drive (now Georgia Institute of Technology).

They have expanded with locations now across the South, including Charlotte, North Carolina; Tampa Bay, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Phoenix, Arizona, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Top 10 Atlanta Restaurants

General Muir:

This restaurant is known for its sandwiches and breakfast.

Highlands Bistro:

This newer, upscale restaurant stands out for its warm atmosphere and French flair.

Home Grown:

This farm-to-table restaurant offers organic, seasonal fare in a rustic setting.


One of the most famous restaurants in Atlanta that has an extensive wine list with over 300 wines by the glass!

Holeman & Finch Public House:

They were known for their Southern hospitality and craft cocktails.

Leon’s Full Service:

This restaurant is known for its down-home cooking. But it also offers a fantastic brunch buffet on Sundays.

Nickie’s Coal Oven Pizza:

An award-winning pizza place with great pasta dishes as well!

Nickie's Coal Oven Pizza
Nickie’s Coal Oven Pizza

Garden Grille Café:

This restaurant is known for its lovely. Cosy atmosphere in the heart of Buckhead Village.

Paschal’s Pimento Cheese Bar:

A unique place that offers Southern comfort food like pimento cheese dip or fried green tomatoes.

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The Urban Vine:

A wine bar that has an extensive list of wines and premium cocktails for your enjoyment!

Famous places to eat in Atlanta


First opened in 1950, Whataburger is the place to go for savory burgers and sides. With their signature Whataburger, they have also expanded to offer fries and a variety of desserts.


Founded in the 60s by Truett Cathy. With waffle-cut or honey butter biscuits. The best part? All meals come with free-range crispy chicken and waffle fries!

Golden Brown Donuts:

With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, this place is a must for any Atlanta residents. They offer doughnuts with classic or creative flavors like mocha almond fudge or strawberry lavender.

Sun in My Belly Vegetarian Restaurant:

Known as the only all-vegan restaurant in Atlanta, this place is home to delicious options like the smoky seitan burger or a soy-based Southern fried chicken sandwich.

Many restaurants in Atlanta offer great food from all over the world. Some of these places include Chick-Fil-A and Golden-Brown Donuts for sandwiches with waffle fries; Sun in My Belly Vegetarian Restaurant for the vegan fare; and Golden-Brown Donuts for doughnuts.

Fast Food in Atlanta

The world’s most giant Coca-Cola factory can be found in Atlanta. While the company’s headquarters is in New York, the production facility is still located here. The city has a vast array of fast-food chains as well.

Fast Food In Atlanta
Fast Food In Atlanta

Many people will likely have tried Chick-fil-A at some point or other, not to mention those who frequent Wendy’s, Taco Bell or McDonald’s for their general needs.

But, of course, Atlanta is also home to the Church’s Chicken, Slice of Pie Pizza and Snoop’s Hot Dogs franchises and all three with loyal customer bases who cannot live without them!

Best Local Food in Atlanta

Atlanta has so many delicious local foods to choose from; it’s hard to know where to start! Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Soju: Soju is an alcoholic beverage made from rice. Distilled to 80% alcohol content (or sometimes higher).
  • Korean tacos: Korean tacos are typically served with kimchi. Either as an ingredient or on the side.
  • Pimento Cheese: Pimento cheese is a spreadable mixture made from cheese, mayonnaise, and pimentos. It’s a popular dish in the southern United States.
What Food Is Atlanta Known For Reddit


It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Atlanta, but my favourite thing to do is eat! So what are some of the most famous dishes in your city?

Let me know what you think and if there’s anything that looks tasty. Also, if you have any other questions about getting around or where to stay while visiting, please leave a comment below!


What food is Atlanta known for?

Atlanta is known for its renowned southern cooking, including broiled chicken, macintosh and cheddar, collard greens, and peach shoemaker.

What are some famous Atlanta eateries?

A few famous eateries in Atlanta incorporate Mary Macintosh’s Lunch nook, The Varsity, and Fox Brothers. BBQ, and The Positive thinker.

What is the historical backdrop of Atlanta’s cooking?

Atlanta’s food has been established in southern cooking and African American impacts. The city’s area, at the convergence of a few significant transportation courses, has added to its culinary scene.

Where could I, at any point, track down the best-broiled chicken in Atlanta?

All that broiled chicken in Atlanta can be found at Hard Worker Bistro, Mary Macintosh’s Coffee bar, and South City Kitchen.

What is Atlanta’s unmistakable mixed drink?

The Atlanta mixed drink is a blend of Coca-Cola and whiskey, which honors the city’s well-established relationship with the famous soft drink brand.

What is the best season to visit Atlanta for foodies?

The best season to visit Atlanta for foodies is during the Atlanta Food and Wine Celebration, which happens every year in the spring.

What are some must-attempt dishes in Atlanta?

Some must-attempt dishes in Atlanta incorporate shrimp and corn meal, pimento cheddar, and banana pudding.

What is the most well-known food celebration in Atlanta?

The most renowned food celebration in Atlanta is the Atlanta Food and Wine Celebration, which draws in many foodies consistently.

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