What Is Fast Food in French? Top 10 Most Popular Fast Food

What is fast food in French? The French have a different take on fast food. In France, you’re more likely to find fast food restaurants that serve tasty soups and sandwiches rather than greasy burgers and fries.

This is because most fast food chains have not yet made their way over to France, which means that most French people are still enjoying the classic fast food menu items.

For instance, the French version of a McDonald’s sandwich is very different from what you will find at a typical American McDonald’s.

MacDo (a popular chain restaurant in France) serves their sandwiches on baguettes with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

What Is Fast Food In French
What Is Fast Food In French

Their classic menu item is called “Le Big Mac,” which has two beef patties and a slice of cheese, just like the American version.

They also have a “Royale,” which has all the same fixings as the Big Mac but with a special sauce that French people have tried and tested for years. These items are popular, but they aren’t as popular as their salads or soups.

What is the best French fast food?

The best French fast food has got to be steak tartare, a steak minced into tiny pieces and served with onions, capers, and spices. It comes served on top of buttered, toasted bread, making it easy for you to eat and enjoy this amazing dish in minutes!

It’s the perfect thing to enjoy during lunch or dinner time if you want something fast but also delicious!

Top 10 Most popular classic fast food menus in French:

1.  Croque Monsieur

This is a very simple sandwich that was made famous by the great Auguste Escoffier. It’s toasted white bread with ham and melted cheese. Croque means crunchy, so this name is given to any dish covered in bèchamel sauce and baked or fried.

The most popular version is called Croque monsieur, which is toasted bread covered with béchamel sauce and sprinkled with grated cheese. It can be served with or without ham, but it’s always cooked in the oven.

2.  Gratin Dauphinois

This is another simple dish made by Escoffier, which consists of thinly sliced potatoes baked in béchamel sauce with cheese on top to give it the golden touch.

It’s made with layers of thinly-sliced potatoes, salt and pepper, nutmeg, garlic (optional), butter, and cream; then covered with gruyère or Emmental cheese and browned in an oven.

3.  Le Hot Dog

This popular sandwich is served in French hot dog stands as well as traditional restaurants. It’s made with a long crusty baguette and filled with different toppings such as cheese, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, and mustard to enhance the flavor of the sausage.

4.  Fondue Bourguignonne

This popular menu item is usually found in the Alps areas of France. Fondue means “melted,” so don’t be surprised when you see this dish because it’s melted cheese with pieces of bread to dip into it.

The best version is made with two types of cheese (gruyère and Emmental) cooked in white wine, giving it a unique flavor that will make your taste buds go wild!

5.  Ratatouille

The French twist on ratatouille uses eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, and olive oil, then baked in the oven until all the flavors combine for a truly tasty experience.

This dish will continue to pop up on menus in French restaurants because it’s simple but also healthy, so not only do locals crave this dish, but tourists enjoy it.

6.  Aligot (Auvergne version)

This popular menu item uses mashed potatoes mixed with garlic, butter, and cheese, forming into something resembling a ball. It’s usually served with ham or sausages for an entrée or even as a light meal. This unique dish is hearty and delicious!

7.  Escargots de Bourgogne (Snails of Burgundy)

This menu item is simply snails cooked in garlic butter, parsley, salt, and pepper, then dipped in toasted bread crumbs to give it an extra crunch. It can be served with or without garlic butter on top, but you must try it once in your life because the ingredients blend perfectly for a delectable dish of flavors!

8.  Ratatouille & Brousse Cheese

This amazing menu item is becoming quite popular across France, making sense since they are both made of vegetables perfect for vegetarians. The Brousse cheese has a smooth nutty flavor that goes well with ratatouille and melts just right, thanks to being baked in the oven! This unique meal will delight any vegetarian’s palate!

9.  Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Burgundy Style)

This classic French menu item is one of the most popular dishes in the country. It’s made with beef braised in red wine and vegetables such as mushrooms, carrots, and onions then left to simmer for a few hours until tender. The rich flavor will make you think you’re in France and not at home!

10.  Escalope de Veau (Veal Escalope)

This dish doesn’t sound too appealing, but it’s very tasty! Veal escalope is veal fried in butter and then covered with bechamel sauce with mushrooms and sometimes bacon! This entrée is always served with potatoes which makes it even more delicious!

What is the most famous French fast food?

The most famous French fast food is probably the crepe which has become popular across many countries today. Other than that, you can find French fries and other fried foods but nothing too out of the ordinary!

If you’re thinking of visiting France, make sure you don’t expect to eat burgers or fries because they will be hard-pressed to find any!

What are the most famous French fast food restaurants?

There are many famous French fast food restaurants but probably none more well known than McDo, which is McDonald’s in France.

This American franchise has a strong presence in France, even though they must abide by local laws and cannot display their golden arches! Other well-known fast-food restaurants are KFC, Pizza Hut, and Subway.

What is fast food in French like?

French fast food is nothing like the junk you’ll find in other fast-food chains across America or UK. You won’t find any burgers, fries, or pizza because it simply does not exist in France!

Suppose you’re traveling to France with any expectations of eating typical American foods. In that case, you will be disappointed because the French does not consider any of these foods as “fast food” and would rather eat homemade or local cuisine instead!

What is the cheapest French fast food dish?

The cheapest French fast food dish has got to be a croque-monsieur sandwich, which you can find in most cafés for under 10 cents. If you want something fancier than that, try their famous steak tartare, which is a steak cut into tiny pieces with onions, capers, and spices. It’s then served with toasted bread on the side!

What is French fast food?

French fast food is anything you can find in France made quickly for easy consumption, whether at lunch or dinner. Contrary to popular belief, there is many great French fast food that you can find in local cafés, cafes, and restaurants across the country. However, there is no McDonalds or KFC!

How to make French fast food?

To make French fast food, you must know first because nothing will taste better if you don’t understand its origins! Once you know what it is, you can start cooking whatever fast food dish you please, whether croque-monsieur or steak tartare.

Make sure that whatever dish you prepare is easy to eat and ready in minutes because French fast food must be quick to serve; otherwise, it will not be considered “French” afterward.

Is fast food common in France?

Fast food is not common in France at all! That’s probably why you won’t find any famous American chains such as McDonald’s or KFC!

These restaurants do not exist, and if they did, the public would be outraged to see them there. The French are very concerned about their health, which you will not find any French fast-food joints!

The Bottom Line

If you want to know what fast food is in French, we’ve got you covered. We did some research and found that the word for “fast food” is le fast-food.

The term was coined by a Frenchman who thought it would be more appropriate than calling it a “quick-service restaurant” because of the negative connotations associated with quickness. Let us know in the comments below or share on social media!

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