Do you Know Healthy Food Fresno?

Healthy Food Fresno is a local organization working to improve the health of the citizens of Fresno by providing access to healthy food.

 They provide affordable, fresh produce to people who might not have access to it otherwise. They also offer nutrition education and cooking classes to learn how to cook healthy meals with the food they get from Healthy Food Fresno.

Healthy Food Fresno
Healthy Food Fresno

What Do People Know About Healthy Food In Fresno?

A study was done recently to see what people in Fresno thought about healthy food. Most of the people surveyed said that they had a good idea about where to find healthy food, although not all of them could say exactly how it made them feel.

Many people seemed confused by the word “healthy,” as though they found it misleading. When asked which regions of Fresno had the most healthy food, people were very unsure. Most of them said they thought it would be in the more upscale areas, but they couldn’t pinpoint exactly why or how they knew that.

Best Healthy Food Items In Fresno:

Fresno provides a variety of healthy foods to choose from, but some specific items stand out. Here is a list of the top 15 healthy food items in Fresno:

1. mélange healthy foods & juice bar:

mélange provides healthy food and juice beverages to the Fresno community. They also provide organic coffee, gluten-free goods, vegan options, natural medicine supplements, and prenatal care.

2. Rosie’s Place:

Rosie’s Place is a nonprofit organization that serves the homeless population in Fresno. They offer both meals and housing for those in need. They also provide healthy food, warm clothing, and toiletries to those who need them.

3. Reedley Fruit Stand:

Decked out with picnic tables and umbrellas, the Reedley fruit stand sits right on the corner of Bullard Avenue and Wible Road. It offers fresh fruit that is grown in Reedley, most of which is organic. They also have a variety of treats and drinks available for purchase.

4. Southtown farmers market:

The Southcentral farmers market is a large, open-air market where local farmers and artisans display their goods for everyone to see. It is located in the parking lot of Fresno city hall. The address is Van Ness between Inyo Street and Broadway. They offer fresh produce from local farms, along with a variety of other foods.

5. Farmer Jack’s Organics:

Located in Clovis, California, Farmer Jack’s is a group of farmers dedicated to providing fresh produce from local farms to the Fresno community at an affordable price. They offer many different types of fruits and vegetables regularly and cage-free eggs and grass-fed beef. They can be contacted directly at (559) 323-7603.

6. Rio Acai Bowls:

Rio Acai Bowls offer smoothies, acai bowls, juice, and coffee to the Fresno community. They are located on Blackstone, just off of Shaw. They use only the freshest fruits and vegetables to create their menu items and offer a huge selection of toppings.

When you eat at Rio Acai Bowls, you can feel good knowing that they give back to the community with every item sold.

7. Fresh From Fresno:

Fresh From Fresno is a community organization working to improve the health of the citizens of Fresno by providing access to healthy food. They provide affordable, fresh produce to people who might not have access to it otherwise.

They also offer nutrition education and cooking classes to learn how to cook healthy meals with the food they get from Fresh From Fresno.

8. Raw Fresno:

Raw Fresno is a group of people in Fresno who are trying to improve the people’s health in their community. They conduct health workshops, offer nutritional counseling, and even sell healthy food items at affordable prices.

9. The Salad Guy:

The Salad Guy is a company that offers fresh salads to the citizens of Fresno on wheels. Every day, The Salad Guy’s chefs prepare fresh salads for their customers. They also offer healthy drinks and other food items to those who are interested in them.

10. Clovis farmers market:

The Clovis farmers market is located at the corner of Willow Avenue and Fourth Street on Saturday mornings. It features local farms that sell freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and baked goods, and other items.

11. Tully’s soup to nuts:

Tully's soup to nuts
Tully’s soup to nuts

Tully’s is the only grocery store in Fresno that sells fresh mushrooms, which are crucial for making healthy meals. They also have a large variety of products available regularly and many different types of meats and other specialty items.

12. Farmer John’s Organics:

Located off of Shaw Avenue and Erskine, Farmer John’s sells a large variety of both organic and conventionally grown produce at affordable prices. They also sell healthy snacks for children who want to eat fruit instead of sugary foods.

13. Amish farmers:

The Amish farmers that work in Fresno are not just farmers but also produce vendors. They sell their goods at the Farmers Market every Thursday and Sunday and different events around town. Many of them are open to accepting EBT cards for payment.

14. Nell’s of Reedley:

Nell’s of Reedley is a business owned by Nell Stephens and Peggy Byrnes. It has been in existence for almost fifty years, and while it began as a small, homegrown flower shop, it has grown to include gourmet foods and baked goods. They offer pick-up on some items and catering services for special events.

15. The Fresno Food Hub:

The Fresno Food Hub is a cooperative that brings local farmers and producers together to provide healthy food to residents of different areas around Fresno County. They offer many different types of produce, as well as eggs and dairy products from local providers. They also sell honey and other items made by local beekeepers.

What Is The Best Healthy Food Fresno?

The best healthy food Fresno has to offer is available at local farmers’ markets. However, these are only open for a few days out of the week. Farmers also sell their goods in different places around town, including grocery stores and produce stands.

The business listed in the number one spot on the list above (Raw Fresno) is an especially great resource for healthy food. It’s a community organization that offers very affordable, locally grown produce to the people of the Fresno community. If you want to eat healthy food in Fresno, then these are all good places to start.

What Do People Have To Say About Healthy Food Fresno?

“I love how the product is so inexpensive. My teenagers are in their teenage years where they eat all day long, so it can add up when they eat healthily. Healthy Food Fresno helps me to be able to feed my kids the right kinds of food.” -Connie, member of Healthy Food Fresno

“The vegetables taste very fresh. They are very perishable. Before, I was buying my groceries in bulk, but with the gas price these days, it is hard to make trips back and forth to the grocery store. With Healthy Food Fresno, it’s all right here! It saves me time and money.” -Childie, member of Healthy Food Fresno

” I love how this is a community-based organization. It helps the people of Fresno to save money on their grocery bills. We all benefit from it.” -Steven, member of Healthy Food Fresno

The Bottom Line

Overall, Healthy Food Fresno is a great resource to use if you are looking for information about healthy food and nutrition. You can learn more about the different types of foods that make up a well-balanced diet, as well as how certain nutrients affect your body’s overall health.

The website also offers recipes and helpful tips on preparing nutritious meals using common ingredients found at most grocery stores. If you have any further questions or need advice on anything related to this blog post, please leave a comment below!

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