Las Golondrinas Mexican Food Delights

Las Golondrinas Mexican Food is a regional Mexican food establishment. We offer traditional dishes such as shrimp tacos, chilaquiles, and carne asada served with corn tortillas.

We are excited to serve you the best-tasting Mexican cuisine in the greater Sacramento area! Our goal is for each customer who is new to our restaurant to feel like they are visiting family this warm welcome will be extended by our staff, and we hope that it will become a tradition.

All of our dishes are made to order with the freshest ingredients. The tortillas are always made fresh, and all the sauces and salsas are prepared daily. We don’t use microwaves or frozen foods. It takes time, but we believe it is worth it because our food is bursting with flavor!

Las Golondrinas Mexican Food
Las Golondrinas Mexican Food

What is Las Golondrinas Mexican Food?

Las Golondrinas Mexican Food is a restaurant that offers authentic Mexican cuisine with a traditional twist. We’re proud to be part of the Sacramento region, and we want to share our hometown’s wonderful food and culture with everyone.

Our homemade sauces are made with only the freshest authentic ingredients. Our chefs have been preparing our food since they were young, and they love to cook your dish the way you would like it. When you eat here, we’d love for you to feel like you’re visiting family, and we hope it becomes a tradition.

5 Best Reasons why you should visit us

  1. Our staff would love to meet you. We are happy to give you any help or suggestions so your food will be prepared the way you like.
  2. Our chefs are proud of our food and would love to discuss it with you!
  3. Every dish is made from scratch with real ingredients we use daily in our restaurant. It takes time, but we’re willing to take the time for our customers because our dish is bursting with flavor!
  4. Our food is fresh and always prepared to order. We do not use microwaves or frozen foods.
  5. Since we are a family-owned restaurant, we want you to feel like you are visiting your family when you come here.

8 Best Las Golondrinas Mexican Food Menu

1. Shrimp Tacos – $9.25

The best and freshest shrimp in the Sacramento region. Our tacos taste just like moms!

2. Chilaquiles – $9.50

Have you been craving chilaquiles? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Our chilaquiles are made with corn tortillas, plenty of cheese, and your choice of meat or mole sauce on top. It’s a treat!

3. Carne Asada – $10.99

Our marinated ribeye slices, topped with guacamole, tomato, and lettuce, are perfect for lunch.

4. Carnitas – $10.99

This traditional Mexican dish is slow-cooked to perfection! Savor our tender and delicious pork, just like it is served in a fresh tortilla or on top of your favorite entree.

5. Tacos al Pastor – $9.25

This is the originator of the “Taco” style. These tacos are full of fire and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, and our homemade salsa.

6. Vegetarian Burrito – $9.50

We sometimes can’t decide what to make for a vegetarian, so we make it one of everything! Our burrito has rice, beans, and your choice of vegetables wrapped up in a warm tortilla. It’s delicious!

7. Shrimp Pozole – $9.50

Yummy, spicy pork simmered in a rich broth with a hint of lime. This dish is popular for its “meaty” taste.

8. Chicken Enchiladas – $9.50

This dish is similar to the Mexican version of chicken and dumplings, slowly simmered in an almond sauce with vegetables and cheese. It’s delicious!

Why do you want to eat here?

Our main goal is to offer the best specialty Mexican food in a friendly family environment. The best thing about eating here is that we are aware of our customers’ needs, which are important to us. We aim to prepare a great meal and provide the best service to all our customers.

What do you want from us?

We want our customers to love coming here and hope it becomes a habit. As a result, we want to promote customer satisfaction and ensure you always have what you need. We strive to provide the best service possible to make your experience here as memorable as possible.

What can we do for you?

We understand that not everyone has the time to come here by themselves. We can negotiate with transportation companies and help you with additional expenses such as tolls, parking, or gratuity if your company offers it through a corporate account.


Las Golondrinas Mexican Food is the place to be for all your traditional Mexican food needs. Visit us today or have us cater your next event! We promise that you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your time and considering us for your Mexican Food needs.

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